Cisco Salary Levels-Know More About It!

Want to know about the salary levels of Cisco? You have landed in the right place. I will tell you the different salary levels with different job titles of Cisco company.Let us know about Cisco salary levels on this article..!

Cisco Salary Levels-Know More About It!

What is Cisco?

Cisco is an IT and networking company that provides Ethernet cable, security services, Data Centers, cybersecurity, IoT, networking, etc. Cisco was founded by computer scientists in 1984. It is the largest and leading IT and Networking company in the world.

Different Salary Levels of Cisco

Salaries can depend on different job titles and responsibilities. There are lots of jobs available at Cisco and anyone can get a job with a high-paying job at Cisco company.

Software Engineer

A software engineer is a person who handles and develops software applications and system software in a company. You can work at Cisco in the role of Software Engineer and you can get an average salary of $170k.

If you are a Junior Software Engineer then your salary may be lower and if your job title is Senior Software Engineer then your salary will be higher than am average salary.

Different job titles of a Software Engineer with respective salary

Entry Level Software Engineer

These employees are entry-level software engineers so They get an average salary of $75k per year.

Front-end Engineer

These types of employees get around a $110k salary.

Embedded & Application Engineer

They get a salary of $120k.

Senior Software Engineer

They have the highest job title in software engineering that’s why they expect a salary of around 250k.

Data Scientist

Data scientist is a good job position for anyone and is a well-paid job in the world. A data scientist can earn around $160k. If you are a senior data scientist or have many years of experience in the field of data science then you can expect more than $200k per year. 

Product Designer

They are responsible for developing and achieving business goals and improving product designs for the company. They involve in the process of product designing and make the product far better and more attractive. This is a good job position in the world and they earn around $170k per year of salary in the company.

Product Manager

A product manager is mainly responsible for managing the products of a company and identifying the customer needs and business objectives and setting the goals to make a product successful. A product manager earns a handsome salary anis d also a rewarding job position for any person. These types of employees earn around $240k of salary and experienced employees can even earn much more than $240k in a year. 

Hardware Engineer

A hardware engineer has the responsibility of researching, designing, developing, and testing the components and developing the blueprint of computer hardware. They are involved in designing and developing computer system components like circuit boards, memory devices, networks, routers, etc. They are well-paid employees and get a handsome amount of salary. A hardware engineer can earn an average salary of $190k in a year and if any person has more experience then he can even get more than $190k salary per year.


They are the person who helps a company in making sales and generating revenue for a company. A salesperson has the responsibility of providing information about the products and services to their customers and developing plans and goals to increase sales and also maintain a good connection with their customers. A sales executive can earn around $180k salary and it also depends on the sales if sales are higher then his salary can be even higher than $180k in a year.

Solution Architect

Solution architecture is a person who designs, develops, and manages the solutions to meet the business needs and goals. They are experts in technical solutions and managing business objectives. They also get better salary packages per year. A solution architect can get a salary of $150k in a year and earn more if they have many years of experience in the field of solution architecture.

Business Analyst

A business analyst compares the past and present business data and results and improves the business objectives and sets new goals to improve the business and makes the decisions in setting the business plans. They are skilled in data analysis and developing business plans and implementing new strategies in business.

They are well-paid employees and earn a good amount of money in a year. The average salary of a business analyst is around $100k. If you have great experience in this field then you expect more than $100k of salary in a year.

Technical Leader

A technical leader leads a software developer team in a company and takes the teams to the next level. They generally manage the software projects and make the project successfully deliver and also lead the team. They are responsible for delivering the technical projects within the budget and time. These employees can expect t salary of $270k per year and an even higher salary if they have some years of experience in this field.

Information Technologist

They are responsible for leading technical teams and solving problems in computer hardware and networks. They also improve the team performance, improve computer performance, maintain the networks, research, design, and guide the technical teams. They can expect around $100k per year and if you are a well-experienced employee then you can even get more than $100k per year.


Cisco provides lots of other job positions which were shown above and you can get a well-paid job in this company. If you are thinking of any job position in Cisco then you can get a handsome salary in a year as Cisco is a leading and very popular company in the field of IT and Networking. Every job title is great and has good pay. You can get an average salary of $100k in any of these job positions at Cisco. Cisco provides great job positions and gives great salaries to their employees on time so you can expect a good salary in every job position.

Cisco Salary Levels-Know More About It!

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