NBA Scouts Salary – Know More

The NBA or national basketball ball association was created on August 3 194. It organizes basketball matches and, since basketball is a beloved, most watched sport in America and other countries. It has a wide fan base. Generally, these NBA teams consist of 30 teams, out of which 29 are America based and 1 is from Canada. Their usual season is in the months of October to April in which these teams have to play through 82 games including semi-finals and finals. As per a consensus, NBA players are said to be the highest paid athletes in the sports industry. It was calculated by taking the average annual salary per player of the team. Let us see about NBA Scouts Salary.

NBA Scouts Salary - Know More

NBA Scouts

The NBA has official scouts, are officially hired by the association. Their responsibility involves looking for evaluating talented players or looking at opposing team’s strategies. They also actively search for young players or players that exist in the association but are available through their agency. A scout also helps prepare the team for the games by looking opposing teams’ plans and strategies and that is the reason they can be seen around various NBA games. Being an NBA scout is not an easy job to do and requires a lot of skills. The whole prospect of a successful team is dependent upon one scout, and one should be able to handle such pressure to be in this position.

NBA Scouts salary

There is no estimate as to how much a scout at the NBA earns, but it is observed to be on an average to be $17,930 to $70,500. The most moderate estimate of their salary is $30,000. These salaries can vary depending on the level of experience, education and skill of a particular scout. 

Like every profession, there are several levels of a job and salaries can vary accordingly. This also means that each position comes with its own challenges, and a level of experience required to be at the position. 

Down below are given details of different positions offered as an NBA Scouts.

Game Scouts

This job position comes at the very base of the whole NBA scout coaching meter. Part of the job is to travel to different NBA games in order to scout out the competition strategies and game statistics, along with each player’s individual playing style. They usually keep a track of the upcoming rival teams before a meeting is arranged. Their scouting usually takes place just before a week from when the match is scheduled for their team. 

After their evaluation, they prepare a scout report, which is in turn given to the assistant coach. The assistant coach then uses the data and statistics to create an elaborate pre game plan for the team.

University scouts

These Scouts are more commonly known as they are the one at ground level and responsibility for the entire region that is assigned to them. These scouts are different from one team to another without different responsibilities and different aspects of a team’s success. This job also involves long, tiring flights to several regions for prospecting, and they have to work with different players with varying backgrounds, so it makes it that much more complex. 

The NBA University scouts average salary can go up as high as $54,580, and it can be higher or lower depending on their work and experience level.

International Scouts

Here is where the complications start to arise, being an international scout is not an easy task since it has a large scale requirement as the person on this position be responsible for going around the globe to collect information and accumulate all sorts of data. Also, since basketball is a global sport there are endless flights around the world and going to different places to scout out games, although this job has the benefit of satisfying one’s wanderlust. This job also requires one to work and network with several people and collect medical and personal data with is not easy to come by unless one works tirelessly to get it.

International Scouts tend to have more dudes than a regional or national scouts and so their salaries have been calculated at $68,500 being the highest and $51,400 being lower. 

Personnel scouts

These Scouts have been more closely involved with the NBA and G-league. They tend to look for scouts that are in the league, and they are involved in the free agency market and trading of such exceptional players in the association. A part of their job is to evaluate the players by being at the arena a few hours before the games starts. And they usually accumulate their data either by the start of the game, and they cannot be seen staying for the whole game. They also use Media interviews with specific potential players and collect data. Their job also require making successful relationships with other scouts, coaches and members of the association.

A personnel scouts have more involvement with the games being organized by the association. NBA Personnel scouts salary varies greatly at the range of $43,500 to as high as $56,800


They are not directly involved in the scouting process, but nowadays, every team in the association has their personal analyst department. This job needs a technical expertise on the topics that are given to them to conduct analysis. After creating these analyses, it is sent to managers. A general job requirement is to be knowledgeable about mathematics and good at programming. There is also less traveling as compared to other positions in the scouting as mentioned above. 

Since analysts are in the NBA business from a technical standpoint, their involvement in the actual scouting process is very less comparatively. Their pay is still at a good level, so they are paid for their technical knowledge with an amount of $62,300, and it can vary according to the work that they perform.


From the above-mentioned data, we can see why being a scout is not an easy task, it involves jumping from city to city for catching a game as early as before it starts and sometimes in can be right in the middle of the game. NBA Scouts tend to travel a lot and have to watch basketballs matches in order to gather data and then later make reports and strategies for the team. This gives them a little to no time for sleeping, and they have to stay from their homes for longer periods of time. 

NBA Scouts Salary – Know More

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