Salaries For Children’s Author

Kids have grown up on books for ages. Everyone loves books and sometimes, even adults love to go back to an old children’s book to reminisce in their childhood. That is why children’s authors are important. Authors write books that let us widen our imagination to take us far out. let us know about that the Salaries For Children’s Author.

Salaries For Children's Author

Due to the importance of authors of children’s books, they would naturally make a very high salary. Although there are a handful of factors that would state otherwise, an author for children’s books would make something between 30,000 dollars and 115,000 dollars.

What are the steps to becoming a writer and author of children’s books?

  1. Know what your goals are beforehand. You may just want to become an author for the children in your lives or you plan to make a living off of writing books for children.
  2. The next step, which is vital to know, is to read children’s books and understand how other authors have written them. Not all books would appeal to children.
  3. You need to understand what your audience, the children, are like and what they are drawn to as kids.
  4. Write every day and improve your skills. It is important to have one timeline for one story otherwise your ideas will be jumbled up and then the children reading said book will be confused as well as you.
  5. Becoming an author of children’s books is not a steady job as there will be competition. Expecting to write for children because you love to write is better than the expectation of getting paid.
  6. Jon a community of authors for children to share ideas and take in criticism.
  7. Meet up with an illustrator to help bring your book to life because children love drawings to help understand the story more.
  8. The last step is to promote your book by putting an email list, preparing your launch and most importantly find a publisher. You can also self-publish.

How much of a salary do authors for children’s books make?

As mentioned before, authors for children’s books make between 30,000 dollars and 115,000 dollars. The median salary is 60,000 dollars. In a monthly basis, an author for children would make 4,000 dollars approximately and 23 dollars per hour.

This salary is the considered the base pay and authors for children’s books, or any author for that matter, do not get bonuses or commissions or anything. Authors salaries depend on two things. The first thing is whether they are self-publishing. If that is the case, then there are costs to think about to publish and market which would be around 2,000 dollars. Although the return is good since authors would be able to make between 5,000 dollars and 8,000 dollars if not reaching an excess of 10,000 dollars. The other option is to work with a publisher, in which case the author makes a deal with the publisher and usually the money is split so the publisher gets a certain amount depending on the sales.

Which states do authors of children’s books get a higher salary?

There are some states in the United States where authors have better chances of making a living and a higher salary. This is mainly due to the sales percentage that occurs in the state. The state which is very active in terms of children’s book writing would be Chicago. Authors for children’s books in that state alone make 3% more than authors for children’s books in author states, on average making 50,000 dollars per year.

Other than Chicago, there is also San Franciso, Fremont and San Jose where they make more than the national average of 48,000 dollars in the United States. Authors for children’s books situated in San Jose make 14.2% more and authors in San Francisco make 21.2% more than the average.

How can authors of children’s books get a higher salary?

People assume that everyone can write a children’s book but the reality is that it is much harder to do so. Some people do not have the patience, others may not have the skill to write. There is always also the issue of a writer’s block. Without those setbacks, you can thrive as an author for children’s books and earn a good salary.

Other than that, it does depend on the location you are working in. As mentioned before, you do get paid more as an author for children’s books if you work in a state where there is high demand for authors of children’s books and it does help to work for a publisher that is known to get things going for you too.

In conclusion, it is a steady income for authors of children’s books. A salary of at most 10,000 dollars per month is not a bad amount. While being an author for children’s books is rather a difficult path to pursue and not always steady in the way of a salary, it will still be the perfect job for you if you are doing it because you love it or because there are kids in your life that love to read books.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do children’s book authors make?

On average, they make 60,000 dollars a year and can make as much as 115,000 per year or as little as 30,000 dollars.

  1. Is being an author for children’s books a steady job?

No it is not, not all of your books will get high sales and so you may not always get paid a lot.

  1. Is it better to self-publish or to find a publisher if you are an author?

That depends on the circumstances but usually self-publish will get paid more in the long run but finding a publisher will raise your chances of selling your children’s books.

  1. Which states in the United States are better for aspiring authors of children’s books?

The best option would be to go to Chicago. Other states that would have better opportunities would be San Hose, San Fransico and Fremont. 

Salaries For Children’s Author

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