Does Cook Out pay weekly?- And its salary

Does CookOut Pay Weekly?

There are many famous fast-food restaurants all over the world and one of them is Cook Out. Cook Out is a privately-owned American-based fast-food restaurant that operates its outlets in different parts of the country. ‘Does Cook Out pay weekly?’ This is your question right.

Yes, Cook Out pays its workers and employees every week. The payment is done every Monday to the employees. 

The fast-food chain is famous for serving fries, burgers, barbeque, and varieties of milkshakes. The company was first started in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1989. Ever since its establishment in the market the fast-food chain has expanded and currently the fast-food chain has drive-thru restaurants in over 100 cities in the country. 

Background of Cook Out 

The company has been running successfully for more than thirty-two years now. The founder of the fast-food chain is Morris Reaves who is still the owner of the company along with his son, Jeremy Reaves as the CEO. 

It was in their hometown where the very first CookOut outlet was opened in 1989. The first out-of-station outlet of the company was opened in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in July 2010. But, before that for around twenty years the company did expand but, in its home town which was in North Carolina. 

At the very end of 2011, the fast-food company started opening up its outlets in various cities around the country. Some of the cities where the fast-food restaurant was opened are South Carolina, Columbia, Virginia, Radford, and Blacksburg. 

Just two years later, the restaurant opened its first outlet in Georgia and the CEO of the company revealed that it had plans to open up more outlets by 2014 in Georgia. The 150th Cook Out restaurant was opened up in Bowling Green in the year 2014. 

As of now, the fast-food company’s outlets are located in more than 290 locations in ten different states around the country. 

The reason why Cook Out is expanding at a great rate is that it is their mission to care about the quality of food and service served to the customer. Interestingly, if you have any complaints or are not satisfied with the service or food experience they are always open to hearing about the feedback from their customers. 

Steps to become an employee at Cook Out 

The fast-food company is expanding at a great speed because of one of these processes which is hiring or recruiting new members. The company is always looking for great, talented, dedicated, and experienced people to join their team. 

The restaurant provides a very high-energy work environment to the newly hired candidates. They do this because they want the newly recruited or hired members to learn, grow and succeed. This is the primary aim of Cook Out for the newly hired members of the team. 

It is the General Managers of any Cook Out restaurant who handle all the matters regarding the recruitment, hiring, training, and managing process. The company opens up a lot of job positions for both entry-level and full-time workers. But, before that, the interested candidate needs to pass the eligibility criteria kept from the fast-food company. 

Eligibility Criteria and Qualifications Expected 

Below are the eligibility criteria and qualifications required from the interested candidate for an entry-level job position in Cook Out restaurant:-

  • The minimum age required to work at an entry-level position at Cook Out restaurant is 16-years-old. 
  • The interested candidate willing to work at the management department must be of 18-years-old. 
  • The qualification expected from the candidate willing to work at the entry-level position is that they must finish their high school or diploma in any field of interest.
  • The qualification for the management department is the same but, the candidates should have some experience in food and customer service. 

Steps to become an employee at Cook Out

Below are the steps to become an employee at Cook Out restaurant:-

  • The application form of Cook Out is available both online and offline for interested candidates. It is always better to fill out the form online as there is no hassle compared to the manual version. 
  • The hiring or the General Manager of the local Cook Out restaurant will shortlist all the suitable candidates. This process will be done by looking at the qualification, age, or background experience of the candidate. 
  • The shortlisted candidates should not expect a call from the company as they should visit the nearby restaurant in person and ask about the hiring status. 
  • The in-person visit to the nearby Cook Out restaurant will enable the candidates to know who is selected or not selected for the position that they have applied for. 
  • Ask for the interview date and time to the management department of the Cook Out restaurant. Make sure to ask all the relevant questions related to the interview that will be taken. 
  • The interview questions asked to the shortlisted candidates will be very simple. It is expected that the applicant answers all the asked questions with full confidence and tells the truth. 
  • If the interviewed answers are liked by the interviewee then one could expect an offer letter on the spot or after one to two weeks. 
  • The whole hiring and selection process of the fast-food restaurant may take up to two-three weeks after filling out the application form. 

This is how one can become an employee at Cook Out Restaurant. Additionally, some requirements could be different for the candidates who are willing to work in the management department. 

The interested candidate willing to work at the management department might be asked about the previous experience related to the field. Cook Out Restaurant expects the management team to be knowledgeable, talented, skillful and dedicated to the work. 

What are the job positions opened up from Cook Out restaurant?

There are many positions opened up by the famous fast-food company for the public every year. Some of the job positions that are opened up by CookOut are mentioned below:-

  • Crew Member
  • Meat Carver
  • Trainer 
  • Training Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Cashier
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Crew Leader
  • Driver
  • Truck Driver
  • Local Driver
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • General Manager 

All of them have different roles to play in the company also, experience is needed differently for every job position at Cook Out Restaurants. 

How much does an employee at a Cook Out restaurant make?

The average salary paid to any worker at Cook Out Restaurant is $9 per hour. The salary rate of most of the entry-level job positions in the company ranges from $9 – $18 per hour. The management department in the company is paid comparatively higher than any other job position at Cook Out Restaurants. 

The detailed salary chart for most of the job positions are mentioned below:-

Job PositionAverage Hourly Rate 
Cashier $10.64
Sales Cashier$9.00
Customer Service Associate$10.26
Lead Cashier $17.00
Retail Sales Associate $11.97
General Maintenance $15.36
Lighting Technician$17.35
Driver $13.95
Delivery Driver $12.95
Truck Driver $16.78
Local Driver $13.02
Crew Leader $11.17
Crew Member $11.04
Meat Carver$12.09
Pressure Washer Technician$17.53
Entry-Level Manager $58,210 per year
Manager in Training $58,179 per year
Restaurant Manager $58,210 per year 
Store Manager $58,430 per year

Does Cook Out restaurant pay weekly?

Most of the multinational or national fast-food chains in the world and country have two types of payment cycle and they are weekly and bi-weekly. The bi-weekly payment is quite famous in the country and the payment is done every other week on a particular day of the month. 

But, the CookOut employees or any other worker in the restaurant are not paid on a bi-weekly basis. The employees working at an hourly rate are paid every week by the company or the manager of the local restaurant. 

Few reports from the former workers of Cook Out Restaurant say that the payments are done once a week on every Monday. Every Monday after 2 pm, the employees working at an hourly rate are paid by the restaurant manager. But, the management department in the company is paid every month. 


Good skills, knowledge, educational background, and health at the same are very important for any work field around the world. The same is with Cook Out Restaurant, the requirement for entry-level positions might be very easy but the applicant should have a good health condition to fit in the position. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is CookOut famous for?

Answer- The fast-food company is famous for serving burgers, French fries, barbeque, and varieties of milkshakes to the customers. The milkshakes are what the company is highly famous for as they are very delicious. 

  1. Who is the owner of Cook Out Restaurant?

Answer- The owner of the Cook Out Restaurant is Morris Reaves who is also the founder. But, the role of Chief Executive Officer is played by his son, Jeremy Reaves. 

  1. What are the most famous milkshakes offered by Cook Out Restaurant?

Answer- Some of the high demanded milkshakes ordered are as follows:-

  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Banana Split
  • Banana Cobbler
  • Oreo Mint
  • Mint Chocolate Chip 
  • Chocolate Shake
  1. What is the average cost of any milkshake that is offered by Cook Out Restaurants?

Answer- The average price tag of a milkshake is $2.79. The floats and cheesecakes are priced below the average price of a milkshake. 

  1. What is the average hourly rate for an entry-level worker at Cook Out Restaurant?

Answer- The average hourly rate of an entry-level worker at Cook Out Restaurant is $9. The average hourly rate ranges from $9 – $18 in any Cook Out Restaurant outlet around the country. 

Does Cook Out pay weekly?- And its salary

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