Certified Life Coach Salary

Sometimes, when you come to crossroads whether it is personal, work-related, or relationship advice, many prefer to take professional advice and the professional you seek is called a Life Coach. A life coach offers motivates their clients and helps them in overcoming life crises. Let us know about the Certified Life Coach Salary.

Certified Life Coach Salary

Certified Life Coach Salary

For doing all this and more life coaches do have their Salary as one of the perks that motivate the masses to pursue a career as a life coach. Like every other field life coach’s salary also depends on distinct factors and varies from coach to coach. As the difference in Salary between an independent life coach and a hospital life coach is distinct.      

Life Coaches can be considered life changers and supporters, now to know more about Life Coach salaries, types of coaches, and distinct factors affecting them. Read the article below.

Various Benefits and ways to Increase Salary 

After various Social Science research, it has been proved that there are many benefits and impacts on your life a Life Coach can have. Therapists require a certain level of education or degree with a license to provide any kind of treatment.

Therapists are certified with a degree and license because of this they are expected to follow work ethics at all costs which include – confidentiality in all their cases and studies.

However, according to federal Laws or state laws Life Coaches do not particularly need any degree or license to counsel people but it does help in increasing the salary level of a life coach. Some of the best benefits and impacts are: – 

  1. Building Confidence 

Life coach sessions can help you build self-confidence, a study conducted by IFC proves that around 85% of people with professional help from coaches had a spike in their self-confidence. 

  1. Improved and Cleared Thinking

During research conducted by BetterUp, it was revealed that People affiliated with Coaches had better and more clear thinking as compared to their previous selves.

  1. Visible Decrease in stress levels and a better understanding 

Further research also shows that there has been a visible decrease in the stress levels of clients after the Life coaching sessions, they had a clear and better understanding of life and got resilient in nature.

  1. Improved Relationships and Better Communication

According to the Institute of Coaching, it has been proved that many relationships had taken a better turn from Life coaching, and over 68% had better relationships, work, and personal life, and had better communication than the previous self.  

  1. Opened to Change and Growth

One of the most useful among many benefits and impacts was that many people opened themselves to change and started to grow positively after the coaching sessions. The Coaching taught them to see the changes positively as well.

And around 70% of people opened themselves and expanded their mindset and started to grow and learned to accept and learn new things.

Salary Factors of a Life Coach

As important as it is to take professional help when you find yourself stuck in life.… It is also important to choose the right Certified Life Coach. If a Life Coach and client are not in sync then the client will not be able to make the most out of it, this is the reason a good life coach is a necessity. 

The most important thing is to first understand, what is that you desire. what do you want to achieve? and mostly how do you see yourself and your potential?  

Building Rapports

There are multiple ways to find a good coach, as to check whether a Life coach is in sync with you is to check on building rapport (a harmonious relationship between Coach and Clients based on empathy and positive understanding which helps in making conversation flow naturally.)

Expertise in the required field

Another way to find a better life coach is to search online and select a coach with expertise in the area you are stuck in. Though coaches are trained in various life sectors, several certified Life coaches specialize in several sectors. Various coaches work with executive coaching, entrepreneurs, Behaviour Coaching, etc.

Availability and Accessible Sessions

Sometimes finding a good-suited coach gets harder than expected as despite having rapport building and expertise multiple times Life coaches are unable to make time according to your availability. And on several occasions, the difference in coaching sessions become longer than expected which makes the results not very good. 

As in research conducted in 2020, it is proved that a once-a-week session is important for the best results. However, depending on the type of sessions and life coach Duration and several sessions vary.  

Not gaining Expected Results

It gets easier many times when we find the coach and result but, on several occasions, even with a suitable coach it gets hard to get results in many cases it takes time but in some, there are no expected results. And in this case, it is better to save the time of your coach and yourself and find a more suitable coach online using sites like – Noomii.com, Koach.net, ButterUp.com, Choosing Therapy.com, etc. 

Unexpected Results can occur due to many reasons, as life coaches are meant to help and encourage you and help you reach not only your goal but also improve your personal and professional life. 

Certified Life Coach Salary and Payment  

A certified Life coach’s fee is not that much from as low as 50 dollars to as high as $1000 per hour. Though the fee of the Coach does not define how good he is, instead the rating shows the type of coach they are – business coach, and financial coach is the most expensive.

The basic salary for a Life coach is around $70 to $200 per hour. Though many coaches offer discounts and various monthly packages which go from $5,000 for eight 1-hour sessions to as low as $300 for four 30 Min sessions.  

The monthly Salary for a corporate Life Coach is around $700 to $2000. Though Cost of a life Coach also depends on the number and the duration of each session, which depends on the goals. Though Executive Life coaches such as Tony Robbins are one of the most successful and expensive coaches as they cost around $1,000,000 per annum.

There is a difference between experienced and non-experienced life coaches as they are paid not on experience bases but rather on work and expertise bases.  

There are several types of coaching with cheaper fees than the rest also depending on the goal the sessions can last from 2 months to 6 months or in some cases a year or more too. 

Insurance money does not cover Life Coaching facilities as coaches are trained to encourage and counsel and does not come under any mental or physical health insurance terms. However, in some cases, most insurance plans would cover a physiotherapy session, but not coaching sessions.     


By the analysis of the topic of Certified life coach salary, it is now clear that there are distinct types of salaries that vary on the type of certified life coach. We also analyzed the expectations of salary and payment structure. How to pay, what to expect, how to get services, and many more. 

Certified life coaches help in various ways including counseling on different aspects and problems, gaining. We also learned the distinct benefits and differences between a therapist and a life coach.      

Certified Life Coach Salary

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