How much do FedEx and UPS drivers earn?

FedEx is one of the most famous and fastest package delivery companies worldwide, providing its trusted services in more than 220 countries. FedEx delivers the largest share of domestic grocery products worldwide. Here we will see about How much do FedEx and UPS drivers earn?

Another delivery service provider is UPS. It brings our packages to our doorstep. UPS stands for United Parcel Service, and its dark brown logistic trucks bring our goods safely to us.

The salary of a FedEx driver depends on their experience. FedEx drivers earn an average of $22 an hour, we calculate it per hour they can earn between $17 and $32 per hour, while UPS drivers earn between $18,860 and $134,000, they can take home an average of $29,850.

The drivers also get a bonus and a few more add-ons according to their performance.

While UPS drivers earn between $18,860 and $134,000, they can take home an average of $29,850.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

UPS offers a few more benefits to its drivers besides salary, such as bonuses and health insurance.

How much do FedEx and UPS drivers earn?

How Much Do FedEx Drivers Earn?

FedEx drivers’ earnings depend on the location of delivery and a few other elements according to which the salary is determined.

In the USA, the drivers of FedEx get a salary of between $10,193 and $26,9524. A FedEx driver’s average salary ranges between $48,861 and $122,163.

The experienced drivers get a higher salary than the less experienced ones.

The salary of the driver varies according to the location where you live. The salary may also depend on the rules and regulations decided by local governing bodies.

Salary of FedEx Drivers in the US Range:

Here is a list of the salary ranges of FedEx drivers in some states in the USA.

Salary Range: State:

$79,583 in San Francisco

$54,287 Washington

$53,720 in Houston

$45,604 in Salt Lake City

$52,717 in Austin

$49,685 in Phoenix

In these states, and all the 50 states of the USA, the average salary changes due to taxes in the region of the USA.

How Much Tax Do FedEx Drivers Pay?

The tax range in all the states of the USA is almost the same, leaving a few regions. As the tax slab is 22% for service providers like FedEx and UPS, FedEx drivers can bring in a minimum of $42,815/year after tax cuts.

FedEx Drivers’ Life:

FedEx drivers make a minimum of $3,538/month, and they can also get a 2BR apartment for living, which may cost$1,421/month in Texas states. In other states, the rent of the apartments may be different, and the drivers may also get a few more benefits from FedEx, such as health insurance and intensive bonuses with salary.

How Much Does a UPS Driver Make?

When you start your career as a driver with UPS, you can earn $18.75 per hour, through the delivery of packages by car.

The drivers can earn a salary of a minimum of $84,260 per year. The salary may also increase or decrease according to the working hours and the locality of their delivery.

If you work 40 hours a week, then you can get a salary of $43,680.

The UPS Drivers’ Salary Hike Every Year:

The salary of UPS drivers may increase every year.

In the following list, you can see how much the UPS drivers’ salaries increase yearly.

  • Starting pay is $21/hour.
  • $23/hour in the next 12 months
  • 24 hours in 24 months
  • 75/hour in 36 months
  • Average top rate: 51/hour

UPS Drivers’ Salary in the States of the USA:

The salary of UPS drivers is different in all 50 states of the USA. The salary is determined by a few factors, such as the location of delivery and pick-up taxes by the government, and some more. These factors affect the salary of the drivers.

From the following list, we can understand the UPS drivers’ salaries in the states of the USA.

  State  Annual Salary Monthly Wage Weekly Wage Hourly Wage

Virginia $59,629 $4,969 $1,147 $28.67 

Maryland $61,709 $5,142 $1,187 $29.67

Nebraska $60,422 $5,035 $1,162 $29.05

New York City $59,560 $4,963 $1,145 $28.63

California $55,194 $4,600 $1.061 $26.54

As in the above list, UPS drivers can get a salary per year, month, week, or hour.

UPS Drivers Receive the Following Benefits:

  • The drivers get many benefits from UPS, as the drivers get discounts like other UPS employees.
  • If the driver performed well all week, they could also get bonuses with their salary.
  • UPS also provides health insurance to its drivers.
  • Another benefit UPS drivers get is that they can get paid time off from UPS.
  • There are some more benefits that UPS drivers get from UPS.

Eligibility to Work as a FedEx or UPS Driver

  • The minimum age is 21 years to become a driver for both companies.
  • The candidate’s record should be clear.
  • If you want to become a driver, then you must have a valid driver’s license.
  • A driver can lift a weight of 70 pounds.
  • They should have a clean record and be able to speak and write English.

The drivers of both FedEx and UPS companies are different, and the experienced drivers get a good earn, while the fewer experience drivers get a little less from them. The salaries of the drivers in both companies are different.

If the drivers perform well by delivering packages on time and more packages. They also get bonuses with their salaries. The drivers get many more benefits from UPS and FedEx.

How much do FedEx and UPS drivers earn?

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