Salaries For Firefighter Paramedics In Dallas TX

If you are looking to become a firefighter paramedic in Dallas, Texas, you should be ready to work hard. These jobs are some of the most trying in the world. As a firefighter paramedic, you will be responsible for saving lives and helping people in need. More information about salaries and job requirements is mentioned below. Let us know about ‘Salaries For Firefighter Paramedics In Dallas TX’.

Salaries For Firefighter Paramedics In Dallas TX

Salaries For Firefighter Paramedics In Dallas TX:

The salaries for firefighter paramedics vary depending on the post, responsibilities, and other factors. In Dallas, Texas, the salary ranges from $40,000 to $70,000 per year. It is 11% above the national average for firefighters in the US. And in-hand you can get even $120,000 per year. This includes benefits and perks. So, this job is arduous but rewarding.

Salaries For Firefighter Paramedics In Dallas, Tx:

Salaries for firefighter paramedics in Dallas, Texas, can vary depending on an individual’s experience, the location of the company, the post, etc. Entry-level salaries start at around $45,000 per year and go up to $120,000. As you gain experience and qualifications (e.g., instructor certification), your salary will increase. The average salary is around $85,000 per year. This is higher than the national average of $57,322.

Dallas Fire-Rescue is the second largest fire department in Dallas and here the starting pay is $64,194 and the highest it can go up to is $124,013 per annum for the Battalion/Section Chief post. In the fire rescue department under Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, there are different posts and different salaries. It ranges from $39,611 to $175,749 for the chief post. There are 100+ fire departments in Dallas and the pay may differ but the average salary is more or less the same.

Benefits Included With The Job:

While salary may be one of the main perks of being a firefighter paramedic, many other factors make this career more rewarding. These include

  • Working with some of the most effective emergency medical technicians in the world.
  • Life insurance. Dental, vision, and health insurance. 
  • Pension plans. Optional 401K and 457 plans.
  • Shift (working hours) that is worth ten days every month.
  • Educational Incentive pay of $300/ month for officers with an undergraduate degree. And the incentive is $12/month for those who have done a minimum of 45 semester hours worth of college work.
  • Service pay for each year of service. It may increase by $4 every month. One can get a maximum of $100/month if they are serving for more than 25 years.
  • Opportunity for career growth by applying for further education while working with the fire department.

In addition to these outstanding perks, firefighter paramedics enjoy working in an ever-evolving and challenging environment. They always have something new to learn.

Factors Affecting The Salary:

The salary of a firefighter paramedic in Dallas can be affected by many factors, including experience, service year, educational qualifications, and medical certification. 

  • At the University Park Fire Department, Texas, the starting hourly wage for firefighter paramedic roles is $23.35. And if you have a Paramedic certification, an additional $2,100 to $4,800 will be added to your salary per year.
  • Certifications that may influence salaries include EMT-B or Paramedic (Emergency Medical Technician Basic), EMT-Paramedic (Emergency Medical Technician Paramedical), and PEMT-A certified paramedics.
  • Experience plays a role in pay, with more experienced paramedics earning higher salaries than those who are less experienced. For example, according to a survey, people with six to nine years of experience get $6 more than freshers per hour. 
  • With the incentive, people with a higher degree get more than those who don’t have that.

Criteria For Qualification:

To become a firefighter paramedic, one should have a bachelor’s or associate’s certificate in relevant subjects like fire science and emergency medical services. Although, some entry-level posts accept applicants with a high school diploma.

The eligibility can differ depending on the state. But in Texas, you need a degree in one of the following topics to apply for the position of a firefighter paramedic.

  • Emergency response protocols, Emergency medical treatments. National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification in areas like Advanced airway management, Anatomy, Biology, Cardiology, EKG interpretation, Labor and delivery, Physiology, etc.
  • Firefighting practices, fire prevention, and trauma management.

Other than the abovementioned educational qualifications, an applicant must

  • Be 18 or older.
  • Have a driving license.
Process Of Selection:

Once an applicant meets the educational and other qualifications for eligibility, they can apply for the firefighter paramedic position. The steps include

  • First, an applicant goes through a preliminary interview round.
  • Next, they have to pass a physical exam.
  • Next, the applicant needs to qualify for an aptitude test.
  • A paramedic applicant has to present their NREMT certification and other documents.
  • Finally, after passing the drug test and criminal background check, you will be hired as a firefighter paramedic.


To conclude, a salaried position as a firefighter paramedic offers an exciting career path with tremendous growth and opportunity. The job profile can be quite challenging and exciting. After all, the field of firefighting is always evolving because it deals with life and death situations every day. And with such lucrative salary packages and other benefits, this is a good deal. If this sounds like something you can make your niche in, do not wait to apply for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where do firefighter paramedics get the highest salary?

According to a report published by USnews, firefighters in New Jersey ($86,880) have the highest salary, followed by California ($86,860), Washington ($77,700), New York ($77,380), and Hawaii ($68,590).

  1. What are the working hours for a firefighter paramedic?

It varies depending on the place and agency. But most firefighter paramedics work 24-hour shifts and 56 hours a week. This is followed by long weekends. Or they take 10 to12-hour shifts for 3-4 days in a row.

  1. Do firefighter paramedics get day-offs?

Firefighters don’t get the weekends or holidays off. But they get a long day off after their long shifts.

  1. How much time does it take to get a degree in fire science in Texas?

Programs in fire science degree are of 16 to 18 weeks. Students spend 16-20 hours per week learning various practical skills and in physical training.

Salaries For Firefighter Paramedics In Dallas TX

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