How Much Do Crop Dusters Charge Per Acre?

Crop dusters are usually a type of aircraft that is used for spraying or dusting huge acreages along with pesticides. Crop dusting means aerial spraying and it allows proper coverage of a huge area at some moment whenever the application of pesticide is highly effective. Moreover, prevent the requirement of wheeled vehicles that could cause damage to the crops. Crop dusting is usually a process that includes spraying growing crops along with pesticides from airplanes and crop dusters are a type of light aircraft that spray substances that protect the farm fields. Let us know more detail about ‘How Much Do Crop Dusters Charge Per Acre?’.

How Much Do Crop Dusters Charge Per Acre?

How Much Do Crop Dusters Charge Per Acre?

Moreover, crop dusters charge differently per acre as per the cost of fungicide, for instance, if the cost of a fungicide is around $10-$15 per acre then the charge ranges from $12-$15 per acre for aerial and around $5-$8 per acre for ground. All this cost ranges between $15-$30 per acre and the crop dusters provide great dusting of the land in just a few minutes. 

What does a crop duster do?

A crop duster is usually a person who applies varying types of pesticides on trees and farm fields just to fight against insect infestation that could destroy trees and plants. Usually, sprayed via helicopter or airplane, but many times, crop dusters make use of varying ground equipment to spray pesticides early in the growing season. Moreover, a crop duster flies very close to the ground during the application of pesticides. The airplanes used as crop dusters could do semi-slow flights along with heavy loads of liquid or dry pesticide. Various types of chemicals get sprayed by crop dusters to work instantly or others get activated by morning dew or rain. While working with a crop duster, you are required to gain knowledge of varying types of crops along with various types of chemicals used and the skill of flying near the ground. 

Benefits of crop dusters: How Much Do Crop Dusters Charge Per Acre?

In late years, aerial seedlings might arise, and these types of crops usually grow during the off-season when main cash crops don’t grow. Moreover, these types of crops protect water and soil quality, but during the middle of the year, crops might require pesticides. Spraying of pesticides greatly helps to control weeds in fields that grab water and nutrients from crops and also controls fungus and insect growth that could attack field crops. Crop dusters entirely protect the crops along with the compaction of the soil. It also builds up soil health by controlling soil erosion and by weed reduction. 

Benefits of aerial crop dusters

The best advantage of aerial application of crop dusters is no soil compaction and also reduces pore spaces that could enhance crop yields. Moreover, the aerial crop dusting application might create a more uniform spray pattern and there would be a uniform application of fertilizers that could be much better than the ground application, which could provide much higher yield potential. The capability of applying pesticides quickly at a certain time could be an ideal advantage of aerial crop dusting application. 

Crop dusters earning

Earning of crop dusters depends on varying factors and various experience, qualifications, and many other factors could help in the easy determination of earning of a crop duster aircraft pilot. Their salary could range from $20,000 to $100,000 or even much higher. To become efficient in this work, crop duster pilots need to undergo lots of training before heading towards crop dusting missions. Pilots could also go for special training that could provide them with the skills that they require for becoming a crop duster pilot. 


Crop dusters permit uniform and rapid dispersal of pesticides, seeds, and fertilizers, along with varying other types of materials over huge areas without any compaction of the soil. Moreover, aerial crop dusters seem to be best as they don’t crush vegetation that could be caused by varying heavy farm machinery or tractors. Crop dusting is necessary as it protects the farm crops from various hazardous insects and also maintains the soil’s quality to great extent. Moreover, the crop dusters could spray a wide acre of a farm field which could offer a great benefit to crops. 


Q1) What type of chemicals do crop dusters usually spray?

Ans. An agricultural aircraft could dispense and carry four varying types of chemicals that include herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and fungicides.

Q2) How many acres of land could a crop duster cover?

Ans. Every aircraft grabs hold of around 500 gallons of chemicals and it would take around 45 minutes to empty off the tank. And, one entire tank could be used to spray the insecticide on about 100 acres.

Q3) Should crop require dusting?

Ans. Crop dusting is considered to be an essential practice in many countries and it is a necessary practice to avoid damage to crops while application of various crop protection chemicals such as insecticides and many others. 

How Much Do Crop Dusters Charge Per Acre?

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