Does Jack in the Box Pay Weekly?

Does Jack in the Box Pay Weekly?

Jack in the Box is a US-based fast-casual restaurant chain that might be known for its delicious hamburgers but, its taco is the most special product offered to the customers. The fast-food restaurant was founded way back in 1951 and has been running successfully for more than 65 years now in the country. Do you want to know ‘Does Jack in the Box Pay Weekly?’ or not. Read the entire article to learn more about Jack in the Box.

No, Jack in the box does not pay weekly to their employees or workers. Instead, the fast-food chain uses the bi-weekly payment cycle which is done every other week. The payment by the company is done on the 6th and 21st of every month to its employees and workers. 

About Jack In The Box 

Jack in the Box was founded by the famous businessmen and philanthropist Robert Oscar Peterson. By founding, Jack in the Box the philanthropist popularized the drive-through restaurant concept in the country. Peterson had previously already owned several successful restaurants, and Topsy’s Drive-in was one of them. The Topsy’s Drive-In was located at 6270 El Cajon Boulevard. 

Later in the 1950s, Robert Oscar Peterson decided to convert the El Cajon Boulevard location into a restaurant chain, Jack in the Box. It was a hamburger stand that was primarily focused on drive-through service for different customers. The intercom that was used by the restaurant allowed much faster service as compared to the traditional method. 

Just a few years later after its establishment, the restaurant was known as a ‘modern food machine’, which was designed by La Jolla. He was a California-based master architect Russell Forester. The quick-service of Jack in the Box made the location very popular and soon all of the restaurants owned by Robert started using the new intercom. 

Other than that, the fast-food restaurant company did offer delicious food items to the customers such as hamburgers, burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, breakfasts, and Desserts. Currently, the restaurant serves in more than 21 states in the United States and in more than 2,200 locations. 

Careers At Jack In The Box

The company opens up a lot of job positions for both full-time careers and part-time workers. All the outlets of Jack in the Box are highly active in hiring new and young employees to work at any of their outlets. It is because they believe that, the new generation can learn, gain experience and earn for themselves instead of depending on their parents or other elders. 

Some of the job positions offered by Jack in the Box are as follows:-

  • Baker
  • Barista 
  • Bartender 
  • Chef
  • Cook
  • Culinary
  • Fast Food Attendant
  • Food Service Worker 
  • Food Preparation Worker
  • Fry Cook
  • Fryer
  • Grill Cook
  • Head Cook
  • Kitchen Team Member 
  • Line Cook
  • Prep Cook
  • Restaurant Manager 
  • Restaurant Staff
  • Team Trainer 
  • Server
  • Handler 
  • Order Picker
  • Warehouse Lead
  • Stocker 
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Attendant 
  • Call Centre Representative 
  • Customer Service Representative 
  • Guest Service Agent 
  • Crew Member 
  • Caller
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Cashier 

There are many more job positions opened by the fast-food restaurant chain. Additionally, the qualification and education requirements could be slightly different as per the job position of the company. 

How Much Does An Employee At Jack In The Box Make?

The average hourly rate of any worker at Jack in the Box employee is $10 per hour. The hourly rate of a worker can range from $8 – $16 per hour. The detailed salary chart for most of the job positions at Jack in the Box is given below:-

Job PositionsAverage Hourly Rate/ Per year
Baker $659 per week
Barista $15.05 per hour
Bartender $12.95 per hour
Chef $32,056 per year 
Cook$8.23 per hour
Culinary $15.06 per hour
Fast Food Attendant $9.40 per hour
Food Preparation Worker $12.85 per hour
Food Service Worker $13.85 per hour
Fry Cook$9.65 per hour
Fryer $9.60 per hour
Grill Cook$9.55 per hour
Head Cook$10.46 per hour
Kitchen Team Member $14.05 per hour
Line Cook$12.90 per hour
Prep Cook$11.75 per hour
Restaurant Manager $16.80 per hour
Server $42,450 per year
Team Trainer $10.45 per hour
Handler $12.01 per hour
Order Picker $17.66 per hour
Warehouse Lead $12.85 per hour
Attendant $8.15 per hour
Customer Service Representative $10.95 per hour
Crew Member $12.35 per hour
Front Desk  Receptionist $32,645 per year
Cashier $9.45 per hour

Does Jack In The Box Pay Weekly or Bi-Weekly?

All the organizations and restaurant chains in the world use two types of payment cycles: weekly and bi-weekly. The weekly payment cycle is the simple payment method where every worker or employee of the restaurant or any organization is paid every week on a particular day. On the other hand, the bi-weekly payment cycle is where all the employees and workers are paid every other week on a particular day set by the company or organization. 

Jack in the Box does not use the weekly payment cycle instead, they use the bi-weekly payment cycle. The restaurant chain pays its employees on the 6th and 21st of every month. In some cases, the date of payment might change as per the restaurant outlet. 


For every work in the world, there needs efficiency, hard work teamwork, leadership skill, and other skills, so it is the same with a Jack in the Box worker or employee. With all the skills, hard work, effort there is nothing that can stop you from achieving what you want out of your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What makes Jack in the Box restaurant so famous in the country?

Answer- The restaurant chain has a unique position in the Quick-Serve burger category. This category offers highly experienced multi-unit operators of other Casual brands and along with an exciting franchise opportunity. 

  1. Which is the highest-selling burger at Jack in the Box restaurant?

Answer- The best Jack in the Box menu burger is the Sourdough Jack. The is so far the best and the most sold burger that the restaurant offers and it is so delicious that one would order very often from the restaurant. It is no doubt that this burger will be one of your favorite burgers on the list. 

  1. Who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Jack in the Box restaurant?

Answer- The current CEO of Jack in the Box restaurant is Darin Harris. He took the position of CEO very recently in June 2020. Previously he was the CEO of North America for flexible working companies such as IWG, Regus, PLC, and many more. 

  1. What is the average hourly rate of any worker at Jack in the Box restaurant?

Answer- The average hourly rate of any worker at Jack in the Box is $10 per hour. The average hourly rate can range from $8 – $16 per hour. 

  1. Which is Jack in the Box’s biggest burger to date?

Answer- Big burgers are what the restaurant is famous for in the country. Currently, the ‘Triple Ultimate Cheeseburger’ is the biggest burger in the restaurant. %he burger consists of three beef patties, one slice of cheese, two slices of American cheese, mayo-onion sauce, and a jumbo-sized bun. It is a two-fisted burger. 

Does Jack in the Box Pay Weekly?

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