YMCA State Employee Discount

YMCA with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, is a well-known nonprofit with a global reach. George Williams established it on June 6, 1844, in London, originally under the name Young Men’s Christian Association. Its mission is to put Christian values into action by fostering a good health “body, mind, and spirit,” as well as to fulfil and spread the fundamentals of charity and community service throughout the world. For full-time roles (30+ hours per week), they offer flexible work schedules, extensive health and fitness advantages, complete family YMCA membership cards, generous pension contributions, and more as part of their Total Rewards programme so you can take care of yourself and the wellbeing of your loved ones. Let us know about the ‘YMCA State Employee Discount’.

YMCA State Employee Discount

Discounts for government employees

YMCA enters into contracts with several public and private organisations to offer their employees high-quality assistance, aids, and assistance in the form of health perks and discounted rates, academic funding and training, memberships in health care facilities and fitness training facilities, recreational activities, and volunteer opportunities. All of this help and support are referred to as discounts for government workers, who also profit greatly from them and their families.

The YMCA actively supports young people’s comprehensive and personal development in addition to the social uplift of communities by offering them scholarships, medical aids, sports and recreational possibilities, and summer camp experiences, among many other things. The Y works with local leaders to interact with the populace and offer them fitness courses, educational camps, and much more.

The YMCA supports economically underprivileged communities by offering a variety of programmes that help them improve their health, education, and quality of life.

Discounts for employees

Employee discounts for more than 30,000 local and national employees. Browse more than 20 categories, covering Gadgets, Household Appliances, Foods & Groceries, Buying a Car, Tourism, Fitness, and more.  Community Online Academy is a free tool that offers both live and recorded classes for adults and children on topics including wellness and personal development.  HR Technologies’ personal development include developing talents that gives you a new competitive advantage in the modern job market. High-performance people, teams, and organisations will be developed through courses.

America 24 Hour Fitness which means three tiers of club membership available with discounts of up to 15%. Either a year’s commitment or a month-to-month commitment is an option for the employee.


Wellness Benefits

Free Y membership is available to full-time employees for families and part-time employees for individuals.

Work-from-home options are available for qualifying positions with supervisor clearance under the category of hybrid work.

Employee Assistance Plan: Free mental health assistance provided by wellspring.

Employee Assistance Plan: Free of cost mental health wellness assistance provided by wellspring.

Health Benefits

Employees and their qualified dependents are covered by healthcare, dental, and vision insurance.

For full-time employees, the amount for life insurance and long-term disability insurance is equal to one time the yearly pay.

Flexible Spending Accounts: A pre-tax savings account for qualified medical and childcare costs. 

Professional Development Benefits

Opportunities for learning with Y-USA and LinkedIn Management of learning performance: mid- and end-of-year assessments with goal setting based on predetermined metrics.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are worker-led organisations to foster an inclusive and diverse work environment.

Registration & Certification: Behavioral Health Licensing monitoring and paid certificates for particular occupations.

Training: include chances for diversity, equality, and inclusion as well as such training.

Retirement Account 403(b): You can start putting money away for the retirement plan in a tax-deferred 403(b) Smart Account in the Savings Plan as soon as you start working. Additionally, funds from specific IRAs or eligible company pension plans can be rolled into a rollover account as well.

Financial Benefits

After 2 years of full-time employment, you are eligible for the Y Retirement Plan, which entitles you to 12% of your gross salary.

All employees can save through payroll deductions under the 403(b) Plan, a tax-deferred savings vehicle.

Employee Child Care Discount Plan: member rates can be discounted up to 34% off, up to $5,000 annually.

Discounts on Y programmes, including classes, childcare, camps, and another appropriate programming, are available to members.

Cell Phone Discount Rates: Through collaborations with T-Mobile and Verizon, the Y offers inexpensive cellphone plans to staff members and their families.

Learning and Development Opportunities

In addition to YMCA training options across the country, the YMCA of Greater Brandywine offers a range of learning and leadership development opportunities.

As a member of the YMCA of New York family, we are dedicated to your professional development and advancement because they believe in the potential of human achievement. They encourage learning through job experience, mentorship, training, and self-study as part of our learning and development strategy, which is based on Y-Cause USA’s Driven Leadership® Competency Model. To help you grow the technical skill set and behavioural qualities that you will need for professional success at the Y and beyond, the institutional NYC University offers extra learning opportunities. Together, they promote progress by concentrating on learning and ongoing development.

Immaculata University student discounts on tuition

Employees of the Greater Brandywine YMCA are eligible for a 20% discount on Immaculata University tuition.

To qualify for the partnership price, applicants must first submit a free online form to the University of Adult Professional Studies at Immaculata. (To qualify for this price, students must apply for the university’s admission through the Institute of Adult Professional Studies. Though as an adult professional education scholar, one can finish any of the bachelor’s degrees offered by Immaculata on a part-time or full-time basis. A few evening sessions and online programmes are also available.)

After completing this, provide an employment confirmation letter by email to [email protected]. The letter must be on letterhead, originate either from HR or the employee’s immediate supervisor, and include the information listed below:

  • hiring date
  • working situation at the moment
  • branch(s) of employment at the moment


The YMCA brings together individuals from all walks of life and all age groups to provide facilities and support for children to learn and fulfil their potential, to aid teens in developing a well-focused professional path, and to assist in enhancing the family’s health and financial situation. As a result, it seeks to support everyone by providing them with a wide range of options and services. 

Employee networks known as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide links to the Association, a sense of community, and a sense of camaraderie among members. These networks focus on encouraging individuals to collaborate and broaden their social and professional networks to advance career development and business acumen. Numerous wellness initiatives and activities that support the development of a healthy spirit, mind, and body are available to employees through the YMCA.


1. How can I get a discount for being a government employee?

Submit a DD214 form or another type of job verification to the nearest Y branch. Get in touch with the membership director at the nearby location.

2. How can I submit a financial aid application for YMCA programmes?

Request a confidential application from the office that is closest to you, and submit it along with the necessary documentation. A copy of your most recent tax return two most recent pay stubs a government-issued ID

3. Where can I apply my discount?

Logging into your account and letting the vendor examine the expiration date will allow you to demonstrate your membership to the merchant.

YMCA State Employee Discount

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