Salaries For Certified Professional Midwives

Are you dreaming of becoming a certified professional midwife? Are you worried if it is the best profession to venture into and you are concerned about the salary? Certified Professional Midwives are highly paid and if you are worried about just how much, you have to read this article to find out. Here we will see about Salaries For Certified Professional Midwives

 The salaries for certified professional midwife care are usually restricted to some states because some are assigned to postpartum while others women care. To be a recognized professional midwife, you have to be certified. A certified professional midwife can deliver out of the hospital, in homes, or even in delivery centers. The salary is estimated to range from $19,000 – $517,000 annually with 10% of certified professional midwives earning a low annual pay of $19,000, 50% earning an average of $100,931 annually, and 10% earning $517,000.

Salaries For Certified Professional Midwives

Professional Midwives, Certifications & More

Midwives are in charge of caring for mothers and their newborns f the period of pregnancy and after childbirth or delivery. When midwives become certified, she is licensed to operate as a professional in the United States. If you are a lover of maternity care, then this is the right direction for you to trail. It is a favorable one because of the salary and mainly because it is a profession that is always hot in demand in the United States. When midwives become certified, it means they are legally allowed to practice their specialization in the United States or whatever location it may be. Some of the requirements needed are:

  1. Certification: This is needed to become licensable as a profession. To earn a certificate, you must have to:
    • Obtain a degree in nursing
    • Join a professional organization (s)
  2. Experience: Experience is vital in enabling the issuing of certification to be a professional midwife by the American Midwifery Certification Board
  3. Apprenticeship: For a certified professional midwife, a bachelor’s degree is not necessary. It is a plus when you do but you must have learned under a recognizable person.
  4. Training: You must have interned or undergone the training before you can be certified to operate as a certified professional midwife
  5. Credentials: Your credentials must be accurate to be certified.

The responsibilities of a certified professional midwife are to:

  1. Oversee the natal and prenatal proceedings
  2. Help in positioning new mothers on how to go about motherhood
  3. Give medical assistance to mothers after delivery
  4. Ensure that there are no complications with delivery to keep it smooth and running.
  5. Help in keeping the health of the mother in check to make sure that they are healthy
  6. They provide prenatal care to mothers
  7. They counsel the mother on the care of the child, and also help in identifying possible issues and how to cure them.
  8. They must be optimistic about the natural way of birth.

Towns In The United States And The Average Annual For Certified Professional Midwives

They include:

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  1. Alabama: The annual salary is $101,445
  2. Arizona: The annual salary
  3.  is $125,070
  4. Arkansas: The annual salary is $101,445
  5. California: The annual salary is $139,990
  6. Colorado: The annual salary is $108,305
  7. Connecticut: The annual disbursement is $136,636
  8. Florida: The annual salary is $174,509
  9. Hawaii: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  10. Idaho: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  11. Illinois: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  12. Indiana: The annual disbursement is $76,679
  13. Iowa: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  14. Kansas: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  15. Kentucky: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  16. Maine: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  17. Maryland: The annual disbursement is $67,806
  18. Massachusetts: The annual disbursement is $135,868
  19. Michigan: The annual disbursement is $76,679
  20. Minnesota: The annual disbursement is $106,575
  21. Nevada: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  22. New Hampshire: The annual disbursement is $171,826
  23. New Jersey: The annual disbursement is $151,987
  24. New Mexico: The annual disbursement is $106,575
  25. New York: The annual disbursement is $97,081
  26. North Carolina: The annual disbursement is $135,868
  27. North Dakota: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  28. Ohio: The annual disbursement is $100,678
  29. Oklahoma: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  30. Oregon: The annual disbursement is $71,625
  31. Rhode Island: The annual disbursement is $106,575
  32. South Carolina: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  33. Tennessee: The annual disbursement is $79,482
  34. Texas: The annual disbursement is $76,544
  35. Utah: The annual disbursement is $101,445
  36. Virginia: The annual disbursement is $136,636
  37. Washington: The annual disbursement is $101,445

Way to Calculate The Salaries For Certified Professional Midwives

Having stated above that the salaries for certified professional midwives might vary and it is better to calculate the salary yourself. If you decided to trade along this path, the mathematical calculation is quite easy with collective reasoning and approximate figures. You can start by calculating the salaries of the other certified nurse midwives in the United States by taking samples from the bureau of labor statistics in the United States. After analyzing, you can take an account of the cost of living as this is necessary because the states habited in influences the salary. For instance, when working in a state with a higher cost of living, it is expected that you are paid higher (a survival rate) to enable you to live successfully in contrast to a state with a lesser cost of living. Another reason why states are to be taken into consideration is the demand, the high or low demand of a profession in a state can influence the salary. To get an approximate theory of the calculation of certified nurses’ salaries in the United States, you have to take note of the salaries for all states. 

Then you divide the average pay for salary in a state by the average cost of living. These wordings can be simplified mathematically to mean:

If the average cost of living in Washington, United States is $500 and the average pay for a certified professional midwife is $10,000, it will be 

– $5,000 * (100/100) 

– $500,000 / 500

– $1000 (which is the average annual payment cost for certified nurses in Washington, D.C.).


There is a thin line between being a certified professional midwife and a nurse midwife. Various sites credit the pay for both professions to be equal, some claims that the difference is little while some differed. The main difference remains that as a Nurse midwife, you are allowed and taught the different methods of delivery but as a certified professional midwife, the natural way of delivery is believed to be the best, so it is their specialization.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Question: Which is more stressful and time-consuming, certified professional midwives, or nurse midwives

Answer: From the diversity of being a nurse wife through the various method of delivery, one would assume that it’d be more stressful and time-consuming but opinions and researchers differed because certified professional midwives’ professions are time-consuming and stressful.

Question: Is training an important criterion for becoming a certified professional midwife?

Answer: Yes, you must be poorly trained before you can be a professional to save a life, and avoid damages

Salaries For Certified Professional Midwives

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