Dropbox Salary Levels – Know More


Dropbox, founded in the year 2007, is a service provided by an American company named Dropbox, Inc., with the headquarters in California, USA. This is a site that provides cloud storage services to the public which helps them to share files and collaborate. Here we can also get services like client software, personal cloud and file synchronisation. This application can be downloaded on multiple devices, whether personal computers or mobile phones. Let us see the different salary levels at Dropbox.

Dropbox Salary Levels - Know More


The service provided, gives a storage of 2 GB for free and up to 100 GB which are to be paid for. They store the data of the users on the Amazon’s S3 which is protected with Secure Sockets Layer and Advanced Encryption System 256-bit encryption. All of these factors promote the users to use these services since they can, now, securely store the data online. 

How to land a Job there?

Dropbox has become a successful business in the consumer market service and is in use throughout the enterprise, at all levels. Moreover, this service makes it easy to drop off data which ultimately led to it being named as the storehouse used by various banks, post offices, video stores and even libraries around the globe. Since this is the case with the demand and the success of the company, getting a job here is as difficult. 

Being one of the toughest jobs to get in the IT sector, even cracking the interview there is not something an expert coder can do but having a referral, an internal vote of confidence, from an employ at the company can sure help you get a job there; after which, a resume is to be sent along with the profile specific information. 

An experienced individual is required to crack interviews like HR round, technical round and a final discussion round, in order to land a job here. The individuals have to go through such a vigorous hiring process of 1-2 months. But at the end it is all for a fruitful end result and that is the handsome pay at the company that ranges from $12 for an Administrative Worker to $65 for a Tableau Developer. 

Levels of Salary at Dropbox

Dropbox Inc. has different levels of salary for their employees. These levels vary from IC-1 to IC-5 for the profile of a Software Engineer. These individuals are segregated into these IC levels on the basis of their prior experience and their skills. Thus, the level of payment ranges from approximately 165,000 USD at the first IC level to more than 600,000 USD at the last level of IC, that is IC-5,

The employees working at Dropbox also get various benefits such as the stock options that are specified on an annual basis and the bonuses. These too, like the total salary, range from a lower level to a higher level of payment according to the IC level of the individual.


The very first level at Dropbox, for a Software Engineer, is IC 1 which basically is for the entry level individuals and new graduates. It requires an individual to have no experience at all to an experience of 1 year. The base salary is approximately 120,000 USD, while the total salary is roughly more than 165,000 USD, this also includes a stock option of 35,000 USD and a bonus of 9,000 USD.


The second level, for a Software Engineer, is IC-2 which is for the individuals with a prior experience from 2 years to an experience of 5 years. Since the level of IC increases, we see a jump in the base salary from 120,000 USD to 160,000 USD, while the total salary now sums up to be more than 240,000 USD, which is also caused by the fact that the prices of stock now is 70,000 USD along with an increased bonus of 19,000 USD. 


Now coming to IC-3, which is for the Software Engineers with an experience of minimum 5 years to an experience of a decade in IT sector. The base salary is now 190,000 USD, the total salary being around 340,000 USD. Not to forget the increase in benefits, which are 120,000 USD worth of stock and a bonus of 29,000 USD.


At this level, the experience can range from 5 years in the tech sector to an experience up to 16 years, also depending on the skills and expertise of the personnel. The base salary is approximately 210,000 USD, while the total salary is more than 440,000 USD, the stock option of 190,000 USD and a bonus of 41,000 USD. Now in the next level of IC, the increment is tremendous since the total pay is increased by more than 35%, the base pay increasing by 15% and lastly, the grant od the stock acquirement increasing by 116%.


The last level of IC requires an individual to have an experience of more than a decade to an experience of at least17 years. At this level the individual gets promoted from the position of Software Engineer to the post of a Staff SWE. The base salary, thus, increases and is approximately 240,000 USD, while the total salary is roughly equal to 600,000 USD, accompanied by a tremendous amount of increase in the stock grant, making it worth 415,000 USD and a bonus of 65,000 USD.


This was all about the various levels of salary at Dropbox, how to land a job at Dropbox with a handsome pay and how the salaries, along with other benefits, vary by such large fractions mainly due to the amount of experience of the individuals, which can be more or less. The same levels of salary also exist for a variety of positions at Dropbox. The various profiles at the company are of Product Designer, Product Manager, SWE Manager, Chief of Staff, Customer Service, etcetera.

An aspirant for working at Dropbox shall, thus, focus on improving their coding skill-set and gaining experience. Hence, we can conclude that making a career at Dropbox sure is difficult but it is all for a reason, given the irresistible salaries. 

Dropbox Salary Levels – Know More

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