Salaries For Dermatology Nurse

Dermatology is the study and diagnosis of any problems related to skin, nails, and membranes. A dermatologist is a health professional who treats issues related to skin. There are various professions in the field of dermatology one of which is dermatology nurse.let us know about that the Salaries For Dermatology Nurse.

Salaries For Dermatology Nurse

On average, a dermatology nurse makes around $61,000 per year in the US. Along with stable wages, dermatology nurses work in private practices during regular working hours. Dermatology nurses can positively impact patients’ lives by making them feel confident about their appearances. These professionals generally earn more than the registered nurses in specialty areas. The salary of nurses also depends on geographical area, level of experience, education, and practice areas. San Francisco offers more average salaries than other states in the country. The field of dermatology is important as skin is open to all microorganisms and therefore becomes prone to infections. 

About Dermatology:

Skin is the outermost exposed layer of the body. It acts as the barrier to protect body from any kind of injury and infections caused by microorganisms. Healthy skin is the indicator of the overall good health of the body. Sometimes the skin becomes prone to infections and various diseases. The field of dermatology becomes important to protect the skin. 

Conditions of hair, skin, and nails frequently arise and almost everyone has faced them at some point in their life. Acne, pimples, dermatitis, and fungal infections, are some of the common skin problems. Dermatology helps in the treatment of these diseases. Through several therapies and medications, skin problems can be cured and knowledge of dermatology is important for that. Dermatology involves but is not limited to research and diagnosis of normal disorders, cancers, and cosmetics. There are various fields of dermatology i.e., Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermatopathology, Trichology, and many more. 

Roles of a Dermatology Nurse:

A dermatology nurse is a registered nurse who provides special care to patients with skin infections, wounds, and burns. They can work in a variety of settings, like private offices, clinics, hospitals, plastic surgeons’ offices, etc.,

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Dermatology nurses also work in private cosmetic offices and spas. They assist in various procedures like laser treatments, tattoo removal, and chemical treatments. They work with medical practitioners to assist with the treatment of different skin injuries and treatments.

Here are some of the roles of a dermatology nurse:

  • Asses and monitor the wounds and burns of the patients.
  • Report the patient’s problems to the doctors.
  • Clean and dress the wounds and burns.
  • Assist with medical procedures along with the senior doctor.
  • Collect skin tissues for biopsies.
  • Guide patients for proper skincare.
  • Explain test results to patients and possible treatments.
  • Monitor and record patient’s medical conditions and test results.
  • Screening patients with skin cancer.

Salary of a Dermatology Nurse:

On average, a dermatology nurse has a salary of around $81,000 per year or $39.00 per hour. Employment as a nurse is expected to grow 9% in the next ten years. 

Salary of a Dermatology Nurse in Different States of The United States:


The average salary of a dermatology nurse in California is $57,505 per year. They also sometimes earn an average bonus of up to $3000. An entry-level nurse with around 2 years of experience earns $51,521 while with the experience the salary is $60,841 per year.


The annual salary of a dermatology nurse working in Florida is $49,068. The average bonus is $5,398. The initial salary is $43,017. With time the salary increases up to $58,364 per year.


The average salary of a dermatology nurse working in Georgia is $49,808 per year. They also earn an average bonus of $1488. The entry-level salary is $44,680 and increases up to $56,939 per year.


In Massachusetts, the average salary of a dermatology nurse in public hospitals is around $56,012 per year. The entry-level salary is $50,245 per year. A highly experienced nurse can earn up to $64,031.

New Jersey:

The average salary of a dermatology nurse in New Jersey is $56,918 per year. An entry- level salary is $51,057. A senior-level dermatology nurse earns around $65,067 per year.

States in the US Paying the Highest to Dermatology Nurses:

The highest paying states for dermatology nurses in the US are Massachusetts, Montana, Arizona, and San Francisco. The salaries get affected by the cost of living there and other factors like the requirement of the workforce.

Dermatology Nurse Salary by the Years of Experience:

The salary of a dermatology nurse varies by year of experience. Nurse with the most experience has higher pay than the others with less experience. The starting salary of a dermatology nurse is $52,850 but as the experience increases the salary increases. You can expect your salary to increase up to 14% which makes the annual average salary $83,330. A dermatology nurse with 5-8 years of experience in the field earns $98080 per year. With the experience of 11-15 years, the salary becomes $114,390 per year.

Salary of a Dermatology Nurse in Famous Clinics:

Mayo Clinic:

A world-recognized hospital with highly skilled healthcare workers, Mayo clinic ranks one among multiple specialties in the world.  A registered nurse in the clinic earns $20-$30 per hour.

Massachusetts General Hospital:

With multiple specialties in the hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital is well known for providing top facilities to the patients. The average annual pay of a dermatology nurse in the hospital is $61,873 or $29.75 an hour.

The John Hopkins Hospital:

The hospital provides world-class facilities to the patients. There are professional and skilled doctors to treat every disease. The average salary of a dermatology nurse is $76000 per year.


Everyone suffers from some skin problems and heads for a doctor, even if it is a small or a big issue. Dermatology is a field that deals with the largest organ of our body, the skin. The job as a dermatology nurse can be exhausting but helping patients and seeing their smiling faces when they fight with their burns, wounds, and infections bring a smile to your face too, and washes away all that weariness. The nurturing of patients brings the utmost satisfaction to some people and nursing is the path to achieving that. The salary of dermatology nurses is high as compared to other nursing professions. With certifications and experience, you can expect a raise and a permanent job. 


Where do dermatology nurses make most of the money?

San Francisco is known as the highest paying place for dermatology nurses.

Is dermatology nursing stressful?

As compared to other nursing professions, a dermatology nurse offers a less stressful working environment.

How long does it take to become a dermatology nurse?

It takes four years to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and further years to gain experience. 

What do dermatology nurses do?

Dermatology nurses assist and participate in skin treatments.

Salaries For Dermatology Nurse

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