How Do You Politely Ask For A Status Update?


As time is passing and technological advancements are taking place, everything is getting digitalized. In most cases, you have to submit the document or request online, then someone will check it and get back to you. Sometimes the backlog of these online servers is very high, and the designated employee will take some time to get back to you and give you a status update. This wait can range from weeks to months, depending upon the situation. If you have to check back and ask for the results or status update, you need to use the proper format to ask for it. But not everyone is good with these things and knows the professional language to ask for a status update. In this article, a guide is provided to ask for a status update politely and in the proper format. Let us know about how do you politely ask for a status update, its types and rules for polite status updates in this article.

How Do You Politely Ask For A Status Update?

6 different ways are provided to ask for a status update politely. Examples of these ways are also provided. Rules for a polite status update are provided with an additional five types of status updates. You can identify your type of status update and can ask for it appropriately.

Types of a status update

Several situations can occur where you have to ask for a status update. This can be related to a project, related to an assignment, related to a product, and many more. First, let’s discuss the types of status updates.

After a job interview

The most common situation for a status update is after the interview. Everyone goes through a lot of anxiety after a job interview. They want to ask the HR department for a status update for their interview.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Project status update

When you are collaborating, several entities are involved, and you have to ask them for an update again and again. Sometimes they are third-party companies, and asking them to update is not an easy task.

Connection building or catching up

While working in the industry, you have to make connections to survive and evolve. At many events, you meet many potential connections. To remind them about your company, you have to politely ask about the update or catch up.

Rules for polite status updates

There are some predefined rules and tips for drafting a well-structured status update. These rules will frame your request in a more professional and personal manner, and it will not sound like a rude or demanding request.

Professional and Polite

You cannot demand a status update; it is always a request. So, you have to use polite words. Also, professional language will be used with the appropriate amount of formality, tone, and style.


Timing is everything. It is not at all recommended to start calling or mailing just after the initial contact. Professional and business rules demand that you wait 4 to 5 days after the initial meeting. If you have an idea that the particular event takes time, then 10 to 12 days will be the right time to contact for a status update.

Be clear

Clear language should be used. You should not waste your and the receiver’s time on unnecessary talk or matters. You should mention in the subject that you are writing this for a status update. By doing this, the recipient will have more time to spend with you.


This rule is interlinked with the above rule; you should be informative. You are unable to provide any further details in your status update request. It has been noticed that many people try to add some missing information at the time of a status update. This will not affect your application, rather it will get confused with additional information or status update requests.

Status update ways

The following are the polite ways that you can choose from to ask for a status update. You can apply these predefined, well-structured respectful templates following the circumstances.

Can You Please Update Me

Example 1

Mr. George, please

Greetings, I’m hoping everything is going great. Could you please provide me an update on the project’s status?

I’m grateful.

Theo Simmons

Would You Kindly Give Me an Update

Example 2

Dear Mr. Heckles,

I hope you are well and reading my email. I’ve been addressing the issue. Would you kindly inform me of the project’s status on your end?

I appreciate all the assistance.

Steven Douglas

Would It Be Possible to Receive an Update

Example 3

John S., my good friend

Hello! I’m hoping everything is fine. I’ve been considering our small project and am writing you this email as a result. Is it feasible to get a status update on it?

Sincere regards,

Hackman, E.

Just Checking In

Example 4

Good day, Paul B.

Greetings! Just checking in, and I was wondering if you could let me know of any conference updates you may have.

I appreciate your time.

Beasley, M.

Can You Please Give Me A Quick Update?

Example 5

Dear Mr. Simpson,

I hope all is okay with you. I’m doing fine, but I’m also incredibly busy. Please provide me with an update on the revised set of rules. merely to observe how things stand.

Thank you for your assistance.

John M.

I wanted to see how things were going.

Example 6

Hello, Mr. Alan

I was interested in how things were developing. If you want my help in any case I am available.

best wishes for good health,

Pierce, D.


All the necessary information and guidelines for requesting a status update are mentioned. Firstly, types of status updates are provided, and then some predefined rules for enhancing your status update request are mentioned. With examples, 6 different ways to request a status update are also presented. You can use these examples too, depending on your situation.

How Do You Politely Ask For A Status Update?

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