Salaries for a Nurse Anesthetist CRNA

A nurse anesthetist is a medical nurse in charge of administering anesthesia to patients for further medical treatments. In every country, the medical profession is considered a sensitive field, and only experts are permitted to practice in the medical industry. The salary is respectable due to the tough standards of practice in this field. Let us know about ‘Salaries for a Nurse Anesthetist CRNA’.

Salaries for a Nurse Anesthetist CRNA

Salaries for a Nurse Anesthetist CRNA:

Nurse anesthetists may work in a wide range of settings. CRNA salaries may vary significantly depending on where they work, but outpatient treatment clinics are among the highest-paid industries, with CRNAs earning an average yearly salary of $181,800. Montana is now the highest-paying state for nurse anesthetists, with an annual CRNA salary of $242,140. While CRNA salaries vary by state, the national average pay for a nurse anesthetist, as determined by the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $78.86 per hour(NBLS). This equates to an annual salary of $164,030 on average. CRNAs may also receive additional compensation in the form of extra incentives, such as revenue sharing, depending on their place of employment.. 

Average salaries of CRNA:

A CRNA recognized as a certified registered nurse anesthetist has an average annual salary of $201,352 in the United States as of August 2022. However, the average cannot be considered all as it can range from $187,075 to $217,726. It can be typically $20,000 less or more depending on the education, aptitudes, and years of experience of anesthetists. Having more years of experience guarantees more skillful handling of critical situations. Being a nurse anesthetists need you to be diligent and active all the time. It is because of this tough job and strict criteria that a nurse anesthetist is paid far well than other nursing jobs. Realizing the fact that people’s life depends on you, makes it much more strenuous work.

Salary variations over the years:

As recorded, the average salary of a nurse anesthetist in 2020 was $183,580. The top-rated anesthetists had earned up to $208,000 that year while the less-rated or lowest-level anesthetists had earned up to $183,580 that year. Both these amounts are high as compared to the annual salaries of anesthetists in 2010 and the years after that. 

Before the advancement of the world, people didn’t place much emphasis on health and other medical-related issues, but This is getting better as more individuals are knowledgeable about hygiene concerns and other widespread medical conditions. This awareness has brought changes in our society and the field of nursing is respected and recognized worldwide.

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Anesthetists earned up to $150,000 annually in 2012 which is a low amount compared to today’s salaries. The salaries abruptly increased in 2017 along with an increase in demands for professional anesthetists. The increase was evaluated as $170,000 in 2017, which eventually became higher and higher over the period.

Nowadays CRNA is considered the highest-paid faculty in the nurse department.

Salaries as per areas of USA:

There are some states which pay high salaries to anesthetists as compared to others. These include:

  • Oregon $236,540
  • Wisconsin $231,520
  • Wyoming $231,250
  • Nevada $223,680
  • Connecticut $217,360

As a result, Oregon is at the top in paying maximum annual salaries, and Connecticut has the lowest amount.

However, the cities present in different states of the United States have annual salaries of about::

  • Duluth $217,940
  • Ann Arbor $262,890
  • Vallejo $238,470
  • Springfield $235,860

However, the annual salary of anesthetists in Los Angeles can be $227,725, still a respectable amount. So if you are willing to choose jobs as an anesthetist in the USA, try to select areas with high salary rates. There will be more career chances in locations with a massive population or many nearby hospitals.

Nurse Anesthetists Versus other professions in the Nursing field:

There are several other apparent options in the nursing field. 

Anesthesiologists are also anesthesia-delivering experts but with a study background of a physician. They first acquire a degree as a physician and then specialize as anesthetists. The salary of Anesthesiologists is the highest because of their higher education and agility. They can earn about $271,440 annually. Nurse Anesthetists are ranked in second place considering the highest salaries in this field. They have an average salary of $189,190. There are also nurse practitioners in this field who can earn up to $189,190 annually. 

If we look at the difference between the salaries, being a nurse anesthetist is, no doubt, an advantage.

Duties of a Nurse Anesthetist:

  • To successfully deliver anesthesia to the patients 
  • To prevent patients from pain during major surgeries
  • To keep a vigilant eye on patients’ vitals during anesthesia
  • To keep a record of the patient’s previous medical history in case of side effects
  • Take immediate required actions in case of emergencies
  • Help patients recover after anesthesia

How to become a nurse anesthetist:

Becoming a top-level nurse anesthetist requires a lot of experience and specialized medical training as their work should be critical and unerring.

It requires a person to have a whole four-year study for a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Nursing (BSN) from a certified college or university. However to become a CRNA, one needs to have a master’s degree in Nursing. After completion of a master’s degree, the person will be eligible for a registered nurse anesthetist job. The next step is to pass a National Certification Exam which needs to be passed with possible high scores.

After finishing all these phases, finally you can start your career as a junior nurse anesthetist in any medical clinic or hospital. Entry-level salaries may be less than your expectations but no doubt being an entry-level anesthetist will lead you to a higher position.


If you are a person interested in the medical field and trying to pursue a career in nursing, then becoming a nurse anesthetist is a decent option for you.

Though it requires a lot of skills and years of experience to become an expert, this job pays well in the end. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What are the working hours for a nurse anesthetist?

Ans: In the US, a nurse anesthetist may work an 8 or 12 hours shift but most of the time they work on 24 hours long shifts.

  • What are the extra benefits provided to a nurse anesthetist?

Following are the benefits:

Easy sick leaves

Health facilities

Employee assistance program

Adjustable working hours (morning or night shifts)

Salaries for a Nurse Anesthetist CRNA

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