Roku Salary Level – Know More

        Roku is a small device that allows users to watch movies, cartoon, and their favorite videos on their television using the internet. Roku users can download their Netflix, HBO max, Disney, and other streaming platforms’ videos on their Roku device. Let us see about salary level of Roku.

Roku Salary Level - Know More

Roku Salary Level

Roku’s entry-level salary starts at $38,025 per year and increases the wage as time goes on. On average, Roku pays its employees up to $142,000 per year. For Roku senior employees, Roku pays up to $190,000. Roku offers up to $102,045 to $687,500 annually, depending on the job role. 

About Roku

Roku inc has continued to employ more staff as marketers, advertisers, product managers, software engineers, etc. Roku aims to keep on scaling the video and content business all over the globe. In 2020, Roku had about 275 employees, and they have continued to staff up since then. Roku’s employees have continued to grow at a sporadic rate since 2020. 

Roku is an effortless way to stream movies and videos on your television through streaming applications. Today, Roku has been preprogrammed into some smart televisions to make it easier to stream videos. Produced in 2008, Roku has continued to be a widespread option for individuals who love and use an internet-enabled television. 

Roku became popular during the pandemic when people had to stay home and do nothing, not what television, making more revenue. Apart from video streaming, Roku also makes revenue through advertising and marketing. 

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Roku Salary Level

Roku does not increase employee pay based on performance because Roku does not do a performance review. Roku pays employees based on how the market is doing. This payment option has geared employees to do all they can do to increase the company’s revenue because their raise is heavily dependent on the increase in the revenue.

The following are some job roles at Roku and their average salary scale: 

S/NJob Role  Average Salary Scale ($)
Software Engineer 180,500
Product Manager 315,000
Finance Manager 133,400
Quality Assurance 68,000
Marketing Manager 117,000
Revenue Analyst 95,000
Sales And Marketing Coordinator58,200
Legal Director206,500
Financial analyst67,400
Email Marketer119,000
Architect, IT 140,000
Creative director155,000
Data Analyst 90,800
UX researcher 155,000

Roku Employment Requirements

Roku has a friendly but strict working environment, and Roku has an eye for employing the best of the best candidates due to the competitive market. In Roku, teamwork and excellence are rewarded, so every employee is expected to put in the work and contribute their quota to helping the company grow as it should. The following are the requirements to work at Roku: 

Excellence at work:

Roku has a high standard and expects every worker to perform excellently, and they require individuals who can work under pressure and achieve goals on time. Roku employees are also anticipated to have the ability to work in ambiguous settings. 

Communication Skills:

Communication skills transcends beyond speaking. Reading, writing, and listening are also a huge part of communication, and Roku employees are also expected to be able to communicate correctly, clearly, and in real-time. 

Applicants must be open to learning:

Roku has tried to improve its structure by providing internships for entry-level applicants. This internship will give prospective employees insight into how the company works and what is required. They also learn how to find information specific to their roles and use that information to help the company’s growth. Roku only trains the new applicants and trains existing employees so they are not rusty and can perform excellently at their jobs. 

Roku has an eye for gifted individuals:

Roku also looks out for individuals with proper work ethics who can work under pressure and deliver efficiently. Roku also requires its applicants to be resourceful, innovative, and self-sufficient. 

Benefits Of Working At Roku

Roku has a friendly environment and prioritizes all its employees’ physical and emotional well-being. The following are benefits of being an employee at Roku:

Unlimited Vacation time:

Roku has a flexible work environment, and employees can take time out when they feel the need to refresh and refire. However, Roku requires that employees get the work done, and nothing is lagging even during their vacation. 

Flat organizational structures:

Roku practices a balanced system where hierarchy is not emphasized, and everyone can communicate openly and freely without any fear. This flat organizational structure makes Roku grow as an organization in a free and fair workspace. 

Daily free lunch:

Roku provides daily free lunch for all its employees. The lunch is usually well cooked, and employees dine like kings. 

On-site daycare:

Roku understands that women are an essential part of the workplace, and so they provide an on-site daycare that takes excellent care of children until their mothers are done at work. 

Health plans:

Roku ensures that all its employees are on health plans. These health plans cover the family of the employees most time. Roku prioritizes the health and wellness of all employees within the workspace. 


Roku priorities the firm’s growth, and they understand that all their staff must be happy. That’s why Roku pays a six-figure salary to all their employees. On average, Roku pays its employees up to $142,000 annually. Salary increment is based on the performance of Roku in the market; hence, everyone is geared up to work hard to increase their salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Roku an excellent place to work? 

Roku has an excellent work environment with a flat organizational structure where hierarchy does not exist. Hence, Roku is a great place to work, and they have interesting and friendly people to work with. Roku also pays well compared to other advertising companies. 

2. How many employees does Roku have? 

Roku has over 3000 employees who work in different capacities in all their offices around the United States. 

3. Where is Roku’s headquarters located? 

Roku is a public owned company situated in San Jose, Califonia, and Roku’s devices can be used to stream videos, cartoons, and movies in the US. Roku is also a sold-out advertising firm. 

Roku Salary Level – Know More

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