Salaries For Arson Investigator

A rise in crime has brought multiple levels of crime resolution into existence. One such crime that is disguised to be accidental is Arson. Arson is the act of causing demolition through fire. According to the Bomb Arson Tracking System (BATS) report for the year 2021, 6465 cases were Arson /Incendiary out of the total 22893 fire incidents reported. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For Arson Investigator’.

Salaries For Arson Investigator

Salaries For Arson Investigator

A detailed study of fire science will aid the inspection to derive the cause of Fire for a specialized Arson investigator. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020), 71 % of these investigators are recruited through local government and the State takes 18 %. An Arson investigator is paid hourly and yearly depending on the employer. The salary starts from about $32 per hour for an Arson investigator.

Salary range: Salaries For Arson Investigator

This role is about picking up evidence, studying the crime scene, analyzing the data, and arriving at the final report for the cause. Determining the assumptions and verifying the same with evidence is the key to an Arson investigator. There are earnings for any job based on certain elements.  Arson Investigators are considered to have a national estimate for an hour is $32.54 and $67680 yearly.

Top Paying States: (according to the May 2020 data of BATS)

-The best state is California with $109850 annually and $52.81 per hour.

-Four other states that pay high compared to the rest are Idaho ($49.67 per hour and $103310 per year), Oregon ($47.90 per hour and $99630 per year), Washington ($46.47 per hour and $96660 per year) and Nevada ($43.53 per hour and $90550 per year).

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Top Paying industries: (according to the May 2020 data of BATS)

-Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services is the highest paid industry with $48.56 per hour and $101000 per year.

-Remaining top four industries are Aerospace products and parts manufacturing ($36.71 per hour and $76360 per year), Architectural, Engineering, and related services ($34.60 per hour and $71970 per year), Local Government ($33.18 per hour and $69010 per year) and Agencies, Brokerage and Insurance related ($32.97 per hour and $68580 per year).

Top states with the most jobs for Arson investigators: (according to the May 2020 data of BATS)

-New Jersey stands first on the list with pay of $28.86 per hour and $60030 per year.

-Florida (with pay of $29.78 per hour and $61940 per year) and Delaware (with pay of $27.26 per hour and $56710 per year) stand second and third on the list.

-Connecticut (with pay of $37.49 per hour and $77970 per year) and Texas (with pay of $33.27 per hour and $69190 per year) stay fourth and fifth on the list.

Wages in Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan areas: (according to the May 2020 data of BATS)

-Los Angeles-Long beach-Anaheim, CA is the most paid Metropolitan area with a wage of $62.40 per hour and $129790 per year.

-South Central Tennessee has the best-paid wage of $29.84 per hour and $62020 per year in the non-metropolitan area.

-The largest concentration of this job in a Metropolitan city is at Palm-Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, Florida (pay for an hour $24.87 and per year $51730). 

-In a non-Metropolitan city, the huge accumulation of Arson investigators is in South Central Tennessee (pay of $29.84 per hour and $62060 per year).

Factors affecting the salary range: 

An investigator usually needs a complete analysis and intellectual perception to see the crime scene through his mind. Some basic qualification that affects the salary of the Arson investigators are

  • Educational Qualification: The main educational qualification that an arson investigator requires are
  1.  Detailed study of fire science, investigative procedure, case study knowledge, and criminology.
  2. Sciences like Chemistry and Physics support the investigation.
  • Experience: Unlike a job that requires only theoretical knowledge, this investigation job requires an abundant practical knowledge to determine the nuances of the scene. Such knowledge is partly gained from working with agencies, experts, and seniors. The experience would bring changes in the payroll figures.
  • Location: The location of the job plays a decisive role in the nature of the job.
  1. The areas that are prone to fire would have a seemingly higher salary compared to the rest. Wildfire-susceptible areas and Cities have shown a large affinity towards the need for Fire investigators.
  2. The cost of living does affect the salary. When it’s a metropolitan city, the expense is calculated to be high. 
  • Organizational Training: These training share an equal weightage in the salary.
  1. International Association of Arson Investigators-   The IAAI provides training and Education for future Arson Investigators.  
  2. National Fire Arson Investigation Training institute- NFAITI’s extensive training for firefighters and fire investigators gives an edge. 
  3. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives- ATF certifies the candidates who undergo a 2-year training period.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Arson Investigator’, The risks involved in the determination of a crime source directly affect the value of an Investigator. The Arson investigator is crucial for the Insurance and the criminal departments that contribute to the public. The matter of death and destruction of property is the crucial key that drives the investigator to continue the search ahead of hurdles. Arson-related experience adds value to a crime detective or officer and strengthens on the career front.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Where can I be updated on the information on wage statistics for an Arson investigator?

The US government website for the Bureau of labor Statistics will provide the required information.

  • Are online courses available at IAAI?

There are online and self-study options at IAAI. 

  • Is there scope for an Arson investigator in the future?

Yes, there is an increase of 9% from 2010 to 2020 as in the BLS.

Salaries For Arson Investigator

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