Salaries For Automotive Engineer

Automotive engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with building new transport equipment to meet a variety of societal & new environmental requirements. Environmental mobility and autonomous driving technologies are in a transition phase, which in turn help automotive engineers to revolutionize the way future vehicles will be designed and used. Also, they make use of natural resources optimally to design for efficient recycling and extract precious resources through the program. This part of engineering is like the base of a tree that branches into all kinds of engineering disciplines like hydraulic, mechanical engineering, etc. What is their salary level? What are their job roles? The answer to these questions will be answered in this article. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For Automotive Engineer’.

Salaries For Automotive Engineer

Salaries For Automotive Engineers

As of August 2022, Automotive Engineers in the United States earn an average annual income that ranges between $72,569 and $98,725 per year in addition to the companies’ bonuses stated according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. This salary range is mostly traced back to San Francisco and California indicating the states that paid the highest salary for all automotive engineers. The lowest and highest level for their annual income ranges between $59,650 and $447,254 across the states. This shows that the average salary depends on some specific factors that vary since there is a chance for advancement and opportunities. Those factors may be additional experience, certificates, education, and some additional valuable skills for the industry. Let’s read Salaries For Automotive Engineer.

What Are The Job Roles And Responsibilities of Automotive Engineers?: Salaries For Automotive Engineer

Automotive engineering is not a difficult course to study especially, if you are an automotive enthusiast. To make it simple, the difficulty of any subject is directly proportional to the lack of interest in the subject. Automotive engineering is a diversified course which is why there are multiple roles and responsibilities for those that are studying it some of them are as follows

  • Research and develop roles that are used in creating transportation tools like cars that are efficient, self-driving, and run on cleaner energy.
  • Initiate design by creating the body structure, powertrains, brakes, interiors, electronics, and all other necessary things for automobile
  • Supervise, test, and validate engineers that are working to make sure the engines and other design and equipment function properly
  • Understand and make changes in technical documentation and data sheets and also documents all designs drawing, and blueprints in a database
  • Communicate with production and manufacturing engineers and all other engineering staff about their design techniques and automobile development
  • Incorporate safety, serviceability, and reliability standard in design and service tools in other to handle all different fault issues that may arise with today’s complex cars.

Where Can An Automotive Engineer Work?

Automotive engineers have a high demand in the manufacturing industries. Several other sectors like Defense Services, Private Logistics Companies, and Car manufacturers are also open for them. In due course, one can also set up a manufacturing plant and be self-employed. Due to the recent Mark In United States campaign, governments have started to provide various subsidies to promote in-house manufacturing units. They can also work in the academic field but they will need to have an M.Tech degree and Ph.D. programs to enter the research department of various firms. 

How Can I Become An Automotive Engineer?

The easiest way to become an automotive engineer is to apply for a Mechanical or Automobile Engineering specialization in B.Tech. But this depends on the college you get and if you are not getting admission into the top 5 colleges for automobile study, you can go for its alternative which is B.Tech in Mechanical engineering. The next step is to study and score good marks during your undergraduate days. Certificate of automotive design courses can boost your career but you should also take part in active workshops, Internships, etc during your studies. Especially from the 3rd year onwards. After graduation, go for job fairs and placements but if you are trying for higher studies then go for it also.

Other Career Option In Automotive Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

hydraulic Engineering is the Science of water in movement and its communications with the encompassing environment. Water assumes a noteworthy part in the human impression of nature since it is a fundamental component. The job description of a hydraulic engineer design water storage and transport facilities. An average salary for a hydraulic engineer is $85,349 per year while that of the entry and professional level ranges between $67,390 and $115, 687 per year

Automotive technician

Automotive technician is another branch of automotive engineering that deals with fixing, inspecting, and maintaining the functionality of vehicles. People do confuse them with automotive mechanics but there is a slight difference between the two specialties. Their job description is to diagnose faults in vehicles by test driving it and by also having help from their diagnostic tools on the vehicle electronics. The average annual salary for automotive engineers is $51,328 while their entry and professional level are between $45,832 and $95,760 per year.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Automotive Engineer’, Automotive Engineering is one of the specified branches of engineering and they deal with designing, creating, testing, and implementing natural resources to meet a variety of new environmental requirements. The salary level of automotive engineers with their job description and steps in becoming them has been listed in this article. Other carer options can also be found in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the difference between automotive and automobile engineering? Which is better?

Automobile engineering is the study of vehicles providing mobility on the road while automotive engineering deals with the sky, sea, and on-road vehicles. If you are a car or bike enthusiast then you must go for automobile engineering and you may have future scope in the mechanical field too. If you are planning for aerospace or marine then you must go with automotive engineering.

Automotive engineering also includes automobile engineering and it is a huge branch including many sub-branches.

  • What is the difference between mechanical and automobile engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is the Father branch of Automobile Engineering.

Mechanical deals with the basics and core concepts that are used in almost every mechanical object but automobile deals with only subjects or courses that would help in making or studying an Automobile altogether.

Salaries For Automotive Engineer

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