Salaries For Director Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is a growing field in regulatory affairs that may provide you with possibilities for leadership and a stable working environment. QA directors are in high demand across various businesses, from the healthcare and pharmaceutical to the food and nutrition sectors. let us know about that the Salaries For Director Quality Assurance.

Salaries For Director Quality Assurance

The functions of regulatory affairs and quality assurance within the regulatory discipline are distinct and mutually crucial for ensuring the safety of goods. Groups specializing in regulatory affairs ensure that manufactured goods follow all applicable laws and rules. Their QA partners provide that only top-notch goods make it to customers, emphasizing avoiding problems via reliable, preventative manufacturing practices. Usually, the QA team is managed by a director of quality assurance who answers to the VP of QA and regulatory affairs.

How Much Does A Director Of Quality Assurance Earn?

The answer is as of Aug 10, 2022, the average yearly compensation for a Quality Assurance Director in the United States is $115,276 a year. A quick salary calculation will tell you that it’s equivalent to around $55.42 an hour. That works out to $2,216 a week or $9,606 per month.

The Quality Assurance Directors may make anywhere from $35,500 to $173,000 annually. 

The median salary is $93,000, the 75th percentile salary is $143,000, and the 90th percentile salary is $160,500. There seems to be a lot of room for growth and promotion in a Quality Assurance Director’s career since the typical salary range is rather extensive (up to $50,000).

The average compensation for a Quality Assurance Director in the US is $115,276 per year, the same as the average salary throughout the country. They pay the highest median salary for Quality Assurance Directors among all 50 states.

The Highest Concentration of Quality Assurance Director Jobs among the Top 10 Cities

For the Quality Assurance Director position, we have pinpointed ten places where average salaries are above the national average. Atkinson, NE, New York City, NY, and Bridgehampton, NY, close behind in the second and third spots, are topping the list. Compared to the national average of $115,276, the median household income in Bridgehampton, New York, is $18,254 (15.8%) higher, while the median household income in Atkinson, Nebraska is $39,440 (34.2%) higher.

If you’re a Quality Assurance Director, you may be interested to know that the average salary in these ten cities is greater than the national average.

Yet additional consideration is that there is not much of a difference in average compensation between Atkinson, NE, and Queens, NY, the two cities in the top ten, indicating it may be tough to see any positive wage progression. The candidate’s location might affect the trade-off between compensation and living expenses for the Quality Assurance Director position.

            City                           Annual Salary Monthly Pa  Weekly Pay   Hourly Wage

  1. Atkinson, NE                 $154,716   $12,893   $2,975   $74.38
  2. New York City, NY     $136,413   $11,367   $2,623    $65.58
  3. Bridgehampton, NY     $133,530   $11,127   $2,567         $64.20
  4. Great Neck Gardens, NY $130,264   $10,855   $2,505     $62.63
  5. Boston, MA                   $129,626   $10,802           $2,492     $62.32
  6. Deer Park, CA                   $128,971     $10,747   $2,480        $62.01
  7. Green River, WY       $128,288   $10,690   $2,467     $61.68
  8. Juneau, AK                   $127,499   $10,624   $2,451        $61.30
  9. Morton, WA                   $127,251   $10,604   $2,447        $61.18
  10. Queens, NY                   $126,958   $10,579   $2,441       $61.04

In The United States, What Are The Top Five Highest-Paying Jobs Related To Quality Assurance Directors?

We identified five similar professions that pay more annually than the average Quality Assurance Director salary. Senior Assurance Manager, Senior Manager Quality Assurance, and Senior QA Manager are all excellent examples of such positions.

Notably, these positions pay anything from $2,223 (1.9%) to $24,098 (20.9%) more than the typical Quality Assurance Director’s salary of $115,276. If you’re qualified, working as a QA Director or in a similar role may allow you to earn more than you would in a typical company.

               Job Title                   Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage

  1. Assurance Senior Manager           $139,37      $11,614 $2,680               $67.01
  2. Senior Manager Quality Assurance   $135,350    $11,279 $2,602               $65.07
  3. Senior QA Manager                         $121,30      $10,108 $2,332               $58.32
  4. Director Clinical Quality Assurance $119,746    $9,978 $2,302               $57.57
  5. Director Quality Assurance             $117,499     $9,791 $2,259               $56.49


In the end, if you are trying to start your career in quality assurance, this article is for you. A director of quality assurance is accountable for the timely and cost-effective delivery of high-quality goods. This position is responsible for managing all activities that work to improve quality. To ensure compliance and maximize output, directors collaborate with internal partners. Hope this article is helpful for you.


Question 1: As Director of Quality Assurance, how much do you anticipate paying in taxes each year?

Answer: Your average 2018 federal tax liability, assuming you file as an individual, is projected to be 32 percent. Director Quality Assurances may anticipate a take-home salary of $130,467 per year, or about $5,436 each paycheck after paying 32% in federal taxes.

Question 2: What exactly does a quality assurance manager need to know?

Answer: The ability to evaluate quality or performance is required.

  1. Should take care and focus on every little thing.
  2. Aptitude for analyzing
  3. the facility to keep tabs on one’s progress and that of one’s coworkers.
  4. The ability to focus intently
  5. on talent in managing a company.
  6. Aptitude for leadership.
  7. The capacity to utilize your judgments and make choices

Question 3: Is it a brilliant idea to get into quality assurance?

Answer: Quality assurance is gaining popularity as a career choice due to the increasing availability of relevant resources and its high demand within the business. It is reasonable to assume that the need for quality assurance professionals is increasing, even though some companies only have a small number of experts on staff.

Question 4: When starting, how long does it take to work up to the QA manager?

One needs a bachelor’s degree at the very least to enter the field of quality assurance management. Employers often give more weight to resumes that include a master’s degree or many years of relevant work experience.

Salaries For Director Quality Assurance

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