Salaries For Fire Alarm Technicians

A fire alarm technician is someone who does the installations, maintenance, or operation of a fire alarm system in an organization. These technicians take the responsibility of reviewing all blueprints which helps them to know if the fire alarms are present in a building. Let us know about ‘Salaries For Fire Alarm Technicians’. 

Salaries For Fire Alarm Technicians

Salaries For Fire Alarm Technicians:

With the services of a fire alarm technician, the salary each technician receives each month is about $4,490. The salary you can expect as a fire alarm technician is $53,891 every year, while payment per hour is $25.91. The payment some fire alarm technicians receive most times differs, and this happens because of where you reside in the United States of America.

Salaries Earned By a Fire Alarm Technician:

If you reside in the United States of America and want to do the job of a fire alarm technician, then it might be of great interest for you to know how much they earn as a salary. Let’s go through the salaries each fire alarm technicians earn in the United States of America. Some cities in the United States of America seem to pay fire alarm technicians more salary.

Irrespective of the city where you reside, or the company where you work as a fire alarm technician, you need to know about what salary amount you should expect. The last salary you can earn as a fire alarm technician is about $52,022. Individuals who work in San Francisco as fire alarm technicians, earn about $77,834. For hourly payment, they receive $28.14. However, some staff who work as fire alarm technicians sometimes get a bonus salary of $571.

The Cities That Pays Fire Alarm Technician Highest:

There are over ten cities in the United States of America where a fire alarm technician gets a good salary yearly and hourly. If you carefully go through the table, you will find the cities that pay the highest. This way you can make up your mind on which city you want to reside in and work in.

Some of the salaries fire alarm technicians get are about 33.6% higher than the amount others earn monthly or every year. On the list, Atkinson, NE seems to pay fire alarm technicians the highest salary every hour or year. New York City also pays a fire alarm technician a good salary yearly. 

Looking at these ten cities, if you do not reside in any of these cities then it’s advised you get to make plans on changing your location.

CitiesYearly Salary Hourly Salary 
Bridgehampton, NY$61,691$29.66
Boston, MA$59,652$28.68
Deer Park, CA$59,805$28.75
Atkinson, NE$71,978$34.60
Great Neck Gardens, NY$59,960$28.83
San Mateo, CA$61,013$29.33
Bend, OR$59,603$28.66
Daly City, CA$59,746$28.72
New York City, NY$62,684$30.14
Lake Marcel-Stillwater, WA$62,726$30.16

Fire Alarm Technician Related Jobs Within The United States of America:

Presently, you will find just five related jobs that you can go for, which are also related to doing the job of a fire alarm technician. Individuals who do these related jobs often receive more salary than other fire alarm technicians. 

The moment you have the certifications you need to be a fire alarm technician or skills, then you are sure of earning a high salary every year. All you have to do to earn a big salary is to work on your skills. 

Related Jobs Yearly Salary Hourly Salary 
Alarm Installer Subcontractor$78,363$37.67
Fire Detection$75,632$36.36
Fire Protection Engineering Technician$87,680$42.15
Alarm Manager$76,592$36.82
SSD Alarm$82,087$39.46

Skills Required To Become a Fire Alarm Technician:

As an employee, there are some skills which you need to have before you can be accepted by your employer. The more experienced you are in your skill, the more employers will need your services.

Below is the list of different skills that you need to get before you can start earning a good salary as a fire alarm technician. The top skills you should look forward to acquiring include the following:

  • You should be able to repair a fire alarm system or install it. When this is rightly done, it will be easy to communicate with those who stay in the building when there is an emergency.
  • You also need to have the skills that will help you troubleshoot a fire alarm system.
  • Develop your writing skills, this way you can be able to communicate with your employers easily without having any difficulty.
  • Know how to wire a fire alarm perfectly.
  • You need the skills that can help you solve any problem that may come up without delay. Once you can do this, it will increase your salary.
  • You should be able to detect any problem that might come up in a fire alarm system.
  • Know how to manage people, things, yourself, and time as a fire alarm technician.
  • To earn a good salary as a fire alarm technician, you should know how to install machines and equipment.
  • You should also know how to repair fire alarm machines.
  • You should also know how to observe dials, and gauges, to know if the alarm machine is functioning well.


The moment you discover that a building does not have a fire alarm, it’s advised that you get a fire alarm Installer to install one for you. A fire alarm is very important for every building, so if you have one ensure you maintain it.

 Most fire alarm technicians in the United States of America receive a salary payment of about $10,524 – $264,966. The average salary a fire alarm technician can earn is $47,616.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How Much Tax Does a Fire Alarm Technician Pay? 

If you are a fire alarm technician, you are expected to pay about 22% of your salary every year as your tax. Once you pay your tax, your take-home salary reduces.

  • Will Your Acquired Skill As A Fire Alarm Technician Determine Your Salary Earnings?

Yes! If you have added skills as a fire alarm technician, it will increase your salary earnings. The more skills you have as a fire alarm technician, the larger your salary

  • Which Of The Related Jobs Pay More Salary?

The Fire Protection Engineering Technician is one of the related jobs that pay more salary than others.

Salaries For Fire Alarm Technicians

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