Professional Softball Player Salary- A Salary Guide

Professional Softball Player Salary

Just imagine yourself seated on the sofa in front of the television, with your favorite drink on a matchday. You will be waiting for the batter to hit the home run and, there she goes for the big hit. That would be the best feeling for a softball fan. Have you ever had an idea about the salary of a professional softball player? Do you know how much do Monica Abbott and Amanda Chidester earn? If your daughter, your sister, or your friend aims to become a professional softball player, then this is for you. We’ll see what the Professional Softball Player Salary is.

Whether you want to become a catcher, pitcher, shortstop, first, second or third base, right, center, or left field in fielding and a batter, you will be paid well. On average, a professional softball player earns around $3,000 to $10,000 per month. As a total, annually, a softball player earns $30,000 as a minimum salary. At the maximum, it could reach up to $187,000 per annum. That is more than enough to live a lavish life in the cities of the USA. The salary a softball player earns depends on how well the player plays all the matches. The player’s reputation, play, strategy and, experience decide the income she could make.

A professional softball coach earns $48,000 per annum on average and $1,000 weekly. Top coaches earn up to $95,000 annually and $2,000 weekly. Who doesn’t love to gross more and live in a deluxe house and have posh vehicles? But, to be paid more, one needs to work hard without quitting. Maybe it could start with lots of pain, failure, bruises, and bone breaks, but later success will knock at your doors.  Each drop of your sweat shall find its gain. To become a professional softball player, you need to excel in the skills required to play softball.

Play for a beginner’s team in the initial stages and develop the prowess in fielding and batting. Learn those strategies and build your body muscles to play for a professional team. Softball is all about strength and hard work. Teamwork plays a vital role when it comes to softball. Gain experience to become a pro player in softball. And, when you become a professional player, you will be taking home more. Not only the money you earn but also the love of your fans and fame. Want to know more about softball? Here’s it.

What is the Difference between a Softball Match and a Baseball Match?

When you start talking about softball and baseball, the main question is whether they are the same or different. Some people think that softball is the other name for baseball but, there are many differences between a softball game and a baseball game. Starting from the bats and balls they use, the field they play in, pitching and, even the player’s salaries differ from each other. The size, shape, width, feet, weight and color, everything varies in these games.

Do you know? A baseball is white in color with red stitches but, a softball is yellow in color. Even the circumferences of both balls differ from one and other. A softball is larger than a baseball and has 12 to 14 inches of circumference. Whereas a baseball has only 10 inches of circumference. 

Then, what about the bats used in baseball and softball? Compared to a softball bat, a baseball bat is long and weighs more with a sizeable diameter. And a baseball bat is mostly made out of maple wood. The permanence and the fixity of the bat make it long-lasting. But when it comes to softball, the bats are made out of both wood and sometimes even metal. Softball bats are made from maple, bamboo, and hickory wood.

Aluminum alloys and composite materials are used as metals in making softball bats. The pitching in baseball is more than the pitching in softball. It’s 60 to 66 feet in baseball but only 43 to 45 feet in softball. Likewise, the bat in baseball, even the baseball field is larger than a softball field. The softball field could be around 250 to 260 yards but the baseball field is spread over 300 to 320 yards. But, why are softball grounds smaller than baseball grounds? Check out this to know more. Difference Between Softball and Baseball.  

How much does a Professional Baseball Player Earn?

Compared to a softball player, a baseball player takes home more. The average salary of a professional baseball player is around $5,500 per month and, it could extend up to $18,000 a month. Annually, a baseball player earns from $1.5 million to $6.5 million. Then, who is the highest-paid baseball player? Mike Trout is said to be the highest-earning baseball player in the world. He earns $37.7 million in a year. He has signed a deal for twelve years, from 2019 to 2030.

That’s a total of $426.5 million for twelve years. That sounds huge. He must have worked hard in the early stages and that is the reason for him to earn more now and in the future too. Followed by him, Gerrit Cole is the second-highest-paid baseball player. He earns $36.0 million annually and, he has inscribed a bond for nine years. In total, he would make $324 million from 2020 to 2028.

What are the Rules of a Softball Match?

  • Two teams take part in a softball match, the batting team and the defensive team. Both the teams need to bat and field at their turns.
  • A team consists of ten to twelve players each. All the players need to be batter but only ten players can stay on the field while fielding.
  • There are seven innings in total, if there is a tie then an additional inning will be added to decide the winner of the game.
  • There are nine fielding positions in a softball game. The first base, second base, third base, center field, right field, and the left-field, the pitcher, the catcher, and the shortstop are the fielding positions.
  • There are four bases in a softball pitch and it forms a diamond shape altogether. When the batter hits a home run, he gets four points.
  • The team which has the most points at the end of all the innings shall be declared as the winner. 


American former softball player Jennie Finch says, “Don’t underestimate yourself. You are more capable than you think. Keep working and don’t give up.” Once you choose to be unique, just keep moving forward. Don’t step back. Eat healthily and keep your upper body firm and strong.

Build your arm and shoulder muscles as it is vital for a softball player. Strength and willpower be the two prime aspects of a softball player. Hard work will pay one fine day, so keep practicing, batting, catching, throwing, and running. With these skills, you could be a professional softball player playing for your team in the Olympics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is the highest-paid softball player?
    Monica Abbott is the highest-paid softball player. She inscribed a six-year deal worth $1,000,000. She earns $20,000 as her salary. 

  2. How many points does a hitter get for a home run?
    When a player hits a home run, she gets four points. One home run is equal to four points.

  3. Why is a softball bigger than a baseball?
    A softball is always bigger than a baseball because softball covers a shorter distance compared to a baseball.

  4. How many players are allowed to play in a softball team?
    Usually, ten players play on the field for a softball match. But the team can have one or two extra hitters for batting. So, totally the team can have twelve players.
Professional Softball Player Salary- A Salary Guide

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