Salaries For Hair Salon Owners

Hair is an important part of our body and is a main factor in giving us good looks, and a slight change in our daily hairstyle can give a whole new look to our personality. Let us know about the ‘Salaries For Hair Salon Owners’.

Salaries For Hair Salon Owners

Most of us visit hair salons for proper care and different treatments for our hair. Sometimes we get tired of looking the same daily, decide it’s time for a haircut, and feel a whole new change. The people who work on our hair love grooming and styling others, so they choose it as a professional career and work in hair salons.

The average salary for a hair salon owner in the United States is $74 697. A hair salon owner is paid an hourly rate of $25 on average. The maximum salary that a high-paid hair salon owner is paid is $385,332, which is a well six-figure income, but a person who has just started a hair salon is paid a salary of $14 441.

If you are looking for a professional career in the hair salon business, then reading this article may help you know the different salary packages hair salon owners can have.

Range of salaries

The average salary range of a hair salon owner falls between an amount of $14, 441 to $385332 in the United States. On average, they are paid an amount between this figure which is$74, 697. The hourly average is also $25 but ranges from $20 to $29 per hour. In this range of salary given to a hair salon owner, the middle 57 percent of them takes an amount between $69332 to $174,651 in their salaries home annually. In contrast, in the top 86 percent of the highest paid hair salon owner take an average of $385332. This range of salaries is also different in different states of America, which will be mentioned further in the article. 

Kinds of hair salon owners and their salaries

  • Natural hair stylist: A natural hair stylist is made an average of $39 004 in the United States with an hourly rate of $18.75 Per hour. If you are wondering about their weekly income, it becomes $750/per week, and the monthly income becomes $3 250/per month. A natural hair stylist works mostly on African-American or ethnic hair without using chemicals.
  • Wig maker: A wig maker is paid an average of $45 783 in the united states with an hourly rate of $22.the average income for a wig maker hair salon owner ranges between $33, 650 to $54, 436. A hair salon owner also add a wig maker to his professional career to increase his revenue and develop a sensible evolution in wig creation
  • Colorist: A hair Colorist can earn an average maximum of $43 000 as well as a minimum of $15 500. the majority of the salary percentage depends upon the number of customers they get for hair coloring treatments. They work with a full client consultation to make the exact color they want their hair in. 
  • Extension expert: An extension expert is paid an average of $37, 319 annual which makes an approximate payment of $17.94 per hour. Not everyone can be an extension expert as they can’t be ready to give the attention it requires for an extension expert to install extensions correctly
  • micro link extension experts: the average salary for a micro link extension expert in the United States is a minimum of $26 000 to a maximum of $74,000 with the average between this amount. A micro link expert installs loops or rings into your hair to attach the extension to them.

Factors that influence salaries of hair salon owners

  • Location: The location of your hair salon can be a factor that determines your salary. If your salon is situated in a commercial area where it is busy at all times. Then you can always expect more customers and the more famous your salon becomes
  • Hygiene: To establish a well-working salon and earn a high income, you must keep your salon as clean as possible, which will ensure that good hygiene is maintained in the salon and will lead to more customers visiting. 
  • Knowledge: If you are well-educated about business and hair treatments. You know different problems a person can face with his or her hair that your customers will always leave satisfied, which will ensure their visit again, and they may even leave tips which is an increase in your annual salaries.
  • Marketing and advertising: Putting up advertisements about your salon and spreading the word about your work, and letting the customers share reviews about their satisfaction level may attract more and more clients to your salon, which will increase the chances of increasing your salary.

Cities with the highest salaries for salon owners

  • Washington: It pays the highest salaries to salon owners, with an average of $42, 300 and the top 90 percentile earns up to an average of $64, 000
  • North Dakota: It is second in paying the highest salaries to salon owners. The average salary in North Dakota is $38, 000 and the top 90 percent of salon owners earn an average of $59 000.
  • Montana: It makes the third position in this list with an average of $37000 being paid to salon owners the top 90 percentile in Montana earn an average of $60, 000
  • The fourth highest-paid state is considered to be West Virginia, where the average salary is estimated to be about $34 000. the top 90 percentile earn about an average salary of $63, 000
  • The fifth state with the highest salary is Colorado. The average salary for salon owners in Colorado is $34, 000 with the top 90 percentile earning an average amount of $61 000.
  • The sixth top-paying state on the list is California, with an average salary of $33 000. the top 90 percentile is paid an average of $62000
  • Minnesota: It has a high rate of salaries for salon owners, with an average of $34000. The top 90 percentile are paid an average of $58, 000
  • Vermont: The average salary paid to salon owners in Vermont is $33, 000 annually; however, the average annual income that the top 90 percentile of hair salon owners earn is $58000
  • Massachusetts: The average salary in Massachusetts is 32,000 per year, and the top 90 percent of hair salon owners earn an annual income of $59000.
  • Illinois: In Illinois, the normal average salary paid to a salon owner is $3200, and the top 90 percent of them earn an annual income of$57000


So the article gives us knowledge about the normal salary range of hair salon owners and the top-paid salaries to hair salon owners in different states. The hair salon industry is vast as with new technologies and modifications, it has various trends, and the demand for new hairstyles, new hair colors, and extensions increases, having more and more opportunities for even higher salaries in the future as well as even more employment rate.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the basic purpose of a hair salon?

A hair salon is a place that provides you with multiple services for your hair. It can be cleaning, some treatment, adding extensions, massage, etc. 

2. How many hours is a hair salon open? 

A hair salon has different working hours in different states, but the average opening and closing times of a hair salon are between 9 am till 9 pm every day. 

Salaries For Hair Salon Owners

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