Northrop Grumman Salary Levels-Know More

World’s largest & leading defense weapons, cyber security systems, aircraft parts, aircraft, radars & submarine parts, a manufacturing company in the world, Northrop Grumman, with having more than 90000 employees, aims to solve the toughest problems in space, aeronautics, defense, cyberspace to meet the biggest evolving demands of their customers worldwide. Let us know NOrthrop Grumman Salary Levels

Orthrop Grumman Salary Levels

Being one of the world’s largest aerospace, defense technology, and weapon manufacturers, Northrop Grumman, earns annual revenue of more than USD 30 billion. The highest paying job rule here includes Senior Program Director with an annual average income of USD 262,600, Staff Engineer having an average salary of USD 175,000, Senior System Engineer having an average income of USD 135,000, Principal Software architect receiving USD 117,000 annually, and System Engineer having an average of USD 112,000. Let’s dig out deeper about various job rules,  their responsibilities, and salaries.

Job Descriptions and Salaries at Northrop Grumman



Their responsibility  includes updating the general entries, making an entry in the  ledger as well as managing the other two subsidiary ledgers in the resolving  of ledger accounts.


Lowest:- USD 35,000;

Average:- USD 72,599;

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Highest:- USD 125,000;

Accounting Manager

Their job   includes production of business activity reports, financial prediction, and annual budgets.


Lowest:- USD 75,000;

Average:- USD 161,000;

Highest:- USD 280,000;

Administrative Assistance

1 Administrative Assistant:- Their duty  includes making meeting schedules, laying down research, managing  clerical work of all types of files, and handling traveling.


Lowest:- USD 24,000;

Average:- USD 67,000;

Highest:- USD 135,000;

Contract Specialist

A contract specialist develops and reviews contract agreements being made between the company and clients for various products or services, handling breaches of contracts on time, and research to guarantee contracts are updated.


Lowest:- USD 45,000;

Average:- USD 91,000;

Highest:- USD 138,000;

Arts & Entertainment


Animators use modern technologies to create non-stationary images that help to provide information to the clients and production team members to achieve project goals, create storyboards, and design and reframe animations.


Lowest:- USD 101,000;

Average:- USD 111,000;

Highest:- USD 123,000;

Graphic Artist

The graphic artist designs, lays out, and coordinates illustrations and creative artwork for publications in magazines, brochures, and posters, also help to translate facts and features of different material into graphical terms that best describe their intended meaning.


Lowest:- USD 33,000;

Average:- USD 83,600;

Highest:- USD 160,000;


Aeronautical Engineer

Their work includes the aircraft, they are mainly involved in designing aircraft and propulsion systems and in studying the performance of aircraft and its construction materials within the earth’s atmosphere.


Lowest:- USD 29,000;

Average:- USD 109,000;

Highest:- USD 235,000;

Aircraft Mechanic

They perform the maintenance tasks such as conditioning aircraft for modifications, removal, and installation of hardware, various system operations, aircraft modification development and various types of material testers and mixers.


Lowest:- USD 18,000;

Average:- USD 60,000;

Highest:- USD 125,000;


Equipment Operator

Their work is mainly associated with operating heavy equipment including in areas with limited visibility, performing daily inspections of vehicles and equipments,


Lowest:- USD 45,000;

Average:- USD 56,500;

Highest:- USD 72,000;

Maintenance Electricians

Their work includes rectifying problems in motors, generators, power suppliers, and other machinery parts, inspecting circuits, inspecting wiring for shielding and grounding, and regularly testing types of equipment for safety and efficiency.


Lowest:- USD 26,000;

Average:- USD 69,000;

Highest:- USD 132,000;

Customer Service

Call Centre Representative

Their work includes managing calls to customers and clients. Identify what customers need, resolving issues, and providing better solutions.


Lowest:- USD 32,000;

Average:- USD 44,000;

Highest:- USD 61,000;

Customer Service Representative

The job includes  indicative field doubts, problems, and reviews from clients with an overarching aim of managing their businesses.


Lowest:- USD 10.5/ hour;

Average:- USD 13.3/ hour;

Highest:- USD 18/ hour;

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineer

Analysis of physical and chemical properties of different materials, developing new formation processes, performing various experiments.


Lowest:- USD 76,000;

Average:- USD 102,000;

Highest:- USD 136,900;

Nuclear Engineer

Their day-to-day work includes writing instructions for daily operations, performing tests on different nuclear materials, and researching and developing instruments to make out the benefits of nuclear radiation and energy.


Lowest:- USD 45,000;

Average:- USD 118,000;

Highest:- USD 225,000;

Civil Engineering

1 Civil Engineer:- Their responsibility includes designing, developing, and maintaining various projects, conducting the on-site investigation, analyzing reports, carrying out technical and feasibility studies, and developing blueprints according to technical specifications.


Lowest:- USD 80,000;

Average:- USD 86,000;

Highest:- USD 92,000;

Environmental Engineers

Their work includes finding environmental impacts on Various processes, managing pollution prevention activities, analysis of proposed regulations to find out financial public and industrial impact.


Lowest:- USD 24,000;

Average:- USD 92,000;

Highest:- USD 200,000;

Electrical Engineering 

Audio Engineer

Their responsibility includes the reproduction of audio, manipulating electronic effects of the sound, maintaining sound levels in Auditoriums, halls.


Lowest:- USD 24,000;

Average:- USD 48,000;

Highest:- USD 74,000;

Broadcast Engineers

Their work includes regular maintenance of equipment Including software and hardware updates, installation of new audio and visual devices, video stacking, solving typical problems involving broadcast types of equipment.


Lowest:- USD 71,000;

Average:- USD 72,000;

Highest:- USD 73,000;

Industrial Engineering

General Engineer

Maintaining and supporting launch vehicle flight hardware and ground support types of equipment, writing working instructions, developing, and developing & maintaining processes for the assembly and testing of   vehicle systems.


Lowest:- USD 92,000;

Average:- USD 93,000;

Highest:- USD 95,000;

Industrial Engineers

Their job rule includes developing the most efficient sequence of operations and workflow, developing ideas that ensure the timely availability and effective usage of facilities and equipment, and laying studies for cost control.


Lowest:- USD 27,000;

Average:- USD 95,000;

Highest:- USD 202,000;


The average salary of a  Northrop Grumman employee lies in the range of USD 60,000 to USD 129,000. The highest paying job rules are principal software engineer, senior program director, principal software architect, staff engineer, and senior system engineer respectively. Generally, acceptable degrees here are in Technology, Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry, as most research and technology-based development work are there

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the salary range for a Quality Analyst 2?

From USD 24,000 to USD 74,000 with an average of USD 54,000.

2 Do companies hold a week of pay when an employee first starts with the company?

No, companies start on the last week of pay period, so the employee gets paid for a week.

3 What is the annual salary for an NDT  Tech 3 ?

Average salary is around USD 50,000.

Northrop Grumman Salary Levels-Know More

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