Easiest College Majors That Pay Well – Know More!


Pursuing a college Major is something most people avoid by all possible means. This is not because they lack the money to pursue that major, but because most College Majors are a difficult nut to crack. Let us know about the easiest college majors that pay well and how to identify easiest college majors in this article.

Easiest College Majors That Pay Well

Also, getting a Job with college majors that pay well can be difficult.

While there’s no College Major that is a walk in the park, some majors are easier than others for several reasons.

In addition, some of these college majors pay better than their contemporaries.

If you’re looking for the easiest college major that pay well to everyone who studies it, then this article is specifically for you. As you read through, you’ll find useful answers to your questions.

How to identify easiest college majors?

A large number of College majors provide a great career path that leads to financial freedom for students who study them and are easy at the same time.

Some of the easiest College Major that pay well ones should Consider studying include Business Administration, Communications, Creative Writing, Education, Psychology, Photography, Healthcare Administration, History, Social work, Safety Science, Religious Studies, Music and Information Technology.

Easiest college majors which pay well and their job opportunities 

It is important to identify a college majors that is easy and is not mentally draining, one that you can study with ease and still get job that pay well.

The easiest college major that gives a good financial reward is listed below.

1. Education Major

The educational field has been met with high demand lately.

Teachers and Tutors are a major necessity in the world today.

Majoring in Education makes a person highly sought after when it has to do with a financially rewarding job.

The services provided by educationists are one of a kind and this is reflected in their earnings.

Also, an Education major isn’t a stressful one, although it is not entirely simple, it is easier for one to achieve success while studying it.

The least amount one can earn at an early stage in this field is $44,100.

2. Communication Major

With the rise of Social Media and startups, most business owners are highly in need of people who are communication experts to draft proposals, Manage Social media messages, be Public Relations Officers, Draft training Documents, write Content, etc.

The communication field is a broad one with lots of opportunities for good-paying jobs.

One cannot go wrong or earn a meager pay with a Degree in Communication.

Majoring in Communication is one of the easiest Majors in College.

3. Marketing Major

Marketing is one of the easiest and l well-paying Majors that has been in existence for a long time but hasn’t been given much Cognizance.

With a College Degree in Marketing, one is exposed to unlimited opportunities. 

Tons of businesses in the world today have placed a high demand for. They need Marketers to push their products to the public.

When one Majors in Marketing, one can get a good job with ease.

One can serve in the position of a Market Research Analyst, Advertising Manager, and Brand Strategist.

A student of Marketing can decide to apply Marketing skills to his business to facilitate growth.

4. Creative Writing Major

For everyone who desires to be a creative writer, the Creative Writing major is a simple but promising field worthy of exploration 

It is a relatively easy major, with little or no complex theories to attend to.

All one needs to be a creative writer is to have a Creative mind.  

Having writer’s block (inability to write new Content) may be common to Creative writers but many social media platforms can help with great writing ideas.

The Internet has given an avenue for Creative Writers to thrive by creating content for different platforms. 

With a Degree in Creative Writing, one is sure to get good jobs.

5. Sociology Major

Sociology is basically about the study of man and his interaction with the environment, Culture, and Human Behaviour.

It is an interesting field that requires little or no mental pressure to scale through.

A Sociology major over the years has proven to be financially rewarding with a long list of well-paying jobs.

One can work in the position of an Anthropologist, a Social Psychologist, a Social and Health Statistician, and many more.

6. Photography Major

This field revolves mainly around Art and the ability to handle a Camera.

Majoring in Photography is very easy, and to some people, it could be a hobby.

When one Majors in Photography, he is exposed to opportunities to select from

One can be a freelancer who specializes in collecting great images for media houses and carving pictorial content for blog pages, Youtube Channels, and others.

A photographer has the liberty of rendering his services at Corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, and more.

Pictures are memories and people need to keep memories of every happening around them. Photographers earn by meeting these needs. 

To succeed in this field one should possess a creative mind and be skillful with the camera.

7. Psychology Major

Psychology doesn’t come off as an easy major, but when compared with its other counterparts like Medicine and other technical science majors, one would surely consider it as easy.

Psychologists, Psychiatric, therapists, and counselors are in high demand. With a degree in this major, one can get a good job and earn very well.

One can earn as high as $213,000 in this field.

8.  Information Technology Major

Another promising field that is easy and can provide good-paying jobs is the Information Technology Major.

All that is needed is to understand the basic concepts around the field and master them.

With a degree in Information Technology, one can work as a Network Engineer, Software Engineer, and system administrator. 

An Information Technologist can earn an average of $64,000.

9. Business Administration 

Majoring in Business Administration allows one to be highly Versatile and flexible. 

This Major is quite theoretical and doesn’t demand complex work. It is easy to scale through and has promising well-paying job opportunities.

A Business Administrator can serve in the position of a Human Resources Personnel, Business manager, and can earn an annual salary of $99,000.

10. Social Work Major

Social work is one of the easiest college majors that one can take.

Social work focuses on how to Cultivate cordial relationships with others even in tense situations and helping others live happy and healthy lives. It is not something difficult that requires rigorous intellectual work.

The least amount a social worker can earn in a year is an average of $38,000 which is not bad for a start.

11. History Major

History is another Major that is quite easy to study and has good pay attached to it.

To succeed in this major, one only needs to be up to date with historical events, dates, and major happenings in the world of politics, Art, culture, and Civilization. 

Having good writing skills is also a great fort.

One can earn an average of $45,000 yearly. 

12. Healthcare Administration Major

This field is way easier compared to medicine. 

There are a great number of opportunities that abound in this field.  

People from diverse social, political, and cultural backgrounds are constantly in need of healthcare services.

If one Majors in this field, they’d be proffering solutions to the health needs of people.

Healthcare workers have a juicy payment package and their services are always in high demand. One can never go wrong with a degree in that field.

13. Safety Science Major

Safety science provides a multi-disciplinary education.

It teaches bits of management, engineering, occupational safety, and others.

The field trains people for a career In Safety, health, and other professions.

As a Safety Scientist, one can get a good-paying job and the Major is very easy to pass considering its multidisciplinary nature.

14. Sport Science Major

Sports science is one of the easiest courses one can major in.

It focuses on learning everything about sports including Physical engagement in sporting activities.

One can earn a good-paying job as a Sports Historian, a team coach, a player Physiologist and in other sport-related fields. 

15. Commerce Major

Commerce is closely related to Business Administration and Marketing. They are similar and relate to business activities.

Studying commerce is not tasking at all. One only needs to understand the basic principles of business.

With a Major in Commerce, one can work as a human resource person, Market Analyst, Marketer, etc.

As long as businesses are existing, getting a well-paying job in the commerce field is certain.

One can get an average of $66,000 as pay in commerce.

16. Religious Studies Major

For one who is intrigued and fascinated by philosophy, one of the easiest majors to opt for is Religious Studies.

This major is very easy as it has to do with a religion that one has been exposed to from childhood.

The basic foundation has been laid already, one only needs to build on it for further studies.

A degree in Religious Studies also gives one access to well-paying jobs like being a Clergy, Director of Religious Activities and Education, and other religious job opportunities.

An individual can earn an average of $41,000 with this major.

17. Music Major

Majoring in music is easy and well-paying. One can work as a Sound engineer, music producer, and songwriter.

On average, an individual can earn $45,000 as a Music graduate.

18. Humanity Major

Humanity majors focus on different fields like philosophy, religion, and others.

It is quite easy because it involves a tiny mix of different fields.

With a humanities Major an individual can get a good job and earn an average of $59,000.

19. Foreign Language Major

This is another easy major one can take up. It involves learning how to communicate effectively in a foreign language.

With a degree in a Foreign Language, one can tutor people who intend to migrate to a foreign country on how to communicate in a foreign language and one can earn a fortune as a foreign language tutor.

20. Finance Major

For people who have a flair for Finance and are good with numbers, a finance major is easy and promising when it comes to a good-paying job.

With a degree in Finance, one can earn as high as $100,000 as a management staff in the industry.

How to identify Easiest College Majors that pay well?

Identifying the easiest college major to take is quite simple.

Easy college majors have several characteristics that distinguish them from complex and difficult majors.

These characteristics include;

● They are straightforward and revolve around general knowledge

● They have an abstract element that cannot be said to be true or false. An example is Creative Writing 

● They do not require years of repeated training and retraining 

● They do not require high credits for one to pass. With a few credits, an individual can pass them.

● They are simple to assimilate and do not require complex calculations and theories.

● They have a large number of students graduating from the major.

● The number of students who pass the major is higher than the number of failures recorded


While the college majors mentioned here are easier which pay well, it is important to note that for one to be successful in any field one must be willing to put in the desired work to achieve success.

Consistency and expertise are what distinguishes an individual even while studying these majors.

With this information, one can go ahead and settle for any of these Majors, put in their best, and experience financial freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the easiest College majors?

The easiest college majors are mostly Arts inclined. But to enjoy studying any of these majors it is important that you’re naturally inclined to them and you derive pleasure in studying it.

Select a major that you’re not under pressure to study.

2. Is there any other relevant degree that has the highest paying jobs?

There are other Majors which if completed can provide an individual with a good-paying job.

These majors include:

● Occupational Therapy.

● Mechanical Engineering.

● Electrical Engineering. 

● Aeronautics. 

● MRI Technology. 

Easiest College Majors That Pay Well – Know More!

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