Salaries For Executive Assistant To CEO

Executive Assistant to CEO is in the competitive market. So, it is better to understand the ideal salary required for a new or replaced EA (Executive Assistant) to CEO. The salary of the EA to CEO changes according to the state in the US. Similarly, the pandemic has hit the salary range. So, there one can find an increase in the range over the years. Let us know ‘Salaries For Executive Assistant To CEO’.

Salaries For Executive Assistant To CEO

An Executive Assistant to CEO earns $64,309 per year as the average base salary as of February 2023. This amount has increased over a few years. However, it depends on several factors such as the state, city, experience, and company.

Salaries For Executive Assistant To CEO

The average base salary for an Executive Assistant to CEO in the USA is $64,309 per year. The annual salary range is from $38,453 to $107,549. The average monthly salary is $4,559 and the range is from $2,723 to $7,615. These readings were taken in February 2023. So, earning $27.7 per hour is not bad. According to Comparably, most Executive Assistants end up getting $56k per year. Very few earn more. Then come $41k and $26k per year. 60% of EAs to the CEOs are satisfied with their salaries.

Factors affecting this cost are state, type of company, industry, benefits and perks, and more. Moreover, an EA must perform calendar and email management, coordinate with the executive team, follow up on contacts, and nourish the relationships with the teams on behalf of the CEO. So, the CEO must consider several factors before paying the Assistant.

Salaries Over The Years

The national average salary for the EA to CEO was $114,000 in 2022. The average salary, as of November 2021, was $67,179 per year. In 2018, the EAs got paid only an average salary of $91,273 per year. So, you can see how the average salary increased by 20% from 2018 to 2022.

The job of an EA has got more mentally demanding over the years, especially after the pandemic. They are expected to have more experience and work for long hours. The executives and their assistants are supposed to return to the offices rather than working from home. These factors have increased the demand for a better EA and salary.

Factors Affecting The Salary Of An Executive Assistant To the CEO


Hawaii, being the highest-paying state, pays an average salary of $91,893. An EA to the CEO gets an average salary of $86,427 in Washington and $86,385 in California. These are the other two highest-paying states for the EAs. Then come to New York ($84,474), Virginia ($80,557), New Jersey ($80,222), Connecticut ($76,851), Rhode Island ($73,671), and Ohio ($74,216).

Mississippi pays the least with $41,327. The other lowest-paying states are Oklahoma (442,050), Louisiana ($42,123), Nebraska ($43,222), and Kansas ($43,701). The job count is the highest in California (count is 1,302) and the least in Wyoming (the count is only 13). After that, the higher job count can be found in New York, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, and Massachusetts.


San Francisco, CA is the highest-paying city with an average salary of $94,541 per year. Olympia, WA, and New York City, NY come at the second and third positions. The former city pays $88,332 and the latter $85,005 as an average salary per year. The least paying cities per year are Atlanta, GA, Lansing, MI, and Boston, MA which pay $59,174, $59,654, and $63,059 per year.


Companies expect the EA to have work experience with the same employer before joining the new company. So, frequent job switches might not help the year. So, the EA with experience from one to three years gets $75,000 per year. The one with experience from 10 to 14 years gets $54,000 to $70,000 per year. Finally, the one with experience of more than 15 years gets $109,000 per year.


Finance pays the EA to CEOs with the highest average salary of $92,158 per year. It is $44.31 per hour. Next is the media industry which pays an average of $77,905 per year, and the healthcare industry with $74,308 per year. Hospitality, manufacturing, and professional industries pay the least with $70,225, $72,088, and $73,099 respectively.

Highest Paying Companies

Top companies that pay higher salaries to the Executive Assistant to the CEO are:

  1. Apple

The total pay for an EA to CEO in Apple is $158,623 per year. The base pay is $112,519, and all additional pay is estimated to be $46,104. Additional pay includes tips, profit, commission, bonus, or stock. So, according to Glassdoor, we can say that 70.9% of the total pay goes for base salary, 9.8% for the bonus, and 19.3% for stocks.

  1. Logic Monitor

The total pay per year is $134,808. Let us break it down. Out of the total pay, $100,930 is the base pay, $12,724 is for the bonus, and $21,155 is for stock. However, the most likely range for the base pay is from $68k to $150k per year. So, the base pay consists of 74.9% of the total pay, the bonus consists of 9.4%, and stock consists of 15.7%.

  1. AXA

The average total pay is $113,440 per year. It lies between $74k and $177k. Out of the total pay, $89,813 goes for the base pay, $10,559 for the bonus, and $13,068 for stock. So, the base pay consists of 79.2%, a bonus of 9.3%, and a stock of 11.5% of the total pay.

Benefits And Perks

Executive Assistants in the financial industries get a higher bonus, whereas those in the C-suite get at least a 10% bonus per year. The benefits may differ according to the company. For instance, DISYS provides the 401k plan, vacation and paid time off, and health insurance. ASA provides retirement, 401k plan, and health insurance. Apple provides employee discounts, 401k, and health insurance.


The average base salary is $64,309 per year for an EA to CEO. It has increased from 2018 to 2023 in the USA. Hawaii pays the highest, while Mississippi pays the least in the case of the states. Similarly, San Francisco pays the most and Atlanta pays the least in the case of the cities. EAs with an experience more than 15 years get $109,000 per year, and it is too high. Apple, AXA, and Logic Monitor are a few high-paying companies for the EA to CEO.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What Positions Are Similar To The Executive Assistant To the CEO?

Positions similar to the Executive Assistant to CEO are Executive Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Personal Assistant, Office Assistant, and more.

  1. How Much Has Executive Assistant To CEO’s National Average Salary Increased From 2014 To 2023?

It has increased from $50k to $71k per year.

Salaries For Executive Assistant To CEO

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