NBA Commissioner Salary- David Stern and Adam Silver

NBA Commissioner Salary

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is led by Adam Silver, who is serving as the current commissioner of the league. Of course, there is always a smile on his face, but most people don’t know the commissioner’s efforts and hard work to put in to keep the league going on an upward trajectory. However, it will also not be considered wrong that he loads a huge chunk of money in his pocket for his hard work and commitment to the league.

The NBA commissioner procures around $10 million consistently. Indeed, even with a 20 percent pay cut, the chief will, in any case, procure $8 million this year. The figure is, by all accounts, around that of a normal NBA player. Fred VanVleet has a 2-year contract that procures him around $9 million every year to place it into viewpoint.

What Is The Job Of The NBA Commissioner

You may view his obligations as commissioner and say, “Amazing! All they have to do is to call out the names in the draft and hand the title to the winner at the end of the league  ” It seems like fun and simple work, correct? All things considered, it could be fun and energizing now and again. However, it is a long way from simple. The work of the commissioner of an elite athletics group is an amazingly troublesome one. 

The afflictions of Commissioner Silver’s work are demanding and amazingly tiring. Yet, above all else, they are continually advancing and promoting the class to all current and likely partners, including proprietors, patrons, players, and fans. In the past, they may have just been stressed over advancing the game in their own country, however in this day and age, sports are worldwide, and they should discover approaches to fabricate a fanbase throughout the planet. 

The NBA Commissioner is additionally answerable for taking care of disciplinary issues. They should choose what sorts of activities are culpable both on and off the court, and they should settle on a choice on what kind of discipline fits the wrongdoing. This can be genuinely troublesome with whizzes that you need to have on the court to decorate consideration regarding your general item. Too indulgent a discipline may give individuals in the NBA a feeling that their commissioner is delicate on outcomes. 

Arranging contracts with TV and broadcast organizations is most likely one of the more significant in the background parts of a commissioner. Those large agreements to communicate games are what get most of the association’s income. They likewise work out managed supports, merchandisers, uniform and gear providers, and substantially more. 

Another troublesome part of the work is working out work concurrences with the NBA Players Union. These agreements and arrangements decide the specifications – compensation covers, planning, association approaches, and significantly more – of the agreement among players and the class. If the players or proprietors differ on anything included, it could crash seasons and give the alliance an awful standing according to fans and patrons. 

This is a prominent and high-stress work that many are not equipped to deal with because each choice is firmly examined by the players, the association, fans, and the media. The work is far beyond what you see him doing at games or during public interviews. These heads of their associations truly bring in their cash.

Salary, Accomplishments, and Setbacks Faced by Previous NBA Commissioner: David Stern

David Stern had total assets that were esteemed at an expected $135 million, as revealed by Dave Manuel. This makes him worth multiple times more than the middle family in America. It likewise makes him probably the most extravagant game pioneer across the globe.

As indicated by Dave Manuel, David Stern reportedly acquired around $20-$23 million every year as a Commissioner of the NBA. The stunning sum could be credited to the development of group incomes throughout the long term and his extraordinary 30-year residency at the association’s top. In addition, stern made the framework productive for most partners.

David Stern was the commissioner for 30 generally productive years. When he accepted the position in 1984, there were bits of gossip that the association was prepared to overlap. Numerous groups were losing cash, and fan revenue was blurring. Standard season games were seldom broadcast broadly, and a larger part of the season finisher games couldn’t be seen. Indeed, numerous games, including the NBA Finals, were not shown live yet on tape delay in numerous business sectors.

Stern initiated numerous developments to develop the spotlight of the group. For a certain thing, he let the players act naturally and show their characters. He offered stars to the fans and supporters, and it took care of no doubt. With new link stations like ESPN and TNT, he manages the organizations to air customary season games week after week and full inclusion of the end of the season games. 

Extension groups made energy in new urban areas, and he additionally started extending outside of the United States by promoting and broadcasting games throughout the planet. Many will say that he likewise had help from a flood of stars, such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, and, above all, Michael Jordan, who aided take the association higher than ever of notoriety.

Along with Jordan and his not insignificant rundown of whizzes, Stern kept on developing the NBA’s impression through the 1990s. Harsh based on this and proceeded with the accomplishment by beginning things like the WNBA, The NBA G-League, and NBA League Pass, an inventive strategy for observing every NBA game each season.

What Adam Silver Has Accomplished so Far as the NBA Commissioner

The league’s popularity was roaring when Adam Silver took over in 2014, and it has continued to climb under his leadership. Adam Silver joined the league in 1992 and became deputy commissioner in 2006. Having worked under Stern for so long, Silver has observed and gained knowledge.

From the very start, Silver has to deal with Donald Sterling, who mentioned a racist remark which was caught on tape. It was just the beginning for Silver to do his job, and yet he has taken a strong stance against sterling. The call was so strong that it led to sterling selling the team and being banned from the league. Silver’s remarkable decision highlighted his caliber to lead the league as a strong and potent Commissioner.

He always had a vision for the worldwide growth of this beautiful sport, and he has somewhat achieved it. Even if every country is not involved in terms of players in the NBA, surely most countries are involved with an aspect of a huge fanbase. Silver, with his skills, has been able to maintain healthy contacts for broadcasting of the fixtures worldwide. Since he has taken over, the graph of this league is curve going only upwards.

Other outstanding episodes Silver has managed as official include a 2019 tweet by Houston Rockets senior supervisor Daryl Morey that upheld the 2019 Hong Kong fights. The tweet caused political discussion and issues identifying with the association between China and the NBA. China reacted to Morey’s tweet adversely, expressing that they would perhaps cut ties with the NBA. Silver, nonetheless, reacted on the side of Morey, expressing that he reserved a privilege to communicate his thoughts and had the right to speak freely of discourse. 

This highlighted how Silver was not the kind of a leader who immediately fires someone who comes in the light of controversy but supporting Morey was a clear sign that he is a person of reason and cause. He had it in him to lead the league. Silver had won numerous honors and acknowledgment in the games business. Sports Business Journal positioned him as No. 1 on their 2016 rundown of the 50 Most Influential People in Sports Business.

In 2015, he was named Executive of the Year by Sports Business Journal, one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People, and one of Fortune’s 50 Greatest Leaders. In 2014 he was additionally named Executive of the Year by Sports Illustrated.

Silver as Deputy Commissioner

 Silver at first joined the NBA in 1992 as the Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer for a very long time. In that position, he was associated with adventures, for example, the exchange of the alliance’s last three aggregate dealing concurrences with the National b-ball Players Association, the improvement of the WNBA group, the advancement of the NBA Development League, the production of NBA China, and the organization with Turner Broadcasting for them to deal with the NBA’s computerized resources.

He has likewise stood firm on the footholds of Senior VP and COO of NBA Entertainment, NBA Chief of Staff, and Special Assistant to the Commissioner. While with NBA Entertainment, Silver filled in as chief maker on the IMAX film “Michael Jordan to the Max,” the narrative “Whatever Happened to Michael Ray?” (2000), and the movies “Like Mike” (2002) and “Year of the Yao.” 

In October 2012, David Stern (the NBA Commissioner) supported Silver to be the following NBA Commissioner when he declared that he would resign from the job on February 1, 2014. Being the commissioner of this much-reputed league is not a one-day process. There are several small steps you have to take to reach those heights in your career. It all depends on how good your initiatives are, even when you are working on lower levels.

Improvement of Women NBA and initiation of NBA China were some topmost achievements by Silver which were groundbreaking. Setting up a league in a different country is a very complicated and time taking job. Still, he managed to do that. Not only in China, according to several sources, but NBA is also trying to provide opportunities to several other nations to promote basketball. It all shows how big the vision is of this man.

If you want your name at the top in sports, you have to take the particular sport with you at the top too. So not only do they target countries that can give them players for the league, but they are also trying to establish academies in most countries for players to learn the sport of basketball and be pro in no time. They don’t pluck the good flowers but also water the growing ones, making the NBA such a huge and loved league worldwide.

Even in the hard times of the covid 19 outbreak, the necessary and harsh decisions had to be taken by the commissioner because here is the thing. No matter how good you think, the decision is, if it doesn’t go well, then critics and media are just outside your front door to bash you. In these hard times when nobody even thought that the league would return and everyone had somewhere accepted the league’s suspension, Adam Silver pulled off something of a miracle to keep the games going.

Right now, NBA playoffs are in action, with one of the most underrated teams still competing while the beasts are out of the league. To bring the games back with ensuring the safety of the players during the pandemic is one of the finest things Adam Silver managed to pull off as the NBA commissioner.

Final Words

The salary statistics that are provided may vary for years to come but so increases the level of responsibilities and decisions that the commissioner has to make for the sake of the league, and for doing so, it is more than reasonable to earn a good amount while dedicating yourself 100% in the job.

Every day it is a very different ballgame for the commissioner to think of something out of the box to keep the league at the top and to form a more solid base for the future too. If he turns 8 million in his pocket to maintain all this, then it is more than fair for him to keep the money.  


  1. Can the NBA Commissioner suspend any player?
    Players are suspended in case of breaking any laws or any on or off-the-court misconduct. 

  2. Do NBA commissioners control the freedom of speech of players?
    Specifically, the answer is NO, but again in the case of any offensive or controversial statement given by the players or staff, legal action can always be taken by the commissioner.

  3. How can one become an NBA commissioner?
    The most basic requirement which is available for the post is that you must have a bachelor’s degree in law as both previous commissioner Stern and current commissioner Silver worked as lawyers for the league before becoming the commissioner. 
NBA Commissioner Salary- David Stern and Adam Silver

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