Salaries For Golf Pro

Golf professionals oversee operations and pro shops, promote the game, and offer teaching facilities to golfers. While some golf professionals operate golf and recreation facilities, others compete in tournament play. There are three main subcategories of golf professionals: club professionals, touring professionals, and instructors. In this article, we will see about ‘Salaries For Golf Pro’.

Salaries For Golf Pro

Salaries For Golf Pro:

Based on a golfer’s skill level, participation in a professional circuit, and product endorsements, a golf professional’s earnings might range widely. A golf professional’s income isn’t always steady or long-lasting, even at the highest level. Club professionals typically earn lower annual salaries but with more consistency. In the United States, the average golf professional earns $85,498. 

Salaries of golf professionals:

Salaries range between employers and according to a person’s experience.

In accordance with the 2018–2019 Membership Compensation Survey by the PGA of Alberta, Class A registered golf professionals made, on average, $46,920 annually. Head employees earned an average of $87,189 annually.

Golf pros may receive higher compensation from private clubs than from public ones. 

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According to ZipRecruiter’s 2022 data, A Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) golf pro in the US makes an average salary of $34,589 a year.

That means he earns $16.63 an hour. This is the same as $665 every week or $2,882 per month.

Golf professionals in the United States earn an estimated total of $105,677 a year, with an average wage of $72,575 per data. 

Salaries of Golf Pro in different states of America:

In the US, the average golf professional earns $85,498. The average bonus for a golf professional is $2,979, or 3% of their pay, and 100% of those surveyed said they receive bonuses annually. In San Francisco, golf pros are paid the most.

Salary of Golf Pro in San Francisco: Golf professionals in San Francisco, California make an average salary of $104,278 ($102,054 to $105,174), 21% more than the $85,498 national average. The total average salary of the other metro areas of New York, Los Angeles, and Portland is 9% less than this compensation. 100% of golf professionals receive an average bonus of $3,617. 

Salary of Golf Pro in New York: The average golf professional salary in New York City, NY is $99,280, which is 16% more than the $85,498 national average. Golf professionals in New York City, NY are paid between $96,823 and $101,041.

Salary of Golf Pro in Washington: Golf professionals in Washington, DC make between $89,530 and $94,976 per year. The average golf professional salary in Washington, DC is $92,253, which is 8% more than the $85,498 national average. This salary is 1% greater than the sum of the average incomes in Portland, OR, Los Angeles, CA, and Chicago, IL. The average bonus for a golf professional is $3,214.

Salary of Golf Pro in Dallas: Golf professionals in Dallas, Texas earn wages ranging from $81,675 to $84,724 a year, with $83,979 being the median, which is 2% less than the $85,498 per year national average. The combined average salary of Boston, Washington, and Los Angeles, California is 15% more than this compensation. The average bonus for a golf professional is $2,908.

Salary of Golf Pro in Boston: The average golf professional salary in Boston, Massachusetts is $97,526, which is 14% more than the $85,498 national average. The total average salary of the other metro areas of New York, NY, Seattle, WA, and Washington, DC is 2% lesser than this pay.

The figures mentioned above are taken from Comparably.

The average salary of PGA Golf Pro according to different websites:

In the United States, a PGA golf professional makes an average salary of $35,000. PGA Golf Professionals in Atlanta, Georgia earn the most per Comparably report. 

ZipRecruiter reported that a PGA Golf Professional earns about $16.63 per hour. This is the same as $665 every week or $2,882 per month. This means that the average annual pay is $34,589. This is the income of American Golf professionals.

According to reports, the early career Golf Professional with one to four years of experience makes $49,393.

 Head Golf Professional with ten to nineteen years of experience earns $50,887. 

The Head Golf Pro in their late career can make an average total salary of $52,620.

Salaries of PGA players: The amount of money made on the PGA Tour fluctuates from one golfer to another and from year to year. A PGA Tour player’s income will probably drop dramatically if he is injured or has a bad season and loses his Tour card.

Salary of Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods held the title of the highest-paid golfer for 12 years, but that changed in 2017 when he earned just $37 million. Woods is the most well-known golfer. He has a net worth of $1 billion per a Forbes report. 

Salary of Justin Thomas: Former American World No. 1 golfer Justin Louis Thomas competes on the PGA Tour. Thomas had a breakthrough year in 2017, winning five PGA Tour competitions. In the 2017 PGA tour, he earned $20 million.

Salary of Jorden Spieth: He is 24 years old American professional golfer. He also competes on the PGA tour. His salary is $11.2 million. He has total assets worth $41.2 million. 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Golf Pro’, Even though it is undoubtedly good to be able to play golf for a career, it is not as easy as most people imagine. Golfers experience a lot of tension, sometimes it has to do with making a living, and sometimes winning. While some players ascend to the top of the scoreboard and the winner’s circle pretty fast, others must persevere for a very long time. $35,370 average salary earned by a Golf Pro in the United States. A PGA tour professional’s average income in 2021 was $1,485,055. Although the number appears to be healthy enough, it is significantly skewed due to the enormous sums given to the best performers.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Who are considered Golf touring professionals?

The golfers who compete in big events across the world are considered touring professionals. They compete for prizes and receive extra money from their sponsors. After years of devoting their entire lives to the game of golf, only the very finest and most gifted golfers reach this level.

  • Who founded the world’s largest sports organization PGA?

The Professional Golf Association is founded by a group of professional and amateur golfers gathering at Taplow Clun in 1916. Professional Golf Association Professional golfers seek to boost interest in and involvement in the sport of golf. 

Salaries For Golf Pro

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