Pay at Ocado- Job Opportunities At Ocado

Pay at Ocado

With a net income of $81.41 (69.9 euros) as of 2020, Ocado provides groceries and consumer goods. It was first founded in April 2000 with a mission to change the way people shop for their groceries weekly. Ocado has seen a gradual increase in the number of vacancies in the current year. The article mainly talks about the pay at Ocado.

Ocado pays its employees weekly. The pay is different for different job posts. The average hourly salary at Ocado is about $11.34. The salary is calculated depending on the hours of work. There are different departments at Ocado which provide various jobs namely, technology, engineering, drivers, warehouse operatives, business and managerial, and early careers (internships, graduate programs, apprenticeships, and traineeships). 

About 77% of employees working here say that the pay was enough to make a living. 58% felt that they deserved more pay for the job done. Ocado offers paid breaks. Sometimes the employees might not be sanctioned sick pay. If you work for extra hours, you are paid accordingly. Ocado is located in Virginia, San Francisco, and Las Vegas in the U.S. The following table gives a glance at salaries according to the roles offered. Note that the salaries are subject to change, for the most updated salary, please visit the website.

Salary based on the employee survey

JobsSalary (annually)
Delivery driver$17,665.61
Warehouse worker$19,014.45
Engineering technician$28486.63
Customer service representative$22235.29
Personal shopper$20373.79
Warehouse worker$19014.45
Order picker$18418.86
Packer $10.83 per hour
Warehouse supervisor$33681.10
Delivery driver$17665.61
Driver $20992.73
Truck driver$13.03 per hour
Van driver$11.65 per hour
Team driver$21020.76
Call center representative$17119.07
Customer representative$22188.58
Logistics associate$30363.32
Retail manager$31983.09
Sporting goods associate$21020.76
Shop assistant$21020.76
Technical assistant$22604.32
Support staff$10.63 per hour
Planner $26859.86
Operations associate$11.97 per hour
Business administration apprentice$9473.36

Apart from the above-listed posts, there are many jobs in each department at Ocado, the website gives an in-depth knowledge about it. The hiring process is a very simple but long procedure at Ocado. The process takes about one month to complete. The first step for placing an application for jobs involves you visiting the website searching the desired post, checking the requirements thus applying for it. After this step-

  • You will be interviewed through a video call
  • If you qualify, you will be given a cordiality test/logic test or taken a skills interview depending on the job you have applied for.
  • This is followed by an assessment day. In some cases, you will also be given pair programming or presentation, if you qualify for the previous tests
  • After qualifying this round, the technical assessment will be taken
  • This then proceeds with a cultural fit interview/group exercise
  • If you qualify, the job will be offered.

Be sure that you dress formally for the interview. The staffs are quite friendly. Overall the difficulty level is moderate. As you read further you will get to know the currently available posts and their requirements at Ocado.

Job Skills/ requirementsNumber of vacancies
Service delivery managerShould be able to confidently initiate a taskStrong listening and communication skillsStrong industry knowledge, just not limited to service management product delivery experience strong customer service awareness1
Robotics operatorAttention to detail ability to sit or stand for long hours Ability to work in noisy environments, under pressure, tight deadlines technology knowledge- UNIX shell commands, Word, Excel, problem-solving skills4
Business Development/ Strategic partnership analystProficiency in Word, Excel, data analysis attention to detailSelf-driven, self-motivated, innovative individual strong communicative skills can-do attitude and easy to collab with other individual stakeholders management relationship building skills managing one’s workload, being independent1
Solutions managerProblem-solving and analytical skills grocery / eCommerce industry knowledge managing client relations and strategic partnerships understanding complex technical technologies or subjects thus providing aiding solutions1
Maintenance engineerAbility to properly prioritize work handling repairs, documenting equipment breakdowns, and diagnosing them, and resolving issues organizational and technical skillsAbility to work at heights having a practical approach, eye for detailsKnowing Word, Excel, computerized maintenance management systems 7
Maintenance technicianPredictive planning skills knowledge of G-Suite, MS Office programsBeing comfortable working at eight organizational skills, technical skills especially in automation hardware and softwareInterpersonal skills, communication skills, practical problem-solving approach with detail-oriented5
Inventory coordinatorInterpersonal skills along with strong communication with internals as well as suppliersDetail-oriented, independent, and organized having an upper hand in clerical and administrative duties thrives in an environment of ambiguity and fast-growth tech knowledge of Word, Excel, CMMS1
Senior engineering operations managerDirect experience with projects including Process Safety Management, OSHA, health and safety guidelines, understanding of regulations of a region extremely skillful in handling stakeholders, customer partnerships, leading a team to successfully handling operations using Total Quality Management/Six Sigma/Lean management. Tech knowledge professional in working under diversified culture, work environments ability to travelAble to execute mathematical calculations for deriving human resource requirements, manufacturing processes, and tools2
Legal assistantNeed to be familiar with contracts used in construction industriesTech knowledge- Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Adobe, and Google SuiteHaving a previous track of supporting busy teams experience of working in a fast-paced tech environment handling sensitive information written and verbal communication skills1
Engineering team managerSupport teams by managing the direction of labor, planned engineering activities, discipline, employee recognition, allocation of workload, deploying proper labor force according to requirement, ensuring safe work practices personal Time management, accountability ensuring that the customers’ needs are net assessment of teams’ engineering skills, advising, motivating, assess capabilities2
Senior maintenance engineerTech knowledge of CMMS, Word, Excel, working at eight organizing and proper management of team skills in reactive and preventative maintenance strong electrical experience4
Senior maintenance technicianWorking with controls, mechanical or electrical equipment, analyzing faults, thus providing solutions comfortable with working at height technical ability with software and hardware automation3
Vice president, MHE Installation, North AmericaManaging large groups efficiently negotiate the USA and Canadian legal trade contracts working in a strategical, fast-paced, agile, ambiguous environment handle discussions with internal and external parties with ease1
Field engineerFactory acceptance testing experience technical/engineering qualification practical knowledge of automation, general engineering, codes standards, being on time with projectsTech knowledge8
Desktop support specialistStrong tech knowledge of computer configurations, OSI model, ITIL, hardware, software, networking, problem-solving, time management, analytical, technical communication, written and verbal communication skills3
Operational systems support specialistManaging business systems operations escalation and management of logged incidentsResolving technical issues identifying faults in any systems arranging recovery windows monitoring timely pickup and response from assigned teams1
Technical support specialistTime management, technical communication, quick learning, managing hardware, incident management skills ensuring that the work is carried in a timely fashionKnowing ITIL, OSI model, infrastructure, and computer configurations2
MHE superintendentKnowing how to manage installation and commissioning of automation equipment licenses/certification in electrical contracting1
Superintendent – material handling equipmentKnowing how to manage installation and commissioning of automation equipment licenses/certification in electrical contracting3
Controls engineerPractical experience of automation hardware and software knowing DC motor controls, PLC control system architecture, CMMS, SCADA, and Siemens HMI systems problem-solving, detail-oriented, analytical, and technical skills2
Controls technicianDeep understanding of protocols like WCS and WMS systems knowledge of working in FMCG, distribution, warehouse, modification environment knowing DC motor controls, PLC control system architecture, CMMS, SCADA, and Siemens HMI systems4
Automation project managerPeople skills, quick to learn and respond, influencing teams presentation skills self-motivated, innovative, planner, organizer, takes initiative and ensures that the deadlines are networking under pressure6
Project manager, constructionExperience in automation, material handling, or manufacturing projects knowledge of building a relationship with the client, business partners strong people skills, especially while working in team communication and presentation skillsAbility to plan and prioritizeUnderstand and respond quickly to expert opinions2

The above job posts require a particular number of years of experience as well as educational qualification requirements which is different for each post, the website has it in detail concerning the location of work for each vacancy. Sometimes the experience requirements are confined to particular fields. Ocado also provides benefits for its employees like pension contributions, life insurance, income protection, employee discounts, flexible working hours, private medical insurance, 26 days+ 8 bank holidays, etc. The employees are moderately satisfied by the overall work experience at Ocado. 

Pay at Ocado- Job Opportunities At Ocado

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