NBA Waterboy Salary- Other Career options in sports

NFL Waterboy Salary

Here we are to see the NBA Waterboy Salary

The National Basketball Association has different kinds of employment that the establishment offers. The job of a waterman is one of the many jobs facilitated by them. If you are a basketball fan and, in addition, are striving to find a rewarding job, this work opportunity can be your one-stop. If you are not a very fantastic player to end up in one of the basketball teams but still want to experience that magic from proximity along with also helping them, cheering for them, and watching them make their moves, this job will not only give you all of these opportunities but also pay you for all of your services.

An average salary of an NBA waterboy can go up to $58,000 and might also increase if you have a background in nutrition and use that knowledge to help the players. This additional qualification can make your income go up to six figures. The association is known for making a lot of capital and can also be referred to as a multi-billion dollar company. This capital is used to fill in the association’s needs by recruiting many job seekers for various jobs and paying them handsomely to make them stay and enjoy their work. The association does not stop there to show their employee-friendly environment, and they are also known to offer health insurance to their employees. If you are a newbie in the field, the good news is that the fresh batch hired for the job can earn up to $100 per game. These amounts can vary according to the skills of different individuals. So one can say that their paying system is very flexible, and the talented lot might take advantage of this elasticity. You also get to travel a lot and maintain good workplace relationships with your bosses and the prestigious players of the firm. Your education in sports, nutrition, and science will turn in your favor when you apply for the job. However, it is not a compulsion to have these diplomas or degrees. The salaries of the waterboys come in the middle of the income status. They earn less than the players but enough to buy a house on their own. 

Qualifications for the job

Different teams in the association demand additional qualifications that are needed for the job of a waterboy. If you want to apply for the job, you need to be already aware of the requirements of a waterboy. A different team might require different kinds of service. The research that you can do before applying for the job can be in the form of watching various games online and focusing on the work of the waterboys and how the job can be done perfectly. Small details like the position of the waterboy during the game, time to provide the players with water and towels, and many more. Many teams organize trials for hiring a waterboy. Your requirements to get in the job will prioritize good physical health. The rest of your degrees and diplomas are just an addition to your resume. With that, we can come to an important step: filling in all-important paperwork required for the job and doing this particular task with perfection because this step should show your sincerity towards the job and not your clumsy side. If you further get the opportunity to know the skills that will be tested on the day of your trials and interview, you can work on it, increase your ability to do it, and increase your chances of getting the job. 

Job Description

An NBA waterboy is primarily required to provide the exhausted players with a boost of water and glucose, whatever is needed. In addition to this, they are also required to handle the players’ towels before and after the game. The job of a waterboy holds its importance in the association. The waterboys help hydrate the very dehydrated players and are a part of the physical training of the players. Being attentive toward the need and the instruction given by the players is necessary. Mixing the teachings of different players will not be a smart move and should be particularly avoided. A small mistake in the middle of an important game will be hazardous to your job. Giving assistance to the players in their physical training, preparation for the game, nutrition, and physical injuries sometimes comes in the job description of an NBA waterboy. So if you are applying for the job, you need to be mentally prepared for a lot of physical work as you will always have to be on your toes for any command at any time. Apart from this, the job of a towel man can also fall into your specifications. In this part, you need to provide the players with the towels and handle the sweaty towels back. If you are dedicated and willing to perform this job while also meeting and talking to your favorite players face to face, you should go and fill your applications right now.

Process for securing the job

For attaining the job of a waterboy in the NBA, you need to contact your preferred Nba team and know their process and needs for hiring people for the job. Then, you can either try to get them online through various employee applications or visit some nearby NBA club. There can be many different hiring processes, but all of these begin with filling up an application for the job with all the background and personal information required. As there is a constant hiring process going on, there are chances that you might end up getting the job. You can back up your application with your education certificates, or extra diplomas undertook by you. Pursuing higher education while doing the job is a preferred choice. Once you manage to get the job, polishing your skills and growing your career will make you earn better salaries. So never give in is the motto to live by while you are in the process of getting hired. 

Other career options in the sports industry

The career options in the sports industry are growing limitless if you aim to get into the association. This industry is rapidly expanding even when you are reading this article right now. The industry is worth a multi-billion dollar and keeps its employees satisfied in all job kinds. If not an NBA player, you can turn towards the many jobs offered in the same field and reach your dream of meeting your favorite player one day while opting for these very lucrative jobs. If you keep on mastering your skills, the profits will surely increase in the job you are doing in the establishment. The first position in the list, if you know the game well, goes to the referee.


A referee working in the association needs to be excellent at his job. He should know all the rules properly and be physically fit as the job requires you to be on his toes all through the game and the players. If you want to be in the position for a longer duration, you need to be as patient as a vulture as the game, and its players test your patience all the time. For getting the job, you need to pass the examination that will show your understanding and knowledge about the game. The job description for this work is to fairly officiate the game and give out decisions without prejudice. So if you think you have this ability or can develop your skills to reach that level, do not stop as the average salary offered to a referee goes around $24,500 per year. It will be worth the hard work put in by you, along with witnessing your favorite game and favorite players from up close. 

Athletic Training

The position of an athletic trainer is critical in any game. A trainer plays an essential part in improving the performances of the players. This role of a trainer is responsible for training the players for every competition, working on their strength and mobility training, stamina, etc., and making personalized training programs for every player one on one or in groups, whatever is preferable. This job has an average salary of $44,500 approximately. The pay is quite flexible and will surely go up with your improved skills, knowledge, and performance. The trainer needs to have an additional set of qualities apart from their degrees in their field. Compassion, determination, and an approachable personality are many qualities looked for in an athletic trainer. So if you think you have these along with your master’s degree and ample knowledge along with precision in the subject, it’s your time to grab this opportunity whenever available without fail.

Social Media Manager

If you think you have that creativity in you to attract and make that social media platform look aesthetic, this job position might be just for you. This job requires you to be a brilliant conversationalist. The work that comes under this job is to update the audience, use various hashtags to attract like-minded audiences, tweet regularly to engage, and reply to many messages. You should know the algorithms of different social media platforms and promote the brands allotted to you in the best way possible. Digital marketing, public relations, and good conversation skills are some of the requirements to choose this job, and if you have diplomas and degrees in the same, it will benefit you and also offer you a better chance of getting the job. This job has an average salary of $57,000 approximately. It is an amazing platform to use your creativity along with getting paid. So if you have it in you, this is your chance.


It is the time when you should make use of the second language that you know. Knowing a second language never goes to waste. An average salary of a translator is $44,500. The game of basketball has been expanding without a pause to every part of the world. Many associations are continuously putting efforts to make the game plays more accessible to the world, and in this process, they are taking the help of various translators. These employees translate the commentaries, sometimes the interviews of the players working with the media, and much more. The translators have to be very careful of the culture and language they are translating into. They have to be fluent in the language and avoid clumsiness and work with patience in their job.  

Graphic Designer

The job of a graphic designer is another job opportunity that is offered by different associations to expand their brand attractively. A graphic designer can earn up to $47,000 on an average in this firm. It is a part of the marketing strategy opted by many institutes. Production of aesthetic and attractive visual materials to gain more audience comes in the job description of a graphic designer. To apply for that job, a person needs to have a degree in graphic designing, a creative mind, and good communication skills to discuss and plan out the best results. If you believe in having these qualities along with that degree, this is your time to shine in the association. This journey begins with you sending that attractive resume their way for them to select. 


The job of a videographer in different associations will make you earn $56,000 on average. The qualities looked for in a videographer on various platforms are your vision in the games and your ability to cover the game in a way that provides an amazing watching experience to the audience watching on screens. Exceptional editing skills, videography skills, and an ability to rise again if they coincide with any mishappening during the game. To apply for this job, one needs to be a professional. They should know their equipment and have experience and should be dedicated towards their job. So if you are passionate about the field, fill in your resume and showcase your talent to the world.

IT Manager

 If you want to apply for the job, you need to have a degree in the subject, be it a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Different posts have different requirements for the job. The Information Technology managers are required to maintain the smooth functioning of the IT department all through the association. They have a huge responsibility in making the broadcasts successful. The average salary of an IT manager is around $131,600. This job requires agility and patience, and if you think you are capable of producing your best self in the job, you should apply and get that opportunity. 


If you know the game well, are a superfan of the game, and therefore love and know all the players and their backgrounds very well, this job might be your ultimate stop. The requirement of the job is a good conversationalist who can keep the interest of the viewers. Along with this, a person with good control and knowledge of the equipment is also preferred for the job. If you are pursuing journalism or mass communication, this job is your best stop. The average salary that this job offers is around $30,500. So if you have the qualities, stop waiting and start applying for this amazing job.


 A statistician is a mandatory addition in associations. In this time of rapidly changing trends, the firm highly depends on statistics to understand and get in with the trends to expand their brand. If you have degrees in data analytics and related subjects, this job can make you earn $80,000 on average. If you qualify these requirements and are searching for related jobs, applying for this job might end up as your best decision.


Last but not least, there is the position of a coach. Your dedication, passion, and determination make you an excellent coach. A good coach aims to bring the best in their players, and if you have the experience and willpower to work through the flaws of the players and make it their power, this job needs you. A coach is required to inculcate leadership qualities, team spirit, and never give in attitude in their players. If you have a degree, knowledge, and experience for the job, apply for it and earn up to $31,000 on average. 

You can go from an NBA waterboy to these job options if your passion for any particular game is overflowing. The job of a waterboy can make you reach your goal of meeting your favorite player while earning good. Other parts of the article make you aware of many other job opportunities that you can grab and learn more about. These stable job options are available in every part of the country in different associations, schools, or colleges. The chances are that the players you saw training at the state level play on a national and international level. 

NBA Waterboy Salary- Other Career options in sports

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