Salaries For Entry-Level Engineer- Know More About It

Engineers are an essential pillar of this modern society. It won’t be wrong if we say that they are one of the most essential pillars of society. We can say this with confidence because there are many significant things to back up these words. Today, everything we see as privileged people, such as cars, bikes, metro, buildings, gadgets, and many more, is helping humans in different forms. They are all created and manufactured by engineers. Now it is very important to know what this field holds for beginners or entry-level engineers who are new to this job profile. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Entry-Level Engineer’.

Salaries For Entry-Level Engineer

Salaries For Entry-Level Engineer

There are various fields and specializations when we talk about engineering because there are a whole lot of sectors that need engineers in their field, and as there are diverse fields, there are different job opportunities. When we talk about job opportunities in the modern world, we significantly look for various aspects such as career growth, level of work, and most importantly, salary. An entry-level engineer in this field earns around $40,000 to roughly $180,000 per year. If we talk about the median salary, then it is around $70,000.

The salary depends on various fields and other things. Let’s read more about Salaries For Entry-Level Engineer.

The starting salary range for the engineers:

Depending upon the various fields and the scope of job availability in various sectors of engineering, The salary range varies. Usually, the average salary of engineers working in different sectors as a beginner is around $85,000.

The median salary of engineers is $70,000, which means that 50% of the people in this job profile earn more than $70,000 and the other 50% earn less than 50%.

Factors affecting an engineer’s salary: Salaries For Entry-Level Engineer

When a person sits in a job interview, various things are asked during interview, and depending on the various factors, a salary is offered to a person. That can depend upon the skills that an individual carries, and the place from where they have graduated or studied, but there are many other deciding forces. This helps a recruiter better understand a candidate and also helps in determining their salary.

Depending on the job profile-

Salaries are highly dependent on the type of engineering field a person belongs to because today the world is moving fastly towards technology and software advancement. Today we see machines doing a lot of work that was once done by humans, so people who are software engineers or are from the computer science field are paid higher than normal engineers.

  1. The salary of a software engineer or a person from a computer science background is around $105,000.
  2. The salaries of system engineers and process engineers lie between $80,000 and $90,000.
  3. If we talk about other fields such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, design engineering, and project engineering, their entry-level salaries are more or less than $80,000.

Depending on the level of education-

One of the most essential things that companies who hire look for in a candidate are their educational qualifications and a person who has a comparatively higher education qualification is preferred more, due to a mindset that he/she will have a better understanding of the field.

Salaries also depend on educational qualification because you might have encountered two people working in the same post but having different pay scales.

  1. A person who holds a bachelor’s degree in any of the engineering fields and has entered into a working profile can expect to earn a starting salary of $70,000.
  2. A person holding a master’s degree and looking for a job can expect a starting salary of $90,000 as their starting salary.
  3. People having higher educational qualifications such as a Ph.D. and a doctoral degree in such fields can expect a starting salary of $125,000.

Depending on a person’s skill-

Today the world is changing very rapidly and there are many advancements in a person also, such as people are shifting more towards what they love. That can be as a habit or that is also seen as a profession. Today, there are many times when a business student who has completed his former education in a completely different field from engineering knows the various skills required for that job profile. Keeping this in mind, many companies have begun hiring people based on the skills they possess, and these people have frequently demonstrated that they are better than the average person working in that field. As a result, the salary they receive as a new hire is highly dependent on the skills they possess, and it is estimated that it is around 10% less than the standard salary offered to someone entirely from that field.

The incremental opportunities for engineers are

As with other job profiles, engineers also have hikes and increments, and that mainly depends on the level of work and output they are giving to the organization. The increment also depends upon the different sectors. A computer engineer may get an increment every 6 months when they can give more output than asked, whereas a civil or electrical engineer may get the increment on performing or completing a specific target. They usually get an increment once every 14 months, whereas for working as a software engineer or tech-related job profile, there is no such time limit, but usually, they get an increment after 8 months on the same profile.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Entry-Level Engineer’, Engineers are one of the essential pillars of society; without them, many things are not possible. Currently, we require engineers for most of the technological advancements, and if any person is an entry-level working professionally in this job profile, then the most searched thing is the salary. Well, the starting salary of an engineer depends upon many factors, but if we talk overall, then the average salary is around $85,000. This salary can go up to $190,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does a data scientist earn?

Ans: Data scientist is a subfield of computer engineering, but data engineers are qualified personnel with specific tasks and a higher salary than a typical computer engineer. It is around $170,000 annually.

Q2: Does the starting salary depend upon the institute from which we have completed our degree?

ANSWER: There are currently no such limitations or boundaries that only people studying in good colleges and institutes earn well, but it does give them an advantage in their respective fields.

Salaries For Entry-Level Engineer- Know More About It

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