Executive Assistant Boston Salary – Know More

Boston is the Capital City of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is a very good choice in terms of job opportunities and pays scale. It is among the highest-paying cities in the United States. Let us know ‘Executive Assistant Boston Salary’.

Executive Assistant Boston Salary

An executive assistant is a professional in a company who does clerical and administrative jobs for the managers and directors. In the capital city of Massachusetts – Boston, the job of executive assistant is well paid. You can earn a good salary from the very start of your career. The salary of an executive assistant in Boston ranges from $45,000 to $80,000

Salary of executive assistant in Boston 

The salary of an executive assistant in Boston varies according to the experience of the professional. With the experience, the salary keeps growing. But even at the start of their career, executive assistants could earn a good amount of money. 

The average salary for a fresher executive assistant in Boston is $48,052 per year, which includes bonuses and tips. With the experience the salary graph of professionals increases. After the experience of a few years, the salary graph increases and reaches an average salary of $57,864 annually. 

Similarly, the personnel in the middle of their career with the experience of five to nine years earn $67,582 annually on average. The maximum salary of an executive assistant in Boston has been calculated at $71,642 annually as of 2021. This is granted to the executive assistants with experience of more than 20 years. 

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Duties and responsibilities of an executive assistant 

An executive assistant handles crucial responsibilities of the company. He/she mainly manages the communication system and schedule in the company. Following are the major duties of an executive assistant –

  • Communicate with outsiders and schedule meetings of managers and directors with them. 
  • Act as a communication chain between the lower-level employees and the managers. 
  • Perform regular administration and clerical duties. 
  • Manage all the appointments of the heads of the company 
  • The executive assistant also looks after the questions and doubts of the clients by communicating with them and aiding in solving them. 

Most of the duties of an executive assistant are related to communication skills. He/she has to communicate with insiders as well as outsiders of the firm for various concerns. Therefore this is a very responsible job. 

Eligibility Criteria for an Executive Assistant 

Knowledge of word processors, PowerPoint, scheduling, and communication through certain courses are required for the post of executive assistant in Boston. Additional specializations are required for securing the job in some sectors like legal and health care.

Skills of an Executive Assistant 

The job of executive assistant is a very crucial position in a company. There are various responsibilities as an assistant executive. Therefore, a skilled candidate is required to fulfill the post. Following skills are required in an executive assistant – 

  • Scheduling 

An executive assistant has to plan out meetings and engagements of managers and directors daily. Several parties are willing to meet the manager. An executive assistant has to decide which meeting is the priority and which could be delayed according to the requirements of the company and the schedule of the manager. Therefore he/she should possess the qualities of scheduling time tables for various engagements.

  • Communication 

Executive assistant communicated with employees, managers, clients, partners, etc. They should be firm in their attempt to communicate so that clients could be satisfied after talking with them and good relations between superiors and subordinates be maintained. 

  • Word Processing 

Executive assistant handles various files and documents hence the knowledge of word processors like MS Word is required. 

  • Powerpoint 

An executive assistant, plan out meetings and schedules, perform administrative and clerical works. In today’s time, PowerPoint is the basic requirement of this job. 

  • Handling administrative jobs 

There are administrative works like making files and documents, checking them with the supervisor, communicating with superiors and subordinates, etc. An executive assistant should have abilities to perform these jobs effectively. 


The executive assistant is a very responsible post in any organization. The salary provided to professionals for this post varies according to the level of experience but even the freshers earn a good amount of money. $48,052 per year is the average salary of an executive assistant in Boston which could increase to more than $75,000 for experienced professionals.


  1. What are the other perks and benefits of an executive assistant job in Boston?

Answer: Other than salary bonuses, tips, and overtime pay are normal perks every firm gives to its employees in Boston. Additionally, some firms also give benefits such as health insurance, paid off time, work from home facility, gym membership, etc. 

  1. Which city in the US pays the highest salary to an executive assistant? 

Answer: The highest salary for an executive assistant job in the USA is in the state of Connecticut. Massachusetts is second highest in terms of salary of executive assistant. 

Executive Assistant Boston Salary – Know More

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