Does McDonald’s pay weekly? And their salaries

Does McDonald's pay weekly

In this article, you will be reading a little bit about McDonald’s world. To know about McDonald’s work world, salary details, and various job roles which are available, keep reading. The article will help you to find answers to some of your questions like ‘Does McDonald’s pay weekly? And their salaries

I am not talking for people in general but for me, I always thought working at McDonald’s is the coolest thing. Part-time at McDonald’s is so much a proud moment than to work anywhere else. Anyways, I did not work there. But, it would have been nice if I had the chance.

Pay details

McDonald’s pays their employees based on their job roles and experience. On an approximate range, the workers get paid around $ 8.00 to $ 15.00. 

McDonald’s Cashier salary

The cashiers get paid around $ 11.00 to $ 12.00 an hour. The cashier takes a lot of responsibility as well. To be a cashier at McDonald’s, you must at least have a high school diploma. Able to work in any role in the place, in case of other employee’s absence.

  • The duties of a cashier are to greet the customer.
  • Take orders from the customers at the drive-thru or the indoor counter.
  • Know the menu available for the day and informing the customers.
  • To help the customers if they have any trouble. Aid them in the payment process, and informing them about take-out places.
  • Make the customers feel at home, and your sole duty is to be patient and help the customers.
  • Inform the orders to the kitchen.
  • Check the cash and tally at the end of your working hours.
  • Take the customer suggestions and complaints. See-through them if you can solve some of the customer’s queries if possible.

Mcdonald shift manager salary

Shift managers at McDonald’s get around $ 12.00 an hour. 


  • The manager help out other workers
  • They monitor the work process
  • Train new employee
  • Checking on the food quality
  • They also see the customer needs.
  • Finally, check the cash counter at the end of every shift
  • Update the next shift manager. Which will help them to carry on the shift smoothly.

McDonald’s Cook salary

The cook makes around $ 9.00 to $ 11.00 an hour.

  • The cooks mostly take part only in preparing food. 
  • They have to focus on only giving the best food.
  • Not to mess up the food recipes even during rush time.
  • Giving more importance to food safety.

McDonald’s’ crew member

The crew members get paid around $ 10.00 an hour. The pay for the crew members may vary from $ 9.00 to $ 11.00 an hour.

  • The crew members work in the kitchen, dining, and the drive-thru
  • Crew members maintain cleanliness.
  • They prepare food.
  • The organize the ordering process.
  • Check on taking the menu and serving the orders smoothly.

The salary Mcdonald pays their workers are not the same in all the places. The pay differs according to the location and based on your experience. If to calculate the salary per annum, the workers get paid around $ 18,000 to $ 25,000. 

Hours of work in McDonald’s

I know that one cannot depend on the salary from McDonald’s for your living. But they offer you a fair payment for the hours you work. Fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, etc., hire more part-time workers than full-time employees. As the work in any fast-food restaurant is always hustling, the workers cannot work continuously for long hours. So, the workers mostly have part-time roles.

According to, the full-time worker at McDonald’s has to work 30 hours on minimum. The part-time workers at McDonald’s have to work for 15 hours per week at a minimum. If a person is working less than 30 hours a week, they come under the part-time worker category.

Does McDonald’s pay weekly?

The McDonald’s payment method is based on the branch and the franchise. At some locations, McDonald’s’ pay weekly. And at some locations, they pay bi-weekly. Mostly the worker gets paid on Friday but it might be a different day in some of the other franchises. There is a high possibility the best workers will get raise. They might get a raise for the best performance and for giving good service.

Though you may get a raise, it will not be a tremendous amount. However, employers rarely give a raise to their employees every year. To get a raise, you have to take the job seriously and help out in emergencies.

How is it like to work at Mcdonald’s?

Working in McDonald’s is hard. As I mentioned earlier, it is not my dream job but is always on my wish list. Who does not want to do part-time at McDonald’s? We all have fancied the hype of the place but never gave a second thought about how the workers at McDonald’s feel.

The employee at McDonald’s has to stand for a long period. It is like they hardly have time to sit and rest their back. McDonald’s is the best and popular fast-food chain restaurant, always a lot of customers coming in. The workers will have to maintain the same smile, patience, and quality of work even in a horrible situation. As there are always customers coming in and ordering foods online, the work process is too much to handle. You must be able to put up with the work pressure when there is an insufficient worker available for some time.

To apply for a job at McDonald’s

Anyone can apply for a job at McDonald’s. If you are good with customer service, want extra pocket money, want to fill the void of unemployment you can always fill out an application form in any one of these fast-food chains.

  • You can always reach out to McDonald’s in person. And ask for an application and fill out the details. If there is no vacancy in that location, you can find jobs online. Applying for jobs online will give you more options. If your application got selected, then you might get hired in any one of the locations where the job is available.
  • You will have to submit all your official information. If you have finished school or college, then show them your diploma. Having a diploma is more beneficial than have none to get hired.
  • You must be 16 years old or older than that to get hired at McDonald’s. In some places, the age required is 18.


  • In case, if you are receiving a call from McDonald about your application, then you are 70% already hired for the role. 
  • They want the employee to have a uniform dress code. So dress in the same way when you attend the interview.
  • Be more open about the answers you answer. Do not lie in the process of getting the job. Ask them if you have any doubt about the rule and regulations and raise the salary.
  • Do not be too nervous. Be calm and answer the questions patiently, do not rush while speaking. 
  • Sometimes the interviewer might put on an act to know your patience level. So they act like a customer and how unsatisfied they are with the service. The interviewer will observe you thoroughly. They will test you in the situation and how you will handle troubling moments that often happen. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the age required to work at McDonald’s?

The age required is up to the state law. The starting age is 16 years. In some other places, it is mostly 18 years. If you are applying for a manager position or any core role at McDonald’s, then the age required is above 18 or ever older with some experience.

Does McDonald’s pay weekly?

It depends. Well, in some branches, the workers get paid weekly. And in most of the places, they get paid bi-weekly. The employees mostly get paid twice in the month than being getting the every week salary.

What is the dress code for workers at McDonald’s?

The workers have to wear the McDonalds shirt and the cap that they have been given. It is always necessary to stay in uniform and be dressed clean and neat.

Does McDonald’s pay you when you are in your training process?

Yes, McDonald’s pays you during the training.

Does McDonald’s pay weekly? And their salaries

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