Carnival Cruise Ship captain salary- All about it

carnival cruise ship captain salary

This article is all about the Carnival Cruise Ship captain job description and its salary.


Every single one of us has once in our lifetime thought about going on a cruise ship for about or week or so with our family or our loved ones. It is best experienced when visited with your better half as every one of us have the dream to do that one pose from the movie titanic and recreate that iconic scene where they were standing on the railing of the ship ahead of everyone and feeling the air on their face.

It sounds super exciting just by imagining it in our minds, but there is someone that never sits peacefully even for a minute in such a carnival cruise ship even though he is present there. Yes, we are talking about the captain of the carnival cruise ship who has full responsibility for the ship along with the lives of the passengers traveling. 

About the Carnival Cruise Ship

Carnival Cruise Line is a global shipping company headquartered in Doral, Florida. Carnival Corporations & company limited is a component of the organization. Its emblem is a passageway fashioned like a whale’s tail, with the tones red, white, and blue. The line’s boats are outfitted with this characteristic conical style. Carnival is the greatest cruise line in terms of passenger traffic yearly and overall fleet size in the network. 

As of October 2020, Carnival Cruise Line had a maximum of 23 ships. Carnival is one of ten cruise lines owned and operated by American-British Travel Agencies & ltd, the world’s largest cruise ship carrier. Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the biggest and most prestigious tourism firms in the world. They had taken a business that was previously reserved again for the wealthy and transformed that into a potential for individuals among all socioeconomic groups everywhere. 

Carnival is becoming the exact epitome of a business association in its effort to deliver a product with widespread appeal. In the previous fifty years, the leading cruise industry has grown significantly. Several worldwide forces have aided in its expansion. 

Carnival Cruise Line is expected to have 8.9 percent of cruising industry growth and 22.0 percent of customers in 2018. It also has the fleet size in the Cruise Company, with 26 ships. The ships display utility flags: 18 vessels carry the Panama symbol, six displays the Bahamas symbol, and two wear the Malta banner. 

Their headquarters is located in Miami, Florida, in the United States. Carnival Company’s North American branch has administrative management of the company and is located in Doral, Florida. Carnival Cruise Lines debuts its first vessel, the Mardi gras, from Miami in 1972, after purchasing a former intercontinental liner from Canadian Pacific Service.

The greenish Southern Pacific uniform will be adapted and evolved for Carnival’s new emblem, with the hues altering to red, white, and blue as seen nowadays. In 1975, Carnival purchased another previous Canadian Pacific Line vessel and renamed it the Carnivals. 

The popularity of the first two vessels led to the purchase of their ship hull, the TSS Festivals, a converted cruise liner, in 1978. Carnival decided to construct additional ships in response to the popularity of the sailing ships in strategies to succeed with other Miami cruise companies.

Captain’s Job description

A cruise ship captain is a certified sea captain who is still in charge of the boat he is leading. Captains are responsible for the passengers on board as well as the vessel’s functioning. Everyone else on board, comprising commanders, workmates, employees, and guests, is subject to the ultimate authority of the captain of a ship. 

  1. The captain interacts with other ships and supervises trash removal. An additional responsibility of a cruising boat captain is to ensure that cargo is stored in compliance with nautical rules. 
  2. You are a certified mariner who will be in charge of anything on the ship when the ship is under your command. In addition, you will be in charge of the employees and passengers. 
  3. The cruise commander is the authorities to whom everybody, crew, officers, mates, and so on, must answer. 
  4. The captain will be responsible for supervising their work, ensuring that everyone gets at their objective, and communicating with other vessels. 
  5. Another duty of the cruise captain is to supervise any maintenance and repairs, not to forget that the cargo must be stored following marine rules.
  6. As a cruise captain, you will also be responsible for ensuring that all precautionary measures and marine norms are strictly followed and at the greatest level possible. 
  7. A maritime safety strategy should also be developed and implemented by the cruise captain. The skipper is also in charge of the ship’s documents and certifications. 
  8. The skipper is the ship’s primary spokesperson, whether it was a merchant ship, a luxury liner, or a corporate cargo. 
  9. As a commander, one must keep direct contact with your supervisors on the ground, whether they are from the shipping firm or the Naval. On the other hand, you will transmit commands and identifying details to the team. 
  10. On cruise ships, the captain is responsible for supplying politeness to all passengers. Captains must also interact with state municipalities and coast guards whenever the vessel is in their seas, as well as port accountants and immigration officials when transporting commodities into new countries.
  11. As a captain, you must have a thorough grasp of the vessel you are in command of. Even though you might outsource numerous responsibilities to people aboard, you are directly answerable for the vessel’s security, well-being, and appropriate upkeep. 
  12. Captains are primarily in charge of acquiring and taking inventory of the ship’s hardware, and you may be expected to help with routine inspection and replacements. 
  13. As the director, you must keep a close eye on the state of anything on passenger ships and constantly make inspections to verify that all machinery is in working order.
  14. The captain is in command of his crew. In this regard, the captain is similar to management. To interact with issue directions to the workforce, someone must be a capable leader with exceptional interpersonal capabilities. 
  15. The skipper also keeps an eye on the crew’s efficiency. Skippers may be in charge of payroll, personnel schedules, and resolving crew issues. The skipper is also in charge of bringing together a company by making wise recruiting selections. 
  16. A captain should also be conversant with the duties of all crew members since he will frequently work closely alongside them.

Duties and responsibilities

Every ship, from little pleasure cruisers to massive commercial freighters, is commanded by a captain. The captain is personally responsible for ensuring that the ship’s tasks are carried out smoothly and professionally. Although qualifications vary by profession, and captains are not necessarily required to have a college qualification, the function of a skipper necessitates a wide variety of important abilities that may be taught at some maritime schools.

Ship captains are in charge of ensuring the safety of the ship’s passengers and cargo. The captain supervises the ship’s sailing and eliminates dangers by using navigational devices to assess the ship’s speed and position. Cruise captains are responsible for ensuring that all maritime norms and safety laws are properly adhered to. 

They are in charge of the boat’s automotive repair and general maintenance. Another obligation of the commander is to follow the craft’s security strategy, which includes protocols for stowaways, refugees, hijackers, pirates, and terrorist threats, as well as performing inspections and preserving restricted zones.

The duties of a carnival cruise ship are:  

  • Fully accountable for disaster management and emergency service, the one and only person permitted to give the abandoned vessel command if he determines that it is the only way that will save the lives of all individuals aboard the boat.
  • Performs social duties such as attending the Captain’s Welcoming House Party, Welcome Aboard Party, Captain’s Circle Party (for repeat cruisers), and so forth.
  • Whenever the boat is in territorial waters, the Captain can oversee the marriage ceremony under International Maritime Law.
  • Assure that all ship diagrams, paperwork, and certificates are fully updated and meet the standards of the Cruise Company and local authorities.
  • Ensures that all protective equipment, such as rescue boats, life jackets, watertight gates, splashing gates, fire exits, and fire sprinklers, is in good working order.
  • Make sure that all fresh staff members are taught their evacuation responsibilities under the cruise line’s security policy.
  • Ensures that the ship is navigable in all aspects but that it is equipped for the voyage’s circumstances, including proper trimming & steadiness.
  • Directly reporting to the cruise line’s headquarters.
  • Responsible for all activities on board the ship include but are not extended to navigational, security, and medical treatment of all passengers aboard (including passengers and crew), environmental protection following cruise line regulations, local authorities, and International Maritime Law.
  • The Master has complete power to make executive decisions to protect the lives and safety of the ship’s employees and guests, and he must use great caution and sound judgment in any given scenario.

Job requirements

Determined by the size of the cruise liner, there seems to be a diversity of requirements.

  • Typically, the captain must have completed postgraduate study at a merchant marine institution. Either that or he must have at least 1000 hours of deckhand experience.
  • Applicants will also be required to pass a certification competence exam, such as the CMM.
  • Licensing renewal, like recertification, is required.
  • Three years of professional experience as a staff commander or master is required. Because you are a cruise captain, you must be fluent in Learning English.
  • Management and decision-making abilities are also essential, and therefore you must perfect all of your capabilities and push those to new heights.
  • The four-year marine transportation curriculum includes a foundation in nautical physics, arithmetic, and scientific knowledge, as well as specific on-the-job education and apprenticeships at seas. Prospective sea commanders may concentrate in a variety of fields, including marine operations and technology.
  • Admirals of ocean liners typically get the requisite amount of hours of crew member experience or have completed a curriculum at a commercial vessels college.


The compensation of a cruise captain is determined by a variety of variables. For that, you should go to the cruising skipper job requirements. Almost all of the moment, a cruise captain may make between $60000 and $100000 per year

The amount of time spent on the cruise line may result in additional money being added to the compensation. The cruise captain profession may be lucrative financially, but it does come with its fair share of mistakes, so consider that.

The basic answer is that it varies depending on various criteria such as duration of employment, Travel Company, degree, and vessel dimensions. Salaries for cruise ship commanders have risen dramatically in recent years. 

While the latest developments in the cruise sector make it impossible to forecast with confidence, cruise liner captains are anticipated to have been the highest-paid commanders at sea. The compensation spectrum here ranges from $50,000 for commanders of military boats operating day excursions out of ports including San Diego or Miami to over $200,000 for luxury cruise commanders on the larger ship such as the Princess Cruises Symphony of The Seas or Carnival’s Mardi gras cruise ship. 

The standard cruise ship captain pays for a cruise line, on the other hand, is between $110,000 and $150,000. Not that everybody that owns travel companies pay these very same salaries to their skipper. Furthermore, the weekly and monthly luxury cruise skipper pay may not provide a whole picture. In general, the highest wages in the luxury cruise business may be obtained at Carnival Cruise Line, Norway Cruise Line, MSC Cruise, and Princess Cruises. 

Aside from pay, there are undoubtedly several other elements that will go into the entire wage financial compensation for a carnival cruise boat captain. For example, on-board amenities, deferred compensation packages, and different business benefits that may change from one cruise line to another.

Carnival Cruise Ship captain salary- All about it

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