Does Instacart drug test? All about it

Does Instacart drug test?

With a vision of selecting the most desirable and capable employees, a lot of companies screen their employers for a drug test before employment. Though it might in no way be related to the work, it is very important to choose employers who are mentally and physically stable to perform any kind of job. Even the most technically sound employee will be counted incapable if he has bad mental stability. Some companies test their employees periodically just to check if they are fit to work in a closed community.  So read further to know the answer to the question ‘Does Instacart drug test?’ and learn more about the testing formalities in Instacart.

What is Instacart?

Instacart is an American online company that facilitates the delivery and pick of groceries throughout America and Canada. The services are offered through the website and mobile app. The company also allows people to order and buy a product from a specific retailer. The company was set up back in 2012 by an Indian-American called Apoorva Mehta. Apoorva Mehta is a former Amazon employee. Before establishing Instacart, Apoorva had attempted to begin a minimum of 20 other online services. But finally found his success in Instacart. In 2013, Apoorva was added to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and eventually became a billionaire at the age of 33 in 2020. The company added a distinct policy in June 2015 enabling some customers to choose to be part-time workers.  They also allow customers to pick up their pre-booked orders from the storehouse by a special service. For retailers that do not engage in Instacart’s partnership plan.

Does Instacart do a drug test?

No, Instacart does not do any drug screening for their employees. But a very few people claim that drug tests are being done for in-store workers. As we said earlier, the company has a lot of freelancing and part-time workers. So, it would be very difficult to track the stability of the people who come from different communities.

What is a drug test?

A drug test surveys the presence of illegal drugs in your urine, hair, blood, saliva, or sweat. Most companies prefer urine testing because it is cost-efficient. Drug screening finds out if a person has consumed a certain drug or alcohol. You may have to undergo a drug test as a requirement of your job, to partake in related sports, or as a member of a police inquiry or court proceeding. Your wellness care instructor may require drug screening if you have indications of drug impairment. A drug test usually needs that you give a urine specimen in a laboratory. 

In certain cases, a medical practitioner or any other staff member may require to be near while you give your specimen.

Pre-Employment drug testing

Businesses practice pre-employment drug tests to circumscribe whether considered employees revile illegal drugs or prescribed medications. Companies might also employ drug tests for workers on a casual basis or after they revert to work after long leaves or accidents.

In American workplaces, Most companies that perform pre-employment drug tests do so with urine, hair, blood, and saliva samples.

Urine Tests

Most of the companies that practice drug tests use urine test methods to screen their employees for drug consumption.

The candidate will be asked to give a urine specimen, which will then experience a primary screen. If the initial screen intimates the appearance of a drug, an authenticating screen will be carried out before the results are submitted to the company.

Urine tests may also be practiced in arbitrary testing plans for existing workers and when companies have fair suspicion that an applicant might be practicing illegal narcotics and drugs.

Other tests like blood tests, saliva tests, and breath tests can be carried out to identify the presence of drug content in the blood. But Saliva tests and breath tests cannot show the presence of drugs after a few hours of consumption. In some instances, when the employee is suspected of alcohol consumption after the urine test, blood tests can be carried out to confirm the drug abuse. However, some drugs might not be detected even in a blood test. In such cases, other advanced methods can be used to prove drug abuse.

Preparations before taking up a drug test

Make sure to inform the health inspector or your health care instructor if you are using any medicine or drugs, sleeping pills, or other supplements because they may give you an assertive result for some illegal narcotics and pills. Also, you may avoid meals with poppy seeds, which may sometimes contain opioids leading to a positive result.

Are there any risks to the test?

You will not face any physical risk when you take up a drug test, but your future and other aspects of your life may be affected in case of positive results, including your work, your qualification to play sports, and the consequence of a court case.

Before you get a drug test, It is necessary to know what you are being tested for and why you are tested and the usage of the results. If you have inquiries or issues regarding your test, talk to your health care instructor or reach the company or organization that requested the test.

What do the results mean?

If you get a negative result it means that there are no drugs present in your body, or the level of drugs was under an authorized level, This may differ depending upon the kind of drug. If you test positive it means there is a presence of drug content in your sample. However, false positives may happen at times. 

Hope you would have learned something new and your queries solved after reading this article. Have a nice day!

  1. Which is the most common method of drug testing?

Most of the organization prefer collecting the urine samples. Because it is cost-efficient

  1. How to pass a drug test?

If you are a teetotaler you would be able to pass the test like a piece of cake. In case, if you consume drugs or under any medication be sure to stop consuming them for a week before your drug test.

  1. What it feels like after a drug test?

You wouldn’t feel much difference in your body after a drug test. Because the test is carried out in a lab.

Does Instacart drug test? All about it

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