Who Is The Highest Paid Host On HSN?

 HSN was founded by Roy Speer and Bud Paxson in 1982. HSN’s full form is Home Shopping Network. HSN is broadcast worldwide. The headquarters of HSN is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, the United States. HSN also has sister channels, which are HSN2 and America’s Store. let us know about that the Who Is The Highest Paid Host On HSN?

Who Is The Highest Paid Host On HSN?

Home Shopping Network employs a large number of hosts, but there is only one highest-paid host at HSN, Colleen Lopez. She joined HSN in 1994. The salary of Colleen Lopez at HSN as a host was $900,000 per year, and her total net worth is $6 million. No other host was paid as much as Colleen Lopez, so this is why she is known as the highest-paid host on HSN.

Early Life of Colleen Lopez

On November 3, 1959, in St. Paul, Minnesota, the United States, Colleen Lopez was born. The nationality of Colleen Lopez is American. To further excel in her career in fashion, she joined John Robert Powers Modeling. Colleen Lopez worked in commercials for different brands as a start in her career. She had to move to Tampa/St. Petersburg with her family and joined the Home Shopping Network in the year 1994.

The Personal Life of Colleen Lopez

Colleen Lopez got married at the age of 23 years old, on February 06, 1982, to her true friend, Carlos. Colleen Lopez was blessed with two children, and both were boys. The names of the children of Colleen Lopez are Carlos Patrick and Thomas James. Her children got married and now she is also a grandma. Colleen Lopez never let out information about her past relationships. Colleen Lopez loves her family a lot. The religion of Colleen Lopez is Christianity. 

Career Overview 

Colleen Lopez completed her studies in good high school and college. She didn’t provide any information related to her studies in detail, so this is all we have related to her education. After completing her studies, she joined John Robert Powers modeling in her teenage years and did some television commercials, but she needed to grow in her career, so she started working as a reporter and TV host. Colleen Lopez worked as a host for the show “Twin Cities”. It was her first job. After a few months, she became famous because she appeared in “The Mall of America Show” and “KSTP’s Good Company”. She joined HSN in 1994 when she moved to Tampa/St. Petersburg, she joined HSN as a host and has been working for them for more than 20 years and still going on. She was known as the most famous host in the 90s due to her shows on HSN. Her popularity made her the highest-paid host on HSN. Nobody could beat her as a host on HSN.

The Reason Why Colleen Lopez is the Highest Paid Host on HSN

When we talk about the highest-paid host of HSN, we all know who it is. Colleen Lopez has worked as a host on HSN for 20-plus years and continues. She is very talented and loves to work with HSN. The reason why HSN paid Colleen Lopez the most was because of her talent, and they never had a better host than her. 

Colleen Lopez’s Salary 

Colleen is the highest-paid host on HSN and she earns almost $900, 000 per year just from working as a host on HSN. She put a lot of effort into earning this amount of money.

Other Sources of Income

Colleen Lopez did not only work as a host but she also helped a lot of people on their weight loss journey and gave them fitness advice. Later on, in 2004, her jewelry and apparel collection was launched for HSN, where she worked for herself and was named “Colleen Lopez Brand”.

Colleen’s Lopez Net Worth 

She started earning a lot in the year 1994 when she started her job as a host on HSN. Colleen Lopez earned a lot from other TV commercials too. Her net worth is almost $6 million. 


Colleen Lopez is the highest-paid host on HSN. She earned $900,000 from all of her hard work and talent. HSN loved her as a host, and she is also known as the best host. Colleen Lopez left hosting, but she is still working with HSN for her clothing and jewelry collection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has Colleen Lopez worked for HSN?

Answer: Colleen Lopez worked as the host for HSN for more than 20 years and after that, she launched her jewelry and clothing collection for HSN.

Q: What is the age of Colleen Lopez?

Answer: Colleen Lopez will turn 63 years old on November 3, 2022.

Q: Are there any scandals involving Colleen Lopez?

Answer: No, Colleen Lopez is a very simple person. She never had any scandals.

Q: Is Colleen Lopez also an actress?

Answer: Yes, Colleen Lopez is also an actress and has done many TV commercials. 

Who Is The Highest Paid Host On HSN?

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