Salaries For Forensic Anthropologist

Forensic anthropologists can assist in determining whether someone died as a result of homicide, suicide, accidental death, or natural causes. They discover details about a person, such as their sex, height, age, and race, by examining their bones and teeth and thus, bring solace to grieving families and protect the public. The average median annual pay of forensic anthropologists ranges from $57,850 to $62,280. Here we will see about Salaries For Forensic Anthropologist.

According to the latest report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the anthropologists and archaeologists working in the United States in 2020 earned a median income of $66,130 per year, with an average yearly wage of $69,960. The average yearly salary for professionals in the bottom 10% was $40,800, while the highest 10% made 102,770 or more.

Salaries For Forensic Anthropologist

Factors for a forensic anthropologist’s salary:

There are a wide range of factors that influence the salary of an anthropologist. One factor that could change is the anthropologist’s line of work. As per statistics, the top industries for anthropologists and archaeologists in terms of payment are:

  • Federal government: $82,040
  • Engineering, architecture, and associated services: $73,480
  • Local government: $73,180 
  • Services for scientific investigation and development: $67,240
  • Consulting services in management, science, and technology: $66,540

According to the data, forensic anthropologists are more likely to work in government-related positions, which suggests that this specialty area of anthropology has a better wage potential.

States which pay the best to forensic anthropologists:

While discussing salaries, the expenditure of living must be taken into account because the location has a big impact on salary. The data provided by the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center shows the significant contrast between the most and least costly regions to live in the US. This information explains why three of the top five states for anthropologists and archaeologists according to the BLS are also among the ten most costly places to live in according to MERIC.

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The best-paying states for anthropologists and archaeologists, according to the BLS (May 2020), are: New York: $92,710, Alaska: $88,340, Hawaii: $85,560, Illinois: $76,960, and Idaho: $76,260. This information demonstrates that forensic anthropologists seeking employment in Illinois and Idaho can live in places of the nation where they can earn more money.

Forensic anthropologist:

A forensic anthropologist works with disciplines from other fields like criminal justice, forensic science, and disaster recovery. To identify remains in the wake of a storm, forensic anthropologists frequently collaborate closely with law enforcement, especially in cases of mass casualties and urgent need for accurate identification. In other instances, a forensic anthropologist might assist in reconstructing crime scenes, identifying victims, and ascertaining the cause of death in cases involving homicide. However, many forensic anthropologists opt to work in roles in the public or commercial sectors, although some prefer to work in academia. 

Career possibilities for forensic anthropologists: 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the employment of anthropologists and archaeologists will increase by 7% between 2020 and 2030, which is faster than the average rate for all occupations.

However, because forensic anthropology is a subfield of anthropology, there may be a significant level of demand for this particular occupation. The American Board of Forensic Anthropology (ABFA) reports that many forensic anthropologists hold academic positions in which they teach and conduct research, while others hold coroner or medical examiner positions. Although obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree can help with job prospects, a bachelor’s degree can also be used to secure employment as a forensic anthropologist.

Roles and responsibilities of forensic anthropologists:

It’s crucial to have strong coping mechanisms because forensic anthropological work can be emotionally stressful owing to the nature of working with human remains. Forensic anthropologists need to have a strong work ethic and a professional concentration to do their jobs well over time.

These abilities will help forensic anthropologists perform their usual duties and obligations, which include:

  • Identifying the characteristics of a probable victim
  • Performing dental record matching in collaboration with forensic odontologists
  • To take skeletal remains and inspecting them
  • To examining the trauma on remaining bones 
  • To report thoroughly to law police and prosecutors and writing them
  • To determine the time and cause of death based on the remains

The average salary of a forensic anthropologist 

A forensic anthropologist’s annual compensation might range widely because it is such a specialist area. The Bureau of labor statistics reports that the median annual wage for anthropologists and archaeologists was $62,410 in 2018. The bottom ten percent of earners may expect to make $36,390 annually, while the top ten percent of forensic anthropologists can expect to make roughly $99,580. On the other hand, the typical income also differs depending on the environment in which people work. Federal government employees in this category might make up to $78,250 a year, compared to a median salary of approximately $56,290 for those working in research and development in humanities-based fields.

As certain regions provide forensic anthropologists significantly greater opportunities, salaries might also differ from state to state. A forensic anthropologist working in Alaska, for instance, may earn an average salary of $76,970, whilst one working in the District of Columbia might make up to $102,770.


The median salary of a forensic anthropologist was $66,130 per year, with an average yearly wage of $69,960. The average yearly salary for professionals in the bottom 10% was $40,800, while the highest 10% made 102,770 or more. Moreover, the salary is influenced by a wide range of circumstances such as location, city, and others. Through this article we have learned about Salaries For Forensic Anthropologist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much salary does a forensic anthropologist get?

The median income was $66,130 per year, with an average yearly wage of $69,960. The average yearly salary for professionals in the bottom 10% was $40,800, while the highest 10% made 102,770 or more. However, the salary is influenced by a wide range of circumstances.

Q2. What qualifications would you have to have to practice forensic anthropology?

To be successful as a forensic anthropologist, you need to exhibit effective teamwork and communication abilities, the capacity to remain composed, and the capacity to offer objective evaluations.

Q3. Where do forensic anthropologists work?

Universities and forensic labs around the nation are the main employers of forensic anthropologists. In addition to working on cases, the majority of forensic anthropologists also teach and conduct research in other anthropological fields.

Salaries For Forensic Anthropologist

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