Executive Engineer Salary, Job Description


Professionals are essential in the execution of a project, especially the technical ones. They are skilled personnel that controls the unskilled labor. An Executive engineer is a professional individual responsible for the administrative duty of a project or a business. He/She constructively coordinate all other department involved in a project. An Executive engineer must possess a bachelor’s degree in any engineering course with at least three years of experience in an engineering firm or similar field experience.He/She must be computer literate and exquisite knowledge of the software needed to execute the project. Additionally, he/she must have undergone some courses in administration and management. He/She must also possess good listening skills. An Executive engineer earns approximately $140,000 to $200,000 per annum, although it may vary from one country to another and by the years of experience of such an individual. 


Professionals in different fields of study are inevitable when it comes to the technicality of executing a project. They are always hired in a project because of their unique way of reasoning and different excellent intellectual approach to solving a problem. A project’s success is determined by the professionals who handle a project and all other inevitable factors. The administration is crucial and important in every organization. In a project execution, different departments are handling each aspect of a project to achieve a common goal. One of the departments is saddled with the responsibility of coordination and administration of all other departments. An executive engineer is one of the professionals that work in the administrative department. 

An Executive engineer is a professional individual responsible for the administration of a project in terms of its technicalities. In a project setting, they are always the first contact point for all other engineers and every other individual involved in a project. He/She heads the administrative department. He/She coordinates and supervises all works in a project or construction site and makes corrections where necessary. He/She is explicitly informed of all activities on a project site. He/She also works with the human resource department to recruit new staff.  


An Executive engineer is a crucial position in the administration of a project and requires qualifications, skills, and requirements. An ideal executive engineer must possess the following qualities:

  • He / She must have a degree in any engineering course in an accredited university with a diploma in any business administration courses. A master’s degree in any related engineering field is an additional advantage. 
  • He / She must have four years of working experience in the engineering field with additional working experience in the administrative department In a related firm or another relevant field.
  • He / She must have a deep and explicit knowledge of the project to be administered.  
  • He / She must be intelligent and skillful, not a shy and sluggish type. 
  • He / She must be computer literate and have first-class knowledge in any relevant computer software needed for the administration and execution of the required project. 
  • He / She must possess managerial, leadership  and administrative skill coupled with a sense of orderliness.
  • He / She must possess good and fascinating communication skills. 
  • He / She must also be a good listener  because as an administrator, he/she deals with people of different personalities. 
  • He / She must be factual, accurate and prompt in decision making.
  • He / She must be skilled at working under pressure while giving  cogent attention to important things in the administration. 
  • He / She must be an expert in time management in other to meet up with the limited time given by the clients. 
  • He / She must be economical and will need to supervise a project with limited resources available for better productivity.
  • He / She must be confident in making the decision. He/she must not be partial in decision making. 
  • He / She must maintain good interaction and relationship with all other departments involved in a project. He/she must not be selfish and a lone ranger. 
  • He / She must be proactive and must be able to solve difficult problems within a given period of time. 


An Executive engineer involves in a crucial role and saddles with lot of responsibilities in the  planning and execution of a project. He /She performs the following functions and role:

  • He / She must assist the client, professionals, and other stakeholders in planning how to execute and implement a project. This is very important as adequate planning makes its execution to be easy and stress-free to give the best result. 
  • He / She must supervise and coordinate all other engineers and assistant engineers, thereby ensuring proper execution of the project 
  • He / She ensure that the project is executed properly with the limited amount of resources available. Using the previous knowledge, he/she ensures the strategic project plan is effectively executed using a joint effort of all production factors. 
  • He / She manages the project budget frequently relates with the project engineer on the project’s progress. The executive engineer quickly rectifies any challenges or problems. 
  • He / She coordinates the new employees’ training on the conduct and the requirements of the task they are employed and enlightens them about the company terms and conditions. 
  • He / She coordinates all aspects of human resource management including the acquisition of new skills by the employee. 
  • He / She ensures the health and safety of all the employees in the project execution are secured. He ensures that all workers are insured with an insurance company.  If any employee is indisposed, he/she ensures that such an individual receives treatment with enough time to recover.
  • He / She works with the finance and accounting department on the payment of the employee wages and salary. 
  • He / She must keep detailed and explicit records of every administrative activity. Such records must be documented and kept for future reference. 
  • He / She is also saddled with the responsibility of recruitment and interview workers in the engineering field. He/she ensures that the best workers are available for the execution of the project. 
  • He / She is part of making the decision on the purchase of machines, materials and equipment needed for the execution of the project. 
  • He / She ensures that the interest of the client is a priority  at all times. Detailed and relevant  advice can be offered for the proper execution of the project. 

Executive Engineer Salary

An Executive engineer holds an esteem position, so he deserves a better salary. It is a very lucrative job. An Executive engineer’s salary structure depends on the country, location of the industry, job description, duration of the job, financial state of the company, individual qualification, and the executive engineer’s years of experience. An executive engineer’s average salary or wages is $140,000 to $200,000 per annum in the United States of America. An executive engineer with four to five years of experience earns approximately $400,000 to $450,000 per annum.  An executive engineer with more than 10 years of experience working with a reputable engineering company earns about $600,000 to $640,000 per annum in the United States of America.  

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Executive Engineer Salary, Job Description

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