Do Amazon employees get paid weekly?

Do Amazon employees get paid weekly?

Founded not so long ago in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is now a huge multinational company that is bigger than some countries. It boasts of creating more U.S. jobs than any other company in the last decade. Besides, it is quite well known that they are generous with their pay, paying at least $15 per hour to their employees, although they do expect hard work in return, which is reasonable. They also provide healthcare benefits to their employees, even pausing delivery of certain items to certain places when the pandemic was at its peak. Here, the main question is ‘Do Amazon employees get paid weekly?’

So, to answer the question in very short, according to, yes, amazon employees do get paid weekly since 9th October 2020. Before that, the full-time employees were all paid biweekly while only the part-time employees were paid weekly. This change was made only because of the pandemic. The payday is usually Friday but it might depend on the bank you have your account in. For example, if you choose to get paid in your Chimes account, you will be paid on Wednesdays. The best thing about these jobs in Amazon is that you don’t have to check a lot of boxes in the list of eligibility criteria. It’s because the eligibility criteria are very less- the first one is that you have to be above 18 years of age, you should be able to read and speak English, and you should also have a high school, GED, or equivalent diploma.

What do Amazon Employees do?

Now comes the most important question which is about what the Amazon employees do. They divide their employees into different departments like corporate, sales, warehouse, human resources, and customer service systematically so that the working might become more efficient. In the hiring for the warehouse department, there isn’t a lot of competition because the warehouse entails a lot of jobs, like that of a delivery driver, or a package sorter, etc. The warehouse is always busy and requires a lot of physical work.

The pay is hourly and can range from $15 to $77. Then comes the corporate branch, which is the skeleton of the company. In this branch, the competition is very high. But still, in 2018, Amazon was rated to be the best workplace, replacing Google. Most of the corporate employees are satisfied with their salaries and the work strategy. Although the average annual salary for a corporate employee is around $60000, it can go up to and beyond $150000, depending on your position. 

How Amazon hires employees?

You can get in contact regarding jobs with Amazon through amazon.job. First, as you could guess, you will have to make an account. Then, you will have to upload your CV, but you can also use your LinkedIn profile. You will also have to complete an Amazon online assessment so your basic knowledge about Amazon can be tested. The hiring process is lengthy and consistent. However, it’s very clear and not complicated at all. So, you will have time to prepare for the interviews and the homework assignment. But you will have to brace yourselves for a lot of interviews. 

However, the online assessments will be customized according to the position you will apply for. For example, if you are applying for a managerial position, you will be asked a lot of situational questions related to leadership, reasoning questions. But if you have applied for a position at the warehouse, you will be asked quite a different set of questions, like situational ones where there is an unprecedented accident, etc. 


Amazon, as a multinational huge company that is in league with Google and Facebook, has a very well-organized division of labor among its employees. And yes, they take good care of their employees and their families, having elaborate healthcare plans, especially for the warehouse workers. As you might already know, Amazon is also quite famous for its generous pay. Hence, for an employee, it is a great place to work at. But they are also known to expect hard work from their employees, but then, which company doesn’t. Overall, working at Amazon has its pros and cons, but according to us, the pros outweigh the cons by far, and working there would be a good option if you are looking for a job. The benefits they give are really good, be it for their warehouse employees, or their corporate employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the average salary of an Amazon employee?
    As we already mentioned above, the salary of an employee at Amazon is satisfactory and the employees are also satisfied with their jobs. The minimum salary is $15 per hour while the maximum salary can go above $150000 per annum depending on your position and experience.

  2. Does Amazon have a good work environment?
    The Amazon work culture is phenomenal. In fact, there is this work ethic term coined by Jeff Bezos himself that is the Two Pizza Rule. According to it, teams must be of such a size that they can fill up on two pizzas. This rule obviously functions really well for Amazon and is now being adopted by other companies too. The only thing is that don’t expect the royalty treatment Google and Facebook give to their employees. For example, they don’t have free lunches for employees like Google and Facebook. But it is dog-friendly, so that’s a perk. 

  3. What are the benefits of working at Amazon?
    On Glassdoor, Amazon benefits have been rated a whopping 3.9. Most of the reviews note the awesome healthcare plans for employees, which include health insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, supplemental life insurance, etc. These are more than many other major companies provide. So, we can say working at Amazon is nothing but beneficial for an employee.

  4. What are the stock options for Amazon employees?
    The stock options at Amazon are rated to be quite average by employees. That means it stands at equity in terms of the stock options other mega-companies like Google or Facebook provide. However, some employees said that the Amazon stock options are such that they vest 80% of their initial stock grants after two years of work. 
Do Amazon employees get paid weekly?

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