When was Dairy Queen Founded?

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What is Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen is one of those classic brands that has been a universal part of almost every childhood and founded by J.F.McCullough. Globally, they have over 7000 locations and make billions of sales per year. About 60 % of them are in the US. They make the largest fast-food chain in the country and have been a significant contributor to its economy. 

When was Dairy Queen Founded?

Who was the founder?

The story of Dairy Queen is both exciting and knowledgeable. J. F McCullough, has founded Dairy Queen, had the idea of establishing an ice cream business for a long time, but his execution was a bit delayed. 

Why was it named “Dairy Queen”?

He firmly believed that the cow was the queen of all dairy products. This is from where the name ‘Dairy Queen’ came from. In 1927, he started an ice cream-making company with his son in Davenport, Illinois. A group of cities closely surrounded this place, so he found the appropriate market for his products.

It was until 1938 that he became serious about this ice cream business. He then teamed up with his friend cum customer Mr. Sherb Noble and devised a way of making soft-serve. Sherb Noble had an ice cream shop. 

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They made a bunch of this in the freezer and served it at a slightly higher temperature than usual. They priced it at 10 cents, and within 2 hours, they could sell 1600 of such soft serves. This made them conclude that indeed there was a strong demand for these soft serves.

How did Dairy Queen meet technology?

A year later, McCullough came in contact with a person named Harry Owns, who had a patent for specific types of machines that could be used for soft serve. These two came into a contract that allowed McCullough to use a third-party dairy manufacturer to use that technology to make soft-serve ice cream machines that he wanted for so long. It expanded from 10 stores in 1941 to 2600 stores in 1955.

On June 22, 1948, in Illinois, two of these machines were used to open the first unit of Dairy Queen by McCullough and Noble. By the 1950s, they had teams over 1400 locations and were the first to provide soft serve by the end. The love for soft serve was slowly wearing off amongst the ordinary folks. 

And, hence dairy queen was bound to introduce something that would pull people out from the comfort of air-conditioned rooms. This need of the hour made them introduce banana splits, dilly bars, and milkshakes in 1949. These things have been the most important on the seller’s list.

What were the key milestones?

Their most important introduction was the brazier concept. It means barbecue. At Dairy Queens, apart from serving chilled ice cream, they were also serving hot food such as sandwiches, burgers, etc. 

In 1985, they introduced Blizzards, Oreo cookies being the most popular flavour. As per the stories doing the rounds on the internet, this Blizzard thing was not invented in some high sci-fi room or with some fancy food tanks but rather was developed by a Dairy Queen franchise holder in Missouri. 

One of the most successful franchisees of Dairy Queen was known as Samuel Temperato. He owned 67 locations in the St. Louis area at the time when Blizzard came into existence. This turned out to be one of the few desserts in the world, decadent, satisfying, and dependable. 

This involved delicious soft serve mixed with candies and cookies. It was a huge success. By 1986, the company sold 175 million blizzards, almost twice what it sold in 1975. Dairy Queen president then was Mr. Harris Cooper, and he quoted this as “the biggest thing that ever happened to Dairy Queen.” This product boosted the financial health of Dairy Queen to great heights.

In 2001, they introduced their first grill and chill restaurant. In 2007, they changed most of their branding from the whole dairy queen thing to just DQ.

In 2008, their new CEO John Grainor took over, and he emphasised further expansion of the menu, which included non-dairy items.

How was it connected to common people?

All along with the history of Dairy Queen, there have been various reasons for their success but, the primary was the soft-serve ice cream. The formula for making this one is safely locked under security, and only a few people have access to it. It was a pioneer of food franchising, and it expanded to various regions.

Key takeaway:-

Dairy Queen was a part of social lives for people residing in the midwest and south. It became a way of symbolising life in America’s small towns and, to date, is an indispensable part of people’s lives.


Q)Does Dairy Queen have anything for vegans?

A)Yes, absolutely it has side salad, fries, and non-dairy dilly bars.

Q)For how long can the Dairy Queen ice cream/cake be stored?

A)Seven Days.

When was Dairy Queen Founded?

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