Salaries For Cybersecurity Managers

The world is advancing with a very high acceptance of technological innovations and discoveries. This has also increased the rate of criminal activities that can now be carried out remotely and easily with technology. It is often said that all things which have greater value and usage also bring about new threats, but in the case of technological advancement, we can boldly say the positive effects are greater than the downside of technological advancement. let us know about that the Salaries For Cybersecurity Managers.

Salaries For Cybersecurity Managers

With that being said, it is therefore paramount that these illegal activities are checked, hence the introduction and importance of the cyber security profession, whose demands have spiked massively due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cybersecurity as a profession is defined as an act or process of defending and securing computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks, which could include theft, damage, and exploitation.

Who is a cybersecurity manager?

A cybersecurity manager is an individual who combines managerial and information communication skills. To protect, secure, and defend computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data by maintaining, overseeing, and identifying threats and vulnerabilities in security systems and creating strategies to stop cybercriminals.

How can one become a cybersecurity manager?

To become a professional in the skill of cybersecurity, one has to be on high alert at all times and be actively making decisions to better himself or her craft. A cybersecurity manager must have both soft and hard skills. The soft skills required are the ability to work under pressure, multitask, have good communication skills, be a good team player, be willing to learn and upskill, have effective management skills, and pay close attention to details. The hard skills include: having a strong knowledge and background in operating systems; computer language; software and hardware; hacking; pen testing; threat detection; broad knowledge of business; good leadership capability; and overseeing security-related actions.

Job description of a Cybersecurity Manager

A cybersecurity manager is expected to carry out the following functions:

  1. They monitor the routes through which information flows in and out of an organization while observing networking operations within the organization. 
  2. They implement systems upgrades, maintenance, risk and vulnerability assessments, and threat detection. 
  3. They perform regular auditing services. They oversee the activities of the cybersecurity team. 
  4. They help to develop policies and procedures and guidelines in an organization to checkmate individuals’ activities within and outside the organization. 
  5. They also provide technical support to the company and staff for their computer-related needs. 
  6. They offer training services to members of staff within an organization, ensuring they know how to protect themselves and the company from external and internal threats and vulnerabilities.

Salaries for a Cybersecurity Manager

A cybersecurity manager is paid based on his ability to execute service properly, adequately, proficiently, and timely, although his pay may vary from one industry to another, and from one country to another. The cybersecurity manager’s salary ranges from $51,280 to $172,000 annually, while a senior cybersecurity manager is $110,188 annually, with slight variations based on location and industry. A cybersecurity manager could also be paid based on their years of experience, level of education, and industry size.

Cybersecurity managers are paid by years of experience.

  1. An entry-level cybersecurity manager is usually paid $69,037; this individual possesses just one year of experience as a cybersecurity manager or has zero experience as a cybersecurity manager.
  2.  Early Career: An individual could earn $93,878 in the early years of his career as a cybersecurity manager if he has one to four years of on-the-job experience. 
  3. Mid-career: during this period, an individual has gained four to nine years experience working as a cybersecurity manager and is entitled to the sum of $128,405.
  4.  Experienced level: during this period, an individual has gained ten to nineteen years experience working as a cybersecurity manager and is entitled to the sum of $160,804. 
  5. Late career: during this period, an individual has over twenty years experience working as a cybersecurity manager and is entitled to the sum of $160,804.

The demand for cyber security managers has spiked over the years and is expected to grow faster than average over the next decade. Cybersecurity jobs can be found throughout a diverse mix of companies, sectors, organizations, and industries. Organizations will continue to hire cyber security managers to protect their computer networks, servers, cloud, mobile devices, electronic systems, and data containing electronic information from hackers and cyber criminals. As a cybersecurity manager, you must keep your skills and resume up-to-date and be ready to climb the ladder all the way up!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can one work as a cybersecurity manager?

As a data cybersecurity manager, you can work in the banking industry, government industries and parastatals, finance-related industries, information communication and technology industries, and health care industries.

  1. Data analytics managers’ salaries by sectors or industries?

In the technology sector, cybersecurity manager salaries range from $120,000 to $167,000; this applies to information technology companies, software companies, independent software vendors, and analytics solution providers.

In the healthcare sector, cybersecurity managers’ salaries range from $90,000 to $112,000, which can be increased based on one’s expertise in any of the niches within the healthcare system.

In the government sector, cybersecurity manager salaries range from $94,000 to $117,000 or more.

In the finance sector, cybersecurity managers’ salaries range from $96,000 to $219,000.

  1. Can I become a cybersecurity manager without a degree?

Although no degree is required to begin a career in data analysis, as you advance in your career, you will need to acquire basic computer operation and study skills, which could be obtained through degree programs or professional certifications. You must obtain some degrees or certifications to set yourself apart in the industry.

  1. How can I increase my salary as a cybersecurity manager?

Ensure your skills are updated regularly, take professional exams, earn well-recognized certifications, know your worth, learn how to market yourself to employers, and ask for a raise or promotion when due.

Salaries For Cybersecurity Managers

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