Average Salary of a Professional Volleyball Player

Professional volleyball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, captivating audiences all around the globe. As the sport increases in popularity, many are interested to understand the average salaries athletes earn from playing the sport professionally. In this article, we will explore the Average Salary of a Professional Volleyball Player in major leagues across the world. With the help of interviews, surveys, and examinations of the salaries of renowned athletes, you will discover their average salaries and the factors that affect them.

Average Salary of a Professional Volleyball Player

Average Salary of a Professional Volleyball Player

The average salary of a professional volleyball player is $75,000 per year. The full salary range is $25,000 to $225,000 per year. About the bottom 20% of people make the lowest salary, the median 65% make the average, and the top 15% make the highest salary. Los Angeles offers the highest possible salary for its volleyball players.

Deciding the salary: 

A professional volleyball player earns depending on his skills, winnings, and sponsorships. Sometimes even low-skilled players get good pay from sponsors because of their popularity. Player’s worktime means their number of participation in competitions, but for ease to measure their salary, it will be taken as a usual job. So, we will count it according to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and 4 weeks a month.

The lowest salary mark of $25,000 gives us an hourly rate of $13.02, a daily pay of $104.16, a weekly rate of $520.83, and a monthly wage rate of $2,083.33. Whereas the highest salary pack recorded till now gives us 9 times the lowest mark which makes an hourly rate of $117.18, a daily pay of $937.5, a weekly wage rate of $4,687.5, and a monthly salary of $18,750. The average gives us an hourly rate of $39.06, daily $312.5, weekly $1,562.5, and monthly $6,250.

The average salary in some places:

Santa Ana (California) – $64,010, El Paso (Texas) – $63,012, Jersey City (New Jersey) – $63,899, New York City (New York) – $63,980, North Las Vegas (Nevada) – $61,032, Long Beach (California) – $64,031, Garland (Texas) – $63,890, San Antonio (Texas) – $64,345, Saint Louis (Missouri) – $60,989, San Bernardino (California) – $64,001.

Bonuses and benefits of a professional volleyball player: 

  • Salary: Salary is the primary benefit of being a professional volleyball player. The salary can range from leagues such as AVP, VEL, and EEVA, to international competitions like FIVB. The salaries for players can be anywhere from $10,000 to over $1 million annually.
  • Endorsements: Volleyball players may receive endorsement deals from famous brands or sponsors. These could include sneakers or clothing lines, sports drinks, or other sports equipment.
  • Housing: Many leagues, such as the AVP, will provide housing for the players to live in during their season.
  • Travel Benefits: Professional volleyball players enjoy the perk of free or discounted airfare when traveling for competitions. Employees also get sick leave meaning they get paid even though they are absent from the job for being ill.
  • Medical/Retirement Benefits: Many leagues offer health insurance and retirement benefits for their players. Insurances like these provide 65%-75% coverage on medical treatments accordingly and also provide good returns depending on the monthly installment.
  • Prize Money: Volleyball players can win prize money when competing in tournaments.
  • Merchandise: Professional volleyball players benefit from merchandise sales, such as jerseys and other related items.

Factors deciding the salary of a professional volleyball player: 

  • Experience: The amount of time a player has spent playing professionally will factor into their salary. Generally, the more experience a player has, the better their chances are of receiving a higher salary.
  • Performance: Performance-based salaries are based on several factors. These include statistics such as points scored and digs made, as well as accolades, such as winning titles and awards.
  • Audience: Players in the most watched leagues typically earn the highest salaries, as clubs vie to attract the best talent by offering high wages.
  • Marketability: Sponsorship deals and endorsements can greatly increase a player’s salary. If a player has a large fan base and they are highly marketable, they can receive high-end contracts.
  • Age: Youthful athletes tend to command higher salaries than their older counterparts as they are perceived as having greater potential.

Things to do to increase the salary as a professional volleyball player: 

  • Develop your skills: Invest your time and energy in improving your technical and tactical abilities on the court. Learn about the strategies and tactics of the game, train for agility and strength, and focus on mastering the basics at camps and clinics.
  • Get coached by a professional: Find a mentor who can help you work on things like your footwork, timing, and coordination skills, serve accuracy and speed, and hitting accuracy and power.
  • Work on health and fitness: Maintain a healthy diet and reach your optimal weight, as this will increase strength and agility on the court. Make sure to include regular exercise in your routine to increase endurance and stay in shape.
  • Network with your peers: Connecting with other professional volleyball players can help you understand the demands of the sport, find out about tournaments and leagues across the country, and get helpful tips.
  • Get a contract with a team: Many teams offer paid contracts to professional volleyball players. To land one of these lucrative deals, you must be able to showcase your skills and demonstrate how you can help a team win.
  • Participate in professional tournaments: Attending and competing in professional volleyball tournaments can bring exposure and recognition to your abilities. Teams may attend these tournaments to scout for talent and sign players to their rosters.
  • Pursue sponsorships: The earning power of a professional player increases significantly when a company sponsors you. Having an experienced agent in your corner to contact and negotiate with potential sponsors can make a big difference in how much you earn.


In conclusion, the average salary of a professional volleyball player is $75,000 per year. The salary ranges from $25,000 to $225,000 each year. The salary is not as high as in other popular sports, but the competition to make a career in the sport is fierce and can yield great financial rewards. The competitive nature of volleyball and the high percentages of athletes entering the professional scene means salaries will be competitive in order to attract the best players. 

Average Salary of a Professional Volleyball Player

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