What Is A Whole Foods Uniform? 

To know about the uniform of Whole Foods, first, you should know what Whole Foods are. Whole Foods Market, an auxiliary of Amazon, is a chain of American supermarkets worldwide, settled in Austin, Texas, which sells items that do not contain hydrogenated fats, artificial flavors, and additives. 

Whole Foods markets imply a proper uniform for its employees that they must have to wear during work. This clothing regulation consolidates the basic standards, and some particular standards set particularly for Whole Foods Market Stores. In 2021, Whole Foods changed its dress code to a new one. 

Whole Foods has severe uniform rules expected to guarantee that its workers should show a well-dressed professional personality and should be easily recognizable to the clients. According to the dress code of Whole Foods, you can wear simple jeans and shirts but the compulsory thing is an apron, closed-in shoes, and your name badge. Generally speaking, Whole Foods believes its workers should show a smoothed-out appearance while they are working at the stores. 

What is a Whole Foods Uniform? 

Uniform of Workers 

The authorities of Whole Foods want to establish a professional and tidy condition that will make all occupants happy with shopping in the store. Safety and cleaning are additionally viewed in the uniform.

  1. Aprons

While on the job, the workers must wear a neat and clean Whole Foods Market apron except if the worker is behind a help counter where whites are worn. The worker needs to keep the apron clean and clear. 

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  • Exhausted aprons are replaced at the expense of the store.
  • Lost aprons should be replaced by the worker. 

No shirt or jacket should be worn over aprons, even if the logo of the store is viewable. 

  1. Name tags

On duty, workers must wear a Whole Foods Market name identification while working. 

  • The name on the badge should be your genuine first name. 
  • The name should be printed by the store’s label producer.
  • The tag should be worn at chest level.

So mentioning a name tag on the apron is necessary for the workers working in the Whole Foods Market. 

  1. Shoes

Shoes are of great importance for all kinds of employees. The Whole Foods Market allows workers to wear simple footwear. 

  • Shoes should be leveled. 
  • The shoes should be of elastic soles and one solid color. 
  • Proper colored socks should be worn. 

So these are the requirements of shoes for the Whole Foods employees. 

  1. Pants

Pants including all types like slacks, jeans, skirts, shorts, etc are allowed but under some conditions. 

  • Pants should be in respectable shape, without any openings, fixes, or frayed edges.
  • Workers should wear pants at the abdomen level and may not be excessively free or tight. 
  • All jeans should be of lower leg length. 
  • If you wear capri pants, socks should also be worn to cover the uncovered leg.
  • If you are wearing shorts, they should be either an inch above or underneath the knee and should be Bermuda-style. 
  • Skirts and dresses should be essentially mid-thigh long. 
  • Just chino shorts are allowed. 

Hence, workers must follow these conditions about pants during duty hours. 

  1. Shirts

Shirts are the main thing that comes in the dress code of any company or working place. 

  • Simple T-shirts or T-shirts with the endorsed Whole Foods logo are allowed to wear. 
  • Also, these shirts should be perfect and in decent shape. 
  • Plain solid colors with the store’s logos are allowed. 

Under the apron, Whole Foods stores want its employees to wear specific shirts. 

  1. Hats

Hats are somewhere necessary. 

  • Store-endorsed Whole Foods Market caps should be worn in all food-administration regions.
  • All caps should be worn with the store logos straightforwardly. 
  • Caps are worn to control hair in food regions. 
  • Entire Foods Market weave caps may just be worn by the workers working in refrigerated regions. 
  • Weave caps may not be worn in retail regions.

These are the requirements for wearing hats in Whole Foods Market. 

Things that are not Allowed 

According to the dress code of Whole Foods Market, many things are not permitted for workers to do. Some of these things are as follows. 

  • Tank tops, sleeveless shirts or dresses, or any uncovered underarms are not allowed to wear in duty hours. 
  • Exposed waists are not allowed. No apparel should be excessively uncovered. 
  • Hooded pullovers are not allowed to wear. 
  • The accompanying jeans are not allowed like athletic jeans, nylon pants, workout pants, disguise pants, ripped pants, and designed texture pants. 
  • Workers are not allowed to wear denim or athletic shorts are not 
  • Workers are not permitted to use open-toed shoes, bare-backed shoes, heels, sandals, and loosened shoes. 
  • Stickers or ornaments are not permitted for workers to wear. 
  • Heavy jewelry and multiple piercings are not allowed for workers. 
  • Tattoos that are expected to be offensive to customers should not be visible. 
  • Employees aren’t allowed to wear sunglasses, even mobile phones, headphones, or beepers are also not allowed during work hours. 
  • Last but not least, chewing a piece of gum or any other object is not permitted during duty hours. 


Our article provides you with all the information about the dress code or uniform of Whole Foods Market. As it is necessary for the person who wants to work in this store to have all the knowledge about the company and its uniform. Hopefully, we may be successful in providing you the knowledge about what is the uniform and what things are not allowed to do at Whole Foods Market. 


Can employees color their hair at Whole Foods stores? 

Yes, colored hairs are allowed but shinier and offensive colors are not permitted. 

Do beards allow at Whole Foods? 

Yes, workers can have beards but they have to cover them during duty hours. 

What Is A Whole Foods Uniform? 

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