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Bath & Body Works is an American retailer which specializes in bath and beauty products including a variety of candles and fragrances. Founded in New Albany, Ohio in 1990, it has since set up its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio and has more than 1900 stores located in the continental U.S and around the world. Bath & Body Works has had significantly higher revenue than the other brands under its parent organization L Brands barring Victoria’s Secret brand. Let us know ‘Does Bath and Body work pay weekly?’

Does Bath and Body Work Pay Weekly?

Does Bath and Body Work Pay weekly?

According to, Bath & Body Works pays its staff bi-weekly. The processing of payment is completed on Thursday in the case of direct deposit or completed on Friday in the case of the pre-paid card which is issued during the hiring process.

In a survey conducted recently, Bath & Body Works scored 72 out of 100 for workplace happiness. The company also scored well on other indicators such as achievement, purpose, compensation, support, appreciation, energy and inclusion. The staff has also noted that the organization is a great place for learning and development.

There are other indicators where the company has to improve on such as flexibility, satisfaction, trust, management and belonging along with creating a stress free environment for the employees to thrive in and create great results for the company.

Working at Bath & Body Works:

The employees at Bath & Body Works have mentioned that most of their co-workers and management are friendly and they have the opportunity to sample new products such as to scents and fragrances before these products are sold to customers. 

According to surveys conducted recently, former and current employees have stated that the hiring process is generally a pleasant experience for the candidates. The level of interview difficulty was rated as easy and interview experience was rated as favorable. The entire interview process is completed within a time frame of 1-2 days.

Some of the most common steps of the interview that have been mentioned are the on site interview and a group interview. However, other aspects of the interview process can involve screening and checking the background of the candidates through a phone call interview and completing problem solving exercises.

Some of the most frequent questions asked to candidates have been:- 

  1. Why do you want to work at Bath & Body Works? 
  2. Give an introduction of yourself 
  3. Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years?
  4. Choose your favorite item from the retail store and tell us why it’s your most preferred product?
  5. Do you have previous knowledge and experience working in the retail sector?
  6. How would you handle disagreements with the customer?
  7. Are you comfortable handling cash and credit card transactions?

Most of the candidates that attended the interview process reported wearing business casual attire although some candidates attended the interview wearing casual clothes such as t-shirt and jeans as well. 

Current and former employees have suggested a number of improvements to the workplace environment at Bath & Body Works such as scheduling more hours for the employees at the retail stores since there has been considerable feedback stating that many of the stores are unnecessarily overstaffed. 

It is also important to note that there is a considerable difference in hours depending on if the role is a full-time, part-time or seasonal role. The working hours can be extremely limited if the candidate is hired on a seasonal basis as this role is usually only needed for basic additional help. Employees have also mentioned that the workplace rush during the holiday season can be quite busy and staff are expected to cope with the different deadlines, tasks and hours as required by the management.

The different shifts available to employees vary widely between 3, 5 or 8 hour shifts. As a minimum criterion, the employee has to be at least 18 years old at the start of employment. 

What do Bath & Body Works employees do?

Employees work in a wide variety of roles divided into sales, customer service, leadership and management positions. Some of the most common roles at Bath & Body Works are sales associate, sales support, HR generalist, HR analyst, merchandise planner, customer service assistant, key holder, store manager and cashier. The roles differ widely in terms of the average pay offered per hour. For instance, a retail store manager can earn an average of $22 per hour however a sales associate can only earn an average of $11 per hour. 

One of the unique roles present at Bath & Body Works is that of a key holder. There are instances where some retail stores do not have a manager and thus appoint a key holder to oversee the various duties such as the opening and closing of the stores, handling disagreements with customers, promoting special offers and featured items and responding to unusual situations. The role can also include working with inventory and maintaining budgets. The average hourly pay of a key holder at Bath & Body Works is approximately $12.85.


Bath & Body Works has grown both in the continental United States and in countries around the world to be one of the leading retail outlets specializing in bath and beauty products. The various incentives, discounts and employee benefits have no doubt made the company to have an attractive work place environment offering competitive pay across its various locations. The organization pays its employees bi-weekly either on a Thursday or Friday depending on the form of payment.

Frequently asked questions:
  • What is the average hourly wage at Bath & Body Works?

The average hourly wage varies according to the role. Customer assistants can earn $9.88 per hour and sales associates can earn $11.93 per hour. 

  • Does Bath & Body Works have a good work environment?

The staff are unanimous in their opinion that Bath & Body Works has a great company culture and a positive work environment with most employees working 8 hours or less.

  • What are the perks of working at Bath & Body Works?

The perks enjoyed by employees at Bath & Body Works include the employee mentoring program, dental and vision insurance, flexibility of working hours, bonus pay and employee discounts

Does Bath and Body Work Pay Weekly? -Know More

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