Best Buy Salary Complete Guide

Best Buy Salary Complete Guide

In this article, we will see the Best Buy Salary and their job complete description


Best Buy has changed the way America shops for electronic items. Ever since its debut, the store has managed to beat the odds and make its way to become one of the best stores that sell every kind of electronic item that one could ask for at affordable and competitive prices. Their secret is to buy quality and sell it in a way that the customer sees the product fits and purchases it without any second consideration.

Best Buy has been in the eyes of the public since 1966 even before the electrical boom took place in the world. Back then their stores were called the Sound of Music since it advertised itself as an audio specialty store. The name Best Buy was integrated in the late 1980s when they named themselves as Best Buy Superstores.

Best Buy has operated in Canada and used to operate in Mexico and China until they were forced to retreat due to different reasons. But due to its popularity, Best Buy is an S&P 500 component and is traded publicly in the stock market. Its success is due to the work of the management and the marketing team, which advertises the brand by factors of affordable prices of good products.

Best Buy offers a variety of products at discounted rates. The selection includes everything related to the IT sector such as Laptops, Desktops, Appliances, Audio items like Headphones and Earbuds, TV sets, Mobile phones, Tablets,  Wearable Technology, and Home Appliances as well.

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With a wide variety of product selections, Best Buy must have proper sales representatives and people who know about the products so that the customers find it convenient and the store can make a sale. Best Buy salaries are some of the higher-end hourly salaries in comparison to fast food outlets and other stores.

That is why today we are going to be looking at the different salaries Best Buy gives to its workers. We will be discussing the higher-end to lower-end salaries of the job position that is available and also discuss a little about what the duties will be.

Best Buy Salary Guide

In the following paragraphs, we will be discussing the different salaries people in various positions receive while working at Best Buy. We will be looking at the highest average salary according to the statistics and also looking at what the job is all about. This will help you determine how the company is and if it is convenient for you to get a job at it.

List of Positions and Salaries 

The positions and their salaries are taken as an aggregate and vary from the actual salary, discretion advised. We will be looking at the proper salaried positions and also the hourly positions to get better clarity on how the pay works.

Salaried Employees

  • Assistant Store Manager – 39k to 79k salary range, the average is 56,000 dollars
  • Retail General Manager – 46k to 106k salary range, the average is 68,000 dollars
  • Retail Sales Manager – 39k to 91k salary range, the average is 59,000 dollars
  • Senior Financial Analyst – 64k to 92k salary range, the average is 77,000 dollars
  • Operations Analyst – 43k to 72k salary range, the average is 56,000 dollars
  • Project Manager(Unspecified Type) – 54k to 104k salary range, the average is 84,000 dollars
  • General Store Manager – 45k to 104k salary range, the average is 68,000 dollars
  • Data Analyst – 55k to 100k salary range, the average is 74,000 dollars
  • Software Architect – 95k to 180k salary range, the average is 134,000 dollars
  • Sales Associate –  20k to 63k salary range, the average is 34,000 dollars

A thing to keep in mind is that these salaries are not set in stone but are taken from various sources online, the actual salary will be revealed during your interview or the job posting online. Also, these are annual salaries, their averages are given, and you must have a considerable 1 to 3 years of experience in the field to get the higher end of these salaries.

Non – Salaried Employees

The following salaries will be regarding the hourly jobs that are available and are the most common, these also require lesser specialization and experience so it is viable to get this job if you are starting work in any field. Most teenagers and college students get these jobs to get some side money while they are studying.

  • Assistant Buyer – 18 dollars per hour
  • Cashier – 10 to 13 dollars per hour
  • Sales – 10 to 13 dollars per hour
  • Customer Service – 13 to 15 dollars per hour
  • Floor Supervisor– 20 dollars per hour
  • Merchandiser – 15 dollars per hour
  • Front End Manager – 20 dollars per hour
  • Senior Retail Associate – 16 dollars per hour
  • Retail Supervisor – 22 dollars per hour
  • Mobile Installer- 18 dollars per hour
  • Gaming Manager- 18 dollars per hour

Job Description and Guide

We will be booking some of the positions mentioned here and discussing what duties you have to perform. We will also be looking at some of the perks you can get while working in these positions. 

Keep in mind the salaried positions will have more work and responsibility, and higher salaries than the hourly positions, and to get to those positions, you will have to work hourly first if you are inexperienced. If you have experience then there is a chance you can directly get into a salaried position.

We will be looking at five different positions concerning the salaries. Three nonsalaried and 2 salaried positions, which are the most common and you can get in any of the Best Buy stores. We will be looking at the duties, the qualifications required if any, and also the salary range for those positions.


The cashier is the most common job in any retail store or restaurant. But it is the most vital as the billing process and the change is being kept and monitored by the cashier itself, that is why it is important for the people in this position to be proper and well versed with common mathematics such as division, addition, and multiplication. It is also convenient if they are interested in technology.

The duty of the cashier is not only to summarize the transaction and make sure the customer has the proper product but also to suggest alternatives if the product is not proper. In cases, they are also in charge of the replacement of the product.

To get into this position you have to know basic maths, freshers can get these jobs easily, as no prior experience is required when it comes to this position.

The salary as discussed earlier is in the range of 10 to 13 dollars and varies according to the work hours and the experience.


Getting a job in sales is easy but maintaining it is very difficult. You need to know what the customer requires and identify their queries to provide them with products that will satisfy their needs. The sales floor is very unique and the people working in it must have the ability to identify each problem and solve them promptly so that the customer does not lose interest in buying.

The main job of the sales team is to identify the customer’s problems, ask questions based on their lifestyle and provide the best possible product that will make their life easier. 

This will benefit both parties and leave the store with the best ratings. While doing this they must utilize all of the sales tools at hand to make the best possible sale and must be patient in regards to listening to the customer’s queries.

The salary for this position as we discussed previously varies from outlet to outlet but the standard is above the minimum wage, which comes in at 10 to 13 dollars an hour, the same as the cashier. The perks vary and include training, leaves, and many more.

Gaming Manager and Mobile Installer

We will be looking at both of these jobs because they offer the same amount of experience, knowledge, and pay when it comes to working with people. The gaming manager is in charge of the games section of the sales floor and monitors all of the information regarding consoles, games, redeem codes, accessories, and many more.

Day-to-day responsibilities include guiding the customers, making sales regarding the games, asking questions to get to know queries better, and giving customers information about the product they are buying. 

The person working in this position must have adequate knowledge about the gaming world, the latest installment of games, and also the accessories of consoles and what they are used for.

The mobile installer is in charge of setting up the smartphone and mobile section and also must have innate knowledge about all of the mobile phones and their accessories. Due to the digital age, the changes in the smartphone world are imminent and there are a lot of new products being developed by companies.

The mobile installer must be wary of those changes and solve the customer’s problem using the knowledge that he has which can help the customer choose the right product for their need and requirement.

For both of these positions, 3 to 6 months of experience in sales is required, since these jobs pay a little more than the cashier and other positions. The hourly pay rate of both of these jobs averages 18 dollars, which can be increased by time and the amount of experience you possess.

You need to research these positions and know about the requirements before applying for them.

Retail General Manager

The retail general manager is one of the best positions in terms of work and pay. But to get here, you should have more than 1 to 3 years of experience in the management department and preferably a degree in business management. These are the basic requirements for any managerial position you will encounter in any store.

The general manager does a lot of work like making new plans to promote the sales in stores, finding, interviewing, and training recruits, making sure the work is being done properly and checking out the various daily happenings of the shop, and monitoring the issues. In most cases, the manager must also take care of all the employees and make sure they are working well.

The salary of the manager depends on the experience as we spoke earlier, the more experience and qualification one has the more the salary and perks will be since they are creating more value for the company.

But the minimum salary for any General Manager there will be around the 50 to 100k range since the job of the general manager is essentially maintaining the store and caring for its profitability on a broader scale.

Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst is one of the most important jobs in the company since it analyzes the markets and makes sure the company and its outlets are going in the direction of the predicted financial outlet and giving the proper returns on the investments. The best part about this position is that any financial professional can practice in this role.

There are many duties that the financial analyst must get to such as analyzing the financial data obtained by the store sales and also analyzing the balance sheet and the other accounting sheets to predict a pattern and advise the company on required changes.

Other duties include working with the accounting team to formulate company reports, preparing cost analysis, preparing financial models, forecasting financials, and reporting on errors in the company financials. 

There are simple requirements such as 0 to 3 years of experience, a degree in finance preferred, and basic knowledge of financial models and finance. The candidate should be quick on his feet, and also be able to make deductions on the finances quickly and suggest solutions.

There are many other things but that varies according to the outlets, the salary varies from anything between 50k and 80k, and there are many additional perks such as vacations, insurance, and many more.

Best Buy Salary Complete Guide

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