Salaries For Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst

Goldman Sachs is a storied investment bank founded in 1869. Customers of the investment bank Goldman Sachs, which has locations in virtually every country. Analysts can progress their careers by gaining knowledge of their companies, relationships within the industry, and other skills that will help them go further in their careers. Historically, people who work at Goldman Sachs (GS) have been awarded considerable salaries. In recent years, Goldman Sachs has been boosting salaries to compete for top personnel with businesses such as the information technology industry and start-up companies. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst’.

Salaries For Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst

Salaries For Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst:

On July 26, 2022, a Financial Analyst working for a company in the United States, such as The Goldman Sachs Group Inc., might anticipate earning a yearly salary of $70,168 on average. Nevertheless, this employment’s typical pay range is between $63,444 and $78,546 annually. It is essential to remember that these data do not correctly reflect the salary of non-executive employees because they include the income of high-level executives.

Understanding Salary of Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst 

Bankers higher in the ranks at Goldman Sachs make more money than those just starting their careers because their wages depend primarily on experience and performance. Those individuals who can produce consistently excellent achievements will be lavishly rewarded.

The average annual salary of a Goldman Sachs analyst working in New York

The bankers working for Goldman Sachs in New York City are faring significantly better than most people in the city. In 2019, the average income of a New York City household was $63,998. (when the Census Bureau last updated).

When considering the mean average compensation for both years, Vice Presidents and Managing Directors at Goldman have seen their pay decrease. The growth has been most significant for associates, followed by analysts, though to a lesser level. The assumption that can be drawn from this is that the pay gap across levels of the Goldman hierarchy is being closed as juniors earn more money.

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Goldman Sachs internship salary expectations for the summer

Goldman Sachs has decided not to raise the remuneration it offers its interns, despite increasing pay for other lower-level employees in the face of tough competition for talent.

According to a memo from Financial News, new summer interns at the bank can expect a compensation rate of $85,000 on a pro-rata basis.

In addition, interns who spend between eight and 10 weeks this summer working at the bank will each get a monetary incentive of two thousand five hundred dollars.

Possibility of total compensation for those working in financial analysis

The New Analyst Program is ideal for candidates with limited to no prior work experience. It is open to graduating seniors and students from all academic disciplines in their last year of undergraduate studies. 

The starting compensation for a financial analyst can range anywhere from $63,444 to $78,546 in large corporations such as The Goldman Sachs Group Inc., with an average starting salary of $70,168 being paid out. This position’s average yearly cash compensation is $71,982, ranging from a low of $64,788 to a high of $81,304.

Responsibilities of Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst

The information is communicated to the management team by the financial experts. A good financial analyst is like an ocean diver in that they dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of finance and market data, and then they bring vital insights to the surface so that a company may act upon them.

  • Usually, a Goldman Sachs analyst is to go through the latest financial news at the start of the day.  
  • He must research the most recent economic and business news and news about his clients and the country in which they reside. 
  • Analysts at Goldman Sachs can devote one morning each week to attending department meetings in which topics such as current economic and commercial trends are discussed. 
  • Other mornings can be spent doing risk assessments with other departments of Goldman Sachs on their client company’s monetary stability and business model. These studies can take place in the morning. 

The Process of Recruiting and Training Financial Analysts

Goldman Sachs starts looking for first-year students to join its ranks early in their college careers. The firm provides summer internships to college students from all academic backgrounds considering a career in investment banking.

As the first step in training, prospective personnel attend Goldman Sachs University, a six-week program that provides an introduction to financial work. Education typically includes instruction in accounting, corporate finance, and the valuation of businesses.

How Much Does the Average Goldman Sachs Employee Make?

Keep in mind that the median compensation at Goldman Sachs is far higher than the median wage at most other companies. In addition to their high salaries, CEOs and top earners receive generous benefits, pushing the average salary to $404,000. This sum is inflated because of CEOs’ hefty take-home pay.

Where does Goldman Sachs pay the most?

The average cost of living varies widely across the country. Goldman Sachs offers a competitive salary package to its employees, with several tiers of pay available in different regions. Our research shows that the average income at Goldman Sachs in New York, NY is $120,026 annually. Goldman Sachs’s San Francisco, California, office has lower pay than its other locations. The median salary in San Francisco, California, is $113,229.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst’, Goldman Sachs had a bad rap as a difficult place to work from the get-go. Even though it’s common for junior analysts to work late into the night and even sleep at their desks, the company nevertheless takes measures to ensure their employees have an excellent work-life balance.

  • What exactly does a Goldman Sachs analyst do for a non-public company?

Analysts from Goldman Sachs participate in initial public offerings by examining the financials of privately held companies interested in going public. They determine the company’s worth and then establish the stock price. Analysts generate stock documentation and ensure compliance with all regulations.

  • What other occupations are comparable to those of a financial analyst?

Average wages for financial analysts range from $94,493 to $93,946 for investment analysts, with credit analysts making the least at $81,672. The following are some analogous job descriptions.

Salaries For Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst

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