MLB General Manager Salaries- Know More

The game of bat and ball originated in England in the 18th century. Americans recognized Baseball as their National sport by the late 19th century. Let us know What are the ‘MLB General Manager Salaries’.

MLB General Manager Salaries

MLB General Manager Salaries

Major League Baseball is a professional Baseball organization that hosts one of the world’s oldest major professional sports leagues. It was formed in 1903 as a result of the merger of the National League (N.L.) and the American League (A.L.). Its members are composed of a total of 30 teams, with 29 from the United States of America and one from Canada. 

The viewership of the MLB is upwards of millions and thus, people working towards the growth of the organization are paid top dollar.

An important role in a successful franchise is the role of a General Manager and being a manager of a baseball franchise is no joke. 

A day in the life of the manager consists of major responsibilities and decisions which affect the franchise in the near to long term.

 A General Manager is responsible for monitoring and scouting a player. A manager must also keep up with their bosses, and the owner of the team and also, ensure that the team succeeds. 

Brian Cashman of the New York Yankees earns 3 Million Dollars per year to Alex Cora of the Boston Red Sox earns eight hundred thousand dollars. Major League Baseball manager’s salary has been on the rise over the past 20 years. 

The average salary of a manager has gone multi-fold since 2003, from an average of 25 thousand dollars in 2003 to 130 thousand dollars in 2022. 

Let us discuss the Role, Salary cap, opportunities and more of an MLB GM

Roles / Responsibilities of MLB General Manager

  • Must act as the principal spokesperson for the team and organization.
  • The hiring of front office personnel such as analytics experts, scouts, financial experts, and public relations personnel.
  • The hiring of the athletes, coaches and other staff that is active on the field.
  • Must be able to make severe hiring/firing decisions.
  • Must be driven towards the success of the franchise.

How much money do the MLB General Managers make?

These responsibilities also ensure they get paid a bang for their buck. An average Baseball General Manager in the US makes anywhere between 500 thousand dollars to 3 million dollars.

The average salary of a player has increased at least 10 times from 300 thousand dollars in 2003 to a little over 4 million in 2022. 

The top managers might even be bagging a take-home salary of close to a million dollars. 

The lowest-paid MLB managers might be making close to 600 thousand dollars.

What does it take to become an MLB General Manager?

Earlier, a General Manager used to be a former player who demonstrated love for the sport and the franchise. However, in recent years general managers are selected through a college degree or sports management degree. 

These educational credentials are not all that guarantee them a job. Most MLB general managers go through an internship ( sometimes unpaid internship), get into paid positions within the front office and perhaps, earn a general manager cap as they show immense energy throughout this process.

However, most MLB managers these days go through an enhanced sports management degree and acquire various business and other related skills before becoming an MLB manager.

Opportunities for the aspiring General Managers

Any baseball fan would fancy being the General Manager of one of the MLB franchises. The pay is lucrative and you get to be with around the team and the team’s success. 

With only 32 positions available in 32 teams, opportunities are however bleak when it comes to becoming a general manager for one of the MLB teams. 

But, for someone seriously looking out for a career in the MLB market, it is essential to start from lower down the order. 

Positions like Assistant General Manager, Administrator, and Scouting administrator offer an opportunity to excel in these lower positions.

Once you stand out in these positions, you create a network and work your way through the ranks.

Successful MLB General Manager of all time

Major League Baseball teams are largely dependent on the General Managers for the large part of decision-making, hiring, scouting, selecting other staff and front office personnel.

From Connie Mack a.k.a ‘The Grand Old Man of Baseball’ who has the most wins as a manager for the pirates to Billy Beane who is the longest-tenured General Manager of all time. 

Most Successful Major League Baseball Managers in terms of wins include- 

  • Connie Mack ( 3731 wins)
  • Tony LaRussa (2846 wins)
  • John McGraw ( 2763 wins)
  • Bobby Cox ( 2504 wins)
  • Joe Torre ( 2326 wins)

Richest Managers of all time 

Managers who are responsible for training the players and preparing them for matches strike gold and it is no surprise, they get paid a bang for their buck.

List of the Richest Major League Baseball Managers-

  • Tony LaRussa ( 30 Million Dollars)
  • Don Mattingly ( 25 Million Dollars)’
  • Dusty Baker ( 20 Million Dollars)
  • Joe Girardi ( 15 Million Dollars)
  • Bruce Bochy ( 12 Million Dollars)
  • Joe Maddon ( 12 Million Dollars)
  • Terry Francona ( 5 Million Dollars)

Highest Paid MLB General Managers

  • Brian Cashman, General manager for the richest Major League Baseball team cashes in a whopping 3 Million Dollars per year. 
  • Mike Rizzo, GM, of Washington Nationals makes 2.5 Million dollars per year.
  • Dan Duquette, GM, of the Baltimore Orioles’ makes 2 Million dollars per year.

Now We’ve learnt about ‘MLB General Manager Salaries’, One must be on their nose all the time either during the off-season, in-season or during the season. 

While players participating in Major League Baseball clearly make a lot more money than the managers. It is the immense energy, leadership, time management, decision making and proper management that makes the role of a Manager a very important position in an MLB organization.

From Connie Mack to Brian Cashman to Terry Francona, successful managers have shown exemplary skills in helping their teams achieve immense success.

MLB managers are underrated when compared to the managers of the peer leagues like the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball League (NBA).

The salaries of the MLB general managers are certainly attractive, but it helps to understand the role in depth and the challenges that come with it.

MLB General Manager Salaries- Know More

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