Salaries for Director Of Recruiting

A company’s recruitment process is something the director of recruiting is in charge of managing. They are responsible for sourcing, evaluating, and interviewing potential new hires. They could also be in charge of formulating and executing plans to entice the best and brightest to join the organization.let us know about that the Salaries for Director Of Recruiting.

Salaries for Director Of Recruiting

It is common practice for a director of recruitment to liaise closely with a manager of human resources or another senior executive. It is normal practice for them to offer HR input on candidates’ quality and performance throughout the recruiting process so that HR may make any necessary modifications.

What Are The Salaries Range Of A Recruiting Director?

The answer is, The salary of human resources directors may range widely based on factors such as the company’s size, sector, and industry. Bonuses are another potential source of income for them.

  1. The average Annual Income is $92,500 ($44.47/Hour).
  2. Annual Wage for the Top 10%: $163,000 ($78.37/Hour)

Director positions in human resources are anticipated to have above-average job growth in the next decade.

The median salary for a Director of Recruiting in the United States is $139,002. 71% of Directors of Recruiting said they earn a bonus yearly, with the average bonus amounting to $21,429 (15.0% of annual income). The highest salaries in San Francisco are for the position of director of recruiting, at $230,000 a year. It is 65% more than the national average.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Recruiting directors and other HR professionals will be in high demand as long as businesses need to fill positions requiring highly specialized knowledge and abilities. Employing human resources experts who can assess the efficacy of a company’s recruiting tactics and procedures is essential to meet the growing need for increased productivity and efficiency.

The Factors, Which Influenced the Salary of the Director of Recruiting 

Education, work experience, and geographical location all play a role in determining a Director of Recruiting’s remuneration. This article will examine the influence of these variables on earnings in further detail.

1. Level Of Expertise Gained Over Many Years

In most cases, a person’s salary rises as their amount of experience do. The salary of a director of recruitment often rises in proportion to the years that person has spent in that position. According to the BLS and the National Compensation Survey, a director of recruiting’s income might vary greatly based on their level of expertise.

Level of Experience                     Salary

  1. Entry-level (less than 1 year)                         $66,458
  2. Early career (1 to 4 years)                         $82,293
  3. Mid-career (5 to 9 years)                         $105,499
  4. Experienced (10 to 19 years)                         $134,168
  5. Late career (20+ years)                         $173,152

2. Location

Salary ranges for director of recruitment positions might vary depending on location. Having a job in a major city usually means greater pay and a higher cost of living.

Here is a breakdown of the average pay for a director of recruitment by city, as reported by the BLS.

City                                 Average Salary

  1. New York City, NY                 $148,309
  2. San Francisco, CA                 $144,055
  3. Washington DC, DC                 $131,950
  4. Boston, MA                             $131,579
  5. Denver, CO                             $129,320
  6. Las Vegas, NV                 $92,513
  7. Indianapolis, IN                 $92,439
  8. New Orleans, LA                 $88,225
  9. Oklahoma City, OK                 $86,659
  10. Nashville, TN                             $81,101

Tips For Boosting The Salary Of Director Of Recruiting

Now that you know how much a director of recruitment makes, we can discuss strategies for increasing your income.

1. Hone Your Abilities

Pursuing and enhancing marketable abilities may help you stand out in a competitive job market and earn a better salary. Included in this set of abilities are:

  1. Find out where to look for, how to entice, and who to recruit from among the best candidates.
  2. Create a recruitment plan that can help the company grow and thrive.
  3. Employee Motivation and Engagement: Maintain high employee interest and enthusiasm levels throughout the hiring process.
  4. Sourcing: Find potential applicants using a range of channels, including social media, online job sites, and internal word-of-mouth.
  5. Applicants must be screened to find the most qualified people for the job.

2. Be Given A Positive Evaluation Of Your Work

A positive evaluation of your work is a great way to enhance your compensation. If your employer thinks highly of you, they may consider raising your salary. Keep detailed records of your accomplishments and objectives to demonstrate your value to your superiors.

3. Keep Up A Steady Level Of Performance

When you regularly meet or surpass your recruitment quotas, an excellent time to ask for a raise. You should have evidence to support your request and negotiation skills ready to go.


In the end, If you’re considering pursuing a career as a director of recruitment, you should consider the various elements that will determine your success. You should start by considering what kind of organization you want to work for. Do you prefer working with a major organization with tried and true methods or a more agile startup? In what fields do you feel most interested?

Make sure your CV and cover letter are well-suited for the job you’re applying for. Provide specific instances of your past successes in assisting businesses in accomplishing their objectives and demonstrating how your skill set fits the open position’s needs. Hope this article is helpful for you.


Question 1: How can you determine whether your salary is competitive as a Recruitment Director?

Answer: If your salary as Recruitment Director is similar to the median salary in your state, you are likely getting paid appropriately. Take the state of Washington as an example, where the average yearly Wage is $136,155.

Question 2: What kind of Recruitment Director earns the most money, and why?

Answer: The highest salary is reserved for the Vice President of Human Resources. Typically, a Vice President of Human Resources would earn $172,978 annually. The top 10 percent earn an average of $216,000 a year, while the bottom 10 percent get an average of $138,000.

Question 3: How much would your tax liability be as Recruiting Director?

Answer: In 2018, this band’s typical federal tax for a single filer is projected to be 24%. Directors of Recruiting may earn a take-home salary of $111,352 per year, or around $4,640 each, after paying taxes at the standard federal rate of 24%.

Salaries for Director Of Recruiting

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