Salaries For Federal Air Marshal

What is the role of a Federal Air Marshal?

A federal air marshal also sometimes known as a sky marshal spends five hours per day, or 900 hours per year, in the air while flying 181 days per year. Sky marshals analyze the surrounding area and look for possible suspicious behavior, and carry out investigations to safeguard aircraft passengers and staff from terrorist attacks. To accomplish their goals, they usually collaborate with law enforcement organizations. High degrees of pressure and continual alertness and attention to detail are requirements of this work. Let us know about the salaries for Federal Air Marshal and roles and responsibilities of a Federal Air Marshal in this article.

Salaries For Federal Air Marshal

Promotions to senior management or supervisory roles are possible for federal air marshals with a proven track record and enough experience. Sky marshals are currently hired by companies like the National Counterterrorism Center, the National Targeting Center, and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in addition to operating at airports across the nation.

In the US, a Federal Air Marshal gets an average salary of $65,960. San Francisco has the highest average total remuneration for Federal Air Marshals at $99,613, which is 51% higher than the US average. On the USA Jobs website, you can get a general notion of wage ranges from the most recent job ads. The same insurance policies, including life and health insurance, medical and dental insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans, are provided to air marshals as they are to other government workers.

Salaries for Federal Air Marshal

The TSA does not adhere to the General Schedule (GS), unlike most other federal air marshal employees, and instead has its distinct pay structure. The salary steps at the TSA range from A to M. Beginning salaries for federal air marshal vary based on qualifications including education and experience. As TSA employees advance to more responsible positions, their salaries rise. 

Salaries for Federal Air Marshal in the US can earn from $12,656 to $339,013 a year, with a median wage of $61,150. Federal Air Marshals in the center earn between $61,150 and $152,668, while the top 86% earn $339,013.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

In the United States, a Federal Air Marshal can earn up to $1,38,027 a year. Federal Air Marshals in the United States make a micenterof $53,514 annually.

Top 10 Cities with the Best Paying Federal Air Marshal Jobs

Atkinson, NE ($95,231)

Bridgehampton, NY ($82,490)

San Mateo, CA ($81,237)

Berkeley, CA ($79,852)

Daly City, CA ($79,794)

Deer Park, CA ($79,305)

Green River, WY ($77,990)

Irvine, CA ($77,652)

Johnstonville, CA ($77,095)

Richmond, CA ($76,060)

How to become an Air Marshal?

Candidates for the position of air marshal must be US citizens, between the ages of 21 and 36, possess a current driver’s license, and be in top physical health. For applicants without the necessary experience, a bachelor’s degree is necessary. When applying to become an air marshal, candidates can anticipate going through a procedure alike to the one below:

  • Enroll in a degree program and/or gain work experience in a related industrapplyingquired to hold a bachelor’s degree, 3 years of relevant job experience in administration, professional, technical, or investigative fields, or a suitable mix of both education and experience.
  • Apply for an air marshal position at USAJOBS.
  • Be interviewed and perform additional assessments.
  • Submit themselves for fingerprinting and a background check.
  • Take the drug test and pass it.
  • Pass a medical exam
  • Become a hired air marshal.
  • Complete a demanding 16-week training course that includes 36 days in New Mexico for the Federal Air Marshal Service Training Program-I (FAMSTP-I) and a more advanced 43-day course in New Jersey for the Federal Air Marshal Service Training Program-II.
  • Once employed, go through training on the job.

Candidates that are chosen must take part in a required training program. The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in New Mexico hosts the first 36 days of the basic training course. In the second phase of the program, applicants receive more specific instruction in Atlantic City, New Jersey. International law, aviation safety, criminal and terrorist behavior recognition, rapid and legal arrest techniques, and aircraft medicine are all taught throughout training in case air marshals need to deliver first assistance while in flight. The ability to handle a firearm and defend oneself in close quarters must be mastered by applicants.

Aspiring sky marshals must be at ease working alone and have a high level of proficiency with accurate close-range shooting. Experience in the military or law enforcement may be advantageous.

The Federal Air Marshal program in the US is growing. After the attempted bombing of a Northwest Airlines jet over Christmas 2009, President Obama voted to increase the number of air marshals on flights. Nobody anticipates a decline in employment in this area during the next few years.

Federal air marshal positions are regularly being accepted by the government in several American cities. Visit the USAJOBS website and type in “federal air marshal” to find jobs near you.

If there are no vacancies, you can register on the website to be notified via e-alter several become available.

Roles and responsibilities of a Federal Air Marshal

An air marshal’s usual responsibilities include:

  • Check passengers on random flights for potential criminal or terrorist threats
  • Deterrence and prevention of criminal and terrorist aviation-related acts
  • Ensure the safety of the crew and passengers on commercial flights.
  • Join multi-agency task forces to actively combat terrorism
  • Investigate ways to protect and safeguard passengers and aircraft crew
  • Arrest anyone involved in an aviation crime or who is on a flight
  • Armed air marshals can defend themselves and other travelers.
  • Collaborate with organizations and other law enforcement personnel

To succeed in their role, federal air marshals need a specific set of abilities, such as:

1. Critical-thinking skills

2. Communication skills

3. Physical skills

4. Discretion

5. Flexibility

6. Social perception 


Depending on where they are needed, they might be required to move. They must be ready to fly on short notice because they are often on call around the clock. Air marshals may take part in investigative work on the ground to stop terrorism, as well as multi-agency task squads.

Salaries For Federal Air Marshal

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