Salaries For An Army Recruiter

The United States Army recruiting command is one of the most important divisions in the United States Army. As the name suggests, it is responsible for conducting operations for recruitment in the United States Army. It was founded in 1822. These recruiting operations take place all over the United States and also at some US military facilities in Europe and Asia. The Recruiting Command division is responsible for conducting interviews, and advertisements, evaluating participants, and public awareness of joining the US Army. The division has almost 15,000 employees in it. Army recruiters are responsible for many deities. In this article, we are going to discuss the salaries and bonuses of an Army recruiter. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For An Army Recruiter’.

Salaries For An Army Recruiter

Salaries For An Army Recruiter

The average salary of an Army recruiter is about $47,321. It narrows down to about $40 per hour. Also, the Army recruiters in San Francisco get an average salary of $71,295, which is 51% more than the US average. The salary of Army recruiters depends on their ranks too, ranging from $10,239 to $240,590. Army recruiters also receive a bonus of about $300 per month depending upon the assignment and an additional $75.

An Army recruiter’s responsibilities:

Military recruiters are responsible for conducting interviews, providing them with training, and teaching them about internal service matters. Army recruiters give presentations and talks at career fairs and job seminars. They are responsible for choosing and training the right ones for the United States Army.

Salary of Army recruiters:

The average annual salary for a recruiter is $47,321, according to our research. It is equal to $1,631 each week, $40.78 per hour, and $4,000 per month. The majority of recruiters earn between $40,500 and $80,500 annually, although the pay ranges from $10,500 to $240,500. The location, amount of expertise, and experience of a recruiter are just a few factors that can affect pay.

Additional pay for Army recruiters:

When assigned to a recruiting battalion, recruiters also get up to an additional $300 in monthly Special Duty Pay as well as up to $75 in reimbursements for recruiting-related expenses. According to, recruiters in any branch of the service were qualified for specific special duty pay in addition to their base pay. It is mentioned on military websites that army recruiters are eligible for special duty allowances other than basic pay. They get an allowance for clothing too. Additionally, if they are residing outside the base, they are also eligible for supplementary allowances and special pay.

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The salary range for Army recruiters depends upon rank:

As we discussed, the salaries of army recruiters depend a lot on their ranks and years of service. We are going to give you an idea according to the ranks and years of service. A Sergeant with a service of 4 to 9 years as an army recruiter will be making $2,700 to $3,300 per month. If a staff sergeant with a service of 4 to 9 years works as an army recruiter, he will make $3,095 to $3,600 per month. Also, a first-class sergeant with a service of 4 to 9 years as an army recruiter will make $3,500 to $4,063/month.

Military discounts and benefits for Army recruiters:

We all know how our organizations and companies provide our military individuals with many discounts and offers. They get a variety of discounts on car rentals, travel, accommodation, brands, and flights. The following is a list of discounts available to them.

Heroes Vacation Club

The Heroes Vacation Club gives exciting travel discounts to military and law enforcement workers. You can get a discount of up to 60% on hotels, car rentals, and activities. To receive the greatest discount, you must make a reservation.

United Airlines:

If the veteran books flights for United and United Express flights through, they get a generous 5% off on their flights. In addition, all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, can be accessed with flights that start in and are ticketed in the United States or Canada.


Verizon is well-known for its generous discounts to veterans to pay them in terms of thanks for their services to the country. Also, Verizon gives all active-duty troops and veterans a 15% discount on the majority of its typical monthly advertising plans and services. In addition, a 25% discount is available on some accessories too.


Fanatics, famous for their sports gear, offers a 15% discount with free shipping for military, law enforcement, EMTs, and fire department workers. It offers discounts even to its spouses and immediate families.


Dell, with its huge range of electronics and world-class quality, offers a 5% discount to military, police, healthcare professionals, and fire department officers. 

Average Tax for Army recruiters:

Army recruiters may anticipate taking home $40,971 per year after paying a federal tax rate of 22%, with each payment amounting to about $1,707*. Because, according to many surveys, almost 22% of tax from salary is deducted for the military.

Quality of life for an Army recruiter:

An army recruiter doesn’t have an extraordinary quality of life. They enjoy the benefits of the army lifestyle, like their mess and sports complex. Their salary doesn’t allow them for many outings and pleasures, but they get many discounts on travel, car rental, and flights, which cover for them. 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For An Army Recruiter’, To conclude the article, we can say that an Army recruiter gets a well-structured overall salary. Average basic salary from around $47,000 depending on the rank they are at and the state they are working at. Officers get a bonus of around $300 too. We have noticed that the army properly understands the very important responsibilities of army recruiters and tries to compensate them with bonuses and benefits. and A big difference in salary has been noted among Army recruiters due to the states where they are working. Officers in San Francisco are getting 51% more than average, while officers in Salt Lake City are getting 14% lower salaries than average. The striking contrast deserves attention. Several big and small companies offer generous discounts to our military officers, like Nike, Verizon, Jet Blue, and Dell. The average tax return of Army recruiters is also discussed, with the addition of the quality of life they live. A major miss conception of the royal life of Army recruiters can be cleared up with all this information.

Salaries For An Army Recruiter

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