PhD Student Salary- All about it

Ph.D. Student Salary

Today’s topic is PhD Student Salary. International researchers flock to the United States to study at some of the world’s best universities. Here are the most commonly held American job titles based on their annual compensation. We have expressed all salaries in American Dollars (USD) before taxes in this article.

Ph.D. students in the US don’t need to earn a minimum salary or follow a national salary scale, unlike some European countries. A Ph.D. student usually earns between $15,000 and $30k annually depending on his or her institution, field, and location. Depending on its type, this stipend may be tax-free (for fellowship awards) or taxable (for a salary, for example). Students can often get summer funding if they attend programs that pay them nine months of the year. In addition to funding, a Ph.D. package will usually include tuition reimbursement in full or in part.

Ph.D. Student’s Salary

Ph.D. in Statistics

Salary at the beginning of career: $105,000

Salary at mid-career: $131,000

Businesses, healthcare, and other organizations rely on statisticians for problem-solving. Statisticians need master’s degrees and beyond to pursue their careers. You will stand out from the crowd by earning a doctorate in statistics and will be able to earn a high salary. Statistics professionals have a bright future as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment will grow much faster at the local level than at the national level in the coming years. Government agencies, financial institutions, and research and development firms employ statisticians. It is generally necessary to have a Ph.D. to work in research.

Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

Salary at the start of career: $88,100

Salary at mid-career: $133,000

Interdisciplinary research in biomedical engineering has become increasingly popular. Life sciences, computational methods, and theory experts are required in this field as it is constantly evolving. Research opportunities in biomedical engineering are plentiful with Ph.D. degrees. In hospitals, manufacturing facilities, research facilities, and universities, biomedical engineers work. Almost all jobs in the research field require a doctoral degree, particularly at universities. In the coming months, job openings should become available. The projected growth rate may increase by as much as 5% over the next seven years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries for both early and mid-career professionals are also rising.

Ph.D. in Physics

Salary at the beginning of career: $93,700

Salary at mid-career: $135,000

For academic and research careers, physicists usually require a Ph.D. Physicists and research advisors who earn this high-paying degree are in demand. Postdoctoral research is one of the most common careers in academia for Ph.D. candidates. From now until 2024, the employment of physicists is expected to increase 7%, about the same rate as all occupations combined. Over the next several years, 2,900 new jobs will be added to the current 20,000. One of the highest salaries for a doctorate with a specialized field is offered by this degree.

Ph.D. in Engineering

Salary at the beginning of career: $93,600

Salary at mid-career: $137,000

Engineers can earn a Ph.D. by completing additional coursework. The need for a doctorate can even be found in some engineering fields. Many engineering fields are available to people today, including chemical, computer, materials, and mechanical engineering. Instead of specializing in one specific field, some universities offer general degree tracks. Doctoral candidates can be found in engineering director, engineering technician, and project manager roles. It is estimated that engineering jobs will grow by 3% over the next seven years, according to the BLS.

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry

Salary at the beginning of career: $73,600

Salary at mid-career: $138,000

Physical chemistry pertains to both molecular and atomic aspects of the matter, according to the American Chemical Society. As well as studying chemical reactions, chemistry also looks at how they occur. Researchers and laboratories are the most common work settings for physical chemists. Doctoral degrees in the relevant field are required for consideration. Graduates who hold PhDs in physical chemistry have an excellent chance of securing high-paying careers in high-tech and materials science. Our list of high-paying PhDs includes physical chemists with below-average job growth, but their median annual salary ranks somewhat lower than average.

Ph.D. in Pharmacology

Salary at the beginning of career: $75,400

Salary at mid-career: $141,000

Pharmacology PhDs can pursue careers as researchers or pharmacists at a variety of health organizations. During Ph.D. programs, students study how drugs and chemicals affect living organisms. Students who complete these courses have an understanding of biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, neuroscience, and physiology, and are prepared for careers as industry experts. Entry-level salaries may be typical, depending on the job location, though mid-career salaries are typically high. Compared to a research pharmacist, a grocery store pharmacist might earn a lower salary. Pharmacy jobs are expected to increase by 3%, slower than the average 7% growth rate, according to the BLS.

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

Salary at the beginning of career: $103,000

Salary at mid-career: $144,000

Everyday life is enriched by advances in electrical engineering. There was a radio in the nineteenth century and then there was the television fifty years later. Electrical engineering is necessary for these developments and innovations. Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering provide opportunities for careers in fields like aviation, computing, manufacturing, and transportation that are experiencing steady growth. Education and training are often needed to advance in your career. A Ph.D. in electrical engineering is the most common degree among team leaders.

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Salary at the beginning of career: $118,000

Salary at mid-career: $145,000

Ph.D. students can specialize in a specific area of computer science and become experts in that area. Students are required to hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or have completed coursework related to computer science to apply for this type of doctoral program. A Ph.D. is typically required for computer researchers. There will be a 15% job growth rate for computer scientists between 2016 and 2024 (8% faster than the national average). For Ph.D. graduates in computer science, both academic and non-academic careers are available. Computer hardware engineers, information researchers, and other multidisciplinary specialists like data miners, programmers, and roboticists are also non-academic jobs.

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry

Salary at the beginning of career: $83,400

Salary at mid-career: $146,000

Organic chemistry Ph.D. salaries are on par with those in chemical engineering in mid-career, but early-career salaries are lower. Despite steady employment growth, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has only forecast 4% job growth through 2024 (below the 7% average). Doctoral candidates in organic chemistry usually go on to lead research teams or become college teachers. For positions at ACS-approved institutions that require advanced research, a Ph.D. in organic chemistry is required.

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Salary at the beginning of career: $96,100

Salary at mid-career: $146,000

Using chemical engineering, you can solve problems involving the use of chemicals, drugs, food, or fuel based on your knowledge of physical sciences, life sciences, and mathematics. Chemistry Ph.D. programs are designed to provide engineering professionals with in-depth knowledge of the field’s core fundamentals and the latest research findings and practices. Recent research has discovered that a chemical engineering doctorate is the best doctorate based on salary. Chemical engineers have high salaries both early in their careers and mid-way through the career. Scientists and researchers working in biotechnology and business services are often chemical engineers.

What are the kinds of Ph.D. Student’s Salary?

In the United States, how much does a Ph.D. student earn on average? Graduate students earning a Ph.D. in the United States earn on average $42,278 a year. Ph.D. Students in the U.S. earn a salary of $24,783 per year on average.

What are the Highest-Paying PhDs?

Scientists, engineers, and mathematicians (STEM) PhDs tend to have the best salaries, Payscale says. With an early career salary of approximately $102,000, electrical and computer engineering is the most lucrative Ph.D. program in the United States.


Academia’s highest degree is the doctorate. Ph.D. degrees signify that you have achieved the highest level of expertise in your field. Obtaining a Ph.D. is an important career and employment consideration, as well as one that enhances your reputation.

Frequently Asked Question 
  1. What is the most sought-after Ph.D.?

Recent studies have proven that the best doctoral degree by salary is in chemical engineering, a career that pays the most. Chemical engineers have high salaries both early in their careers and mid-way through the career. Scientists and researchers working in biotechnology and business services are often chemical engineers.

  1. How valuable will a Ph.D. be in 2021?

You are free to choose. It is possible to become indebted, lose your job, and have no clear path to success with some PhDs. PhDs earn more money than their peers, are less likely to be unemployed, and are more likely to be published.

PhD Student Salary- All about it

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